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2016 Aug;23(15):15395-406. doi: 10.1007/s11356-016-6734-x.  |  Contour plot for health cost in millions USD for total cost from NO2 and PM10 at various locations. Andheri, Maravali, Bhandup, and Deonar have maximum exposure due to pollutant PM10. The building would become a 24 hour active indicator of environmental conditions, blurring architecture with atmosphere, informing and mediating the bodies that come into contact with it. This system permits the integration, handling, analysis and simulation of spatial and temporal data of the ambient concentration of the main pollutant. Economic valuations have been carried out by using the values from Patankar and Trivedi (2011). The impact of the congestion charging scheme on air quality in London. Further, air quality data within a ward (an administrative subunit of city) are used to estimate the economic cost of morbidity due to air pollution based on total population of the ward. COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. The shape file of Mumbai city includes 24 wards of BMC.  |  Table 3. Since both the ambient pollution level and the population density are higher at Andheri and Maravali, the total health cost at these sites is also high. Air quality shows very high temporal and spatial variations (Gerdol et al., 2014).

The emissions inventories are combined for the year 2012 so that all the relevant species are available for the year studied. Dunea D, Iordache S, Liu HY, Bøhler T, Pohoata A, Radulescu C. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int.

Thus, a factor of 0.59 was used to estimate PM10 concentrations from SPM concentrations based on available PM10 and SPM measurements (MPCB, 2012). The appropriate spatial interpolation techniques can be used to estimate concentration where air quality monitoring stations are not available.

In this period, many air polluting industries moved out of the city, better technology was adopted in vehicles, and the use of low emission fuel was imposed on vehicles. The minimum and maximum population is exposed at Kalbadevi and Deonar, respectively, for SO2. Epidemiological studies of the relationship between concentration levels of pollutants and adverse health effects provide an estimate of the relationship of air quality changes to the relative risk of health effect. Mumbai is one of the largest centers of commerce in terms of financial flow, generating 6.16% of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) and accounting for 25% of industrial output, 70% of maritime trade in India, and 70% of capital transactions to India’s economy. and V. Raghavswamy, Remote sensing and GIS-based study on air quality and characterization of land-use/land-cover hot spots in Hyderabad, Andhra … This results in a smooth surface that passes exactly through the points. Comparison of interpolated SO2 concentration with observed concentration at two locations. As expected, the winter season had a maximum concentration of 15.7, 52.3, and 379.3 µg/m3 for SO2, NO2, and SPM, respectively, as presented in Table 1.

The collected air quality data set was fed in an attribute of points shape files at monthly, seasonal, and annual temporal scales. (2012). Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra in India and is also the entertainment capital of the country. The London low emission zone baseline study., Use of GIS Databases in Urban Air Quality Modeling The results indicate enormous health benefits if air pollution levels, particularly of PM10, are brought down to the background level.
This site needs JavaScript to work properly. Spline estimates values for unknown points using a mathematical function that minimizes the overall surface curvature (Greiner, 1991). Figures 8a, 8b, and 8c show health impact due to the air pollutants SO2, NO2, and PM10 at various locations. Mumbai city has an area of 438 km2 and is divided into 24 wards for the purpose of administration. 2014 Mar 10;12(1):60. doi: 10.1186/2052-336X-12-60. The values of the standards of national ambient air quality are 60, 60, and 140 µg/m3 for SO2, NO2, and SPM, respectively. It is often preferred with small interpolation error even when using low degree polynomials for the spline. There is a prototype in the works for creating a physical version of the air mapping model that would the facade of buildings to display air pollutant levels:. The interpolated concentrations were compared with the data from MPCB. The interpolated results of air pollutants sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and suspended particulate matter (SPM) were compared with air quality data of MPCB in the same region. It is well established that high levels of particulate matter (PM) are significantly associated with adverse health effects and ecosystem damage (Kristiansson et al., 2015; Srivastava and Kumar, 2002; Zhou et al., 2014; Chhabra et al., 2010; Kampa and Castanas, 2008). Two health impacts (cardiac ailments and other chest illness) of SO2 pollutants have been considered that were not caused by NO2 and PM10. Air Quality interpolated maps Collection of interpolated maps for O3, PM2.5 and PM10., TCEQ—Environmental Monitoring Response System, Part 2, Spatial modelling of air pollution in urban areas with GIS: a case study on integrated database development, How GIS Is Changing Loma Linda University Medical Center’s View of the World Also, 20% of the population chooses to go to hospitals for breathlessness and wheezing and 50% of the population with COPD is hospitalized. When the set of points is dense enough to capture the extent of local surface variation needed for the analysis, IDW is used. This study helps to estimate the valuation of health damage due to air pollution. (2004) have carried out a study of comparing various spatial interpolation methods like spatial averaging, nearest neighbor, inverse distance weighting (IDW), and Kriging to estimate air pollution concentration.

GIS techniques have been applied by various researchers primarily to analyze the spatial and temporal distribution of pollutants (Maantay, 2007; Sohrabinia and Khorshiddoust, 2007; van Westen, 2004; Jensen et al., 2001; Marquez and Smith, 1999). Inverse distance weighting (IDW), Kriging (spherical and Gaussian), and spline techniques have been applied for spatial interpolation for this study. NIH In this way, a GIS aids in monitoring pollutant emissions. Levy JI, Clougherty JE, Baxter LK, Houseman EA, Paciorek CJ; HEI Health Review Committee.

Mumbai city is now one of the most polluted cities in India (, accessed November 10, 2015)., Using ArcGIS in Environmental Monitoring at Idaho National Laboratory Health impact was assessed based on air quality change from baseline concentration, population of the location, and concentration-response coefficients.

Figure 4. Kelly F, Armstrong B, Atkinson R, Anderson HR, Barratt B, Beevers S, Cook D, Green D, Derwent D, Mudway I, Wilkinson P; HEI Health Review Committee.

In addition to this, onsite hourly meteorological data for various parameters are required for modeling and are not available in all the cases.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and allergic rhinitis have equal impact on population at each location of Mumbai city due to PM10 because it has the same concentration-response coefficient factor. Wong et al., Dust Mapping in Arizona Uses GIS and Satellite Imagery The rapid growth of cities like Mumbai and Delhi, India, in the 21st century can be attributed largely to rural–urban migration (Patel and Burkle, 2012). The authors thank the China Section of the Air & Waste Management Association for the generous scholarship they received to cover the cost of page charges and to make the publication of this paper possible. Air pollution is one of the most serious problems in the world. Shah et al. The interpolated values by Kriging spherical and Kriging Gaussian were very close to observed data, and they were equal at two locations for SO2 and at Sion for NO2. As a result, improvement in air quality was witnessed for 1991–2003 (Gupta and Kumar, 2006). Get the latest public health information from CDC: Does air pollution pose a public health problem for New Zealand? Annual average concentration of SO2, NO2, and SPM.


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