Turn a regular trailer into a roller-bed

The Portable Roller bed system (PBS) can save thousands by converting a regular trailer or reefer into a full or partial roller-bed.  The durable PBS system dramatically reduces the intensive maintenance associated with full-time roller-bed trailers, resulting in thousands of dollars of annual savings for each trailer.  Additionally the ITS PBS features the flexibility of easy removal and reuse in other trailers or trucks.

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MTT provides greater worker safety

The Mobile Transport Tray (MTT) offers the most efficient loading and unloading options for difficult freight, such as heavy equipment and construction materials.  Paul Gibbs, President of Innovative Transport Solutions said, "Our freight loading and unloading products play a key role in our ability to design and improve products that lower costs and improve safety when loading and unloading freight."  Here are some additional benefits of the MTT system:

Mobile Transport Video

The Mobile Transport Tray allows shippers to load and unload containers in less than five minutes, which eliminates detention, drops and picks. Thanks to roll on/roll off capability, a regular forklift truck can load or unload a container as easy as opening or closing a drawer.  The fast turn around time, means that you will free up your dock and your truck in addition to lowering your cost.

Watch the MTT Video and be amazed.