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[3] After the music video was released, she posted a status, "Life gives us opportunities of inspiration at every step, it only takes a little to notice them. On December 9, 2012 Sirusho wrote on her Facebook page that the song was influenced by Lorva gutanerg (Լոռվա գութաներգ) by Komitas and posted a link to it, adding that "it will be first heard on December 10th and is called "PreGomesh". [3] In 1936, the city was renamed Mirzoyan (Russian: Мирзоя́н), after Levon Mirzoyan.; Wikivoyage; Wikipedia; Overview : Map: Satellite: Directions: Overview: Map: Satellite: Directions: Photo: BernardTom, CC BY-SA 3.0. Notable Places in the Area. The city's name was changed to its Kazakh spelling (Zhambyl) in the early 1992 and to Taraz (Тараз) in 1997. Hanshu, 70 from 1st-century, talk about the fortress constructed on Talas River by Zhizhi Chanyu, a prince of Hun (Ch. The collection of Armenian women’s costumes begins during the Urartu time period, wherein dresses were designed with creamy white silk, embroidered with gold thread., "Սիրուշոն պատասխանում է "PreGomesh" երգի վերաբերյալ հնչած արձագանքներին",,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 August 2020, at 19:47. This new mausoleum preserved the ancient name, "Aulie-Ata" ("holy father"). Leží v jižní části země na úpatí Kyrgyzského hřbetu, protéká jím řeka Talas Historie. Taraz developed as a fortified tradecraft city on this massive transcontinental artery. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Տարազ (Taraz) means national costume in Armenian. Stadium. The dress of the Armenians (Armenian: տարազ, taraz;[1]) reflects a rich cultural tradition. It is mentioned that Aulie-Ata had a large market fair and some transport offices. In 1766, Qianlong Emperor ordered to accommodate Kazakh people in Talas area within the border and settled them properly. Справочник статистических показателей", Qarakhanid Dynasty (Encyclopædia Britannica,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2015, Articles containing Russian-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2007, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2007, Articles with dead external links from June 2012, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Е. М. Поспелов (Ye. Kashgar was invaded and it was under the Taraz's power during 15 months. They took everything they could take, and burnt the rest. Written sources of Paleo-Anthropological material collected from Kurgans in Southern Kazakhstan show the existence of close ties between Taraz and the Kypchaks, Qarluq populations of nearby valleys. "[2], The video, directed by Jor Meloyan, music by Sirusho, was captured in Armenia. Jhansi - Wiki is all in one App for everything you need. Numerous archaeological finds and monuments in the foothills of Karatau and in Talas-Assin oasis show the antiquity of settlements in the Talas River valley, supporting Taraz's claim to being the most ancient city in Kazakhstan. The year of Taraz's foundation is generally accepted as 568 A.D., the date of the first written record[citation needed] according to the Greek sources. Song Meaning. Professor Wilhelm Barthold's research established that the location of ancient Taraz was under the Green Bazaar. The development of Taraz as a city arose as the result of the development and strengthening of political and economic ties linked to trade along the Silk Road. On December 9, 2012 Sirusho wrote on her Facebook page that the song was influenced by Lorva gutanerg (Լոռվա գութաներգ) by Komitas and posted a link to it, adding that "it will be first heard on December 10th and is called "PreGomesh". Lost in time, Taraz is mentioned again in 1513 with the coming of the Kazakh tribes. Soon the line of Russian fortifications across the steppe was connected through Chimkent with the Syr-Darya line. Here's a collection of different tarazes worn by Armenian people in different places and times. In 1864 Aulie-Ata surrendered after a short siege by Russian forces led by General Mikhail Grigorievich Cherniaev. In fact, the entire Xinjiang was populated by Kazakh during the period as the aboriginal western Mongols of Dzungars were eliminated by Qing in earlier years. Silk imported from China was used by royalty, during the Urartian period. The city was known in the area for its large bazaars with farmers selling agricultural produce from throughout the region. The town took the same name. The archaeological excavation shows Kazakh nomads were involved in the rebirth of Taraz with cultural links connecting the ancient medieval city with the culture of Kazakh people[citation needed]. It felt, like other cities of the region, the influence of Sogdian culture. "[citation needed] Remnants of material culture that were found during excavation of Taraz speak about the lifestyle in this territory to the Neolithic period. Inspired by the song, Sirusho created Pregomesh Accessories line. At first it was ruled by a military administration, later in 1867 it became the center of an Uyezd occupying nearly all of the territory of the modern Jambyl Region of Kazakhstan and Talas Region of Kyrgyzstan. For the villages in Iran, see, Arabic for "that which is beyond the riiver [= the, "Демоскоп Weekly - Приложение. In 1876 the first school of a European type was opened by a Russian priest. In 2001, Taraz also entered into a sister city relationship with Muncie, Indiana. Either you are in Taraz city or you are visiting Taraz city, Taraz - Wiki would be helpful utility. Under the Chagatayids (descendants of Chagatai Khan) coins were minted in Taraz until 1334. Millions of Volga Germans, Chechens, Ukrainians, Koreans and other ethnic minorities, along with other marginalized subjects (former kulaks, members of the aristocracy, families of convicted "enemies of the people," etc.) [citation needed], The discovery of chest ornaments, bronze statues of kings and remnants of ceramic products in separate parts of the Talas river valley are the evidence of the existence of the life in Taraz region in the bronze epoch. It was there that all the military, administrative, cultural and other establishments that governed life in the medieval feudal city-state took place. The latest archaeological data has considerably expanded ideas about Taraz. Mullahs, using a legend about the mausoleum of Karakhan in 12th built a new mausoleum with minarets, which had nothing in common with the older one. According to A. N. Bernshtam's statement it was a period of ethnogenesis for Central Asia's modern Turkic populations[citation needed] Taraz was joined to the Western Turk Khanate. Sirusho is the founder of the company, involved in designing samples and giving a modern touch to the old ornaments and items. Later the Armenians cultivated silkworms and produced their own silk. After the Arab conquest of Central Asia in the 7th century and 8th century, the Persian Samanids occupied a major part of Central Asia in the 9th century. were forced to relocate to Kazakhstan, many of whom settled in Dzhambul. Large consignments of livestock bought at the fair were sent to Tashkent and Fergana through the Karrabul Pass in the Talas-Alatau. Sirusho is the founder of the company, involved in designing samples and giving a modern touch to the old ornaments and items. Of great interest is the Taraz Banya, which was multiple-domed building built from fired brick. At first it was named Namangan-i Kochek ("little Namangan"), as the first settlements were from the Persian populated city Namangan, now in Uzbekistan and uzbekified. Qing soldiers patrol the area once a year. The caravan way passed through the city to the north-through Akmolinsk (Nur-Sultan) and Petropavlovsk (Petropavl), to Omsk. The history of the city is composed of several historical periods, interrupted by destruction and depopulation. [5] The Islamization of Central Asia was due in significant part to the activities of the Samanids, and in Taraz, other pre-existing religions such as Mazdaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Tengrism were gradually replaced. The products and the climate are about the same as Suyab. [citation needed]. Despite winning the battle, the Caliphate forces withdrew from the region. The city has established a sister city relationship with Fresno, California, United States according to Sister Cities International. At that time the Great Silk Road ran across Southern Kazakhstan. Žije v něm okolo 380 000 obyvatel a je čtvrtým největším městem v zemi. Talas was later described by Xuanzang, who passed Talas in 629 and later wrote: Traveling westward from the Thousand Springs 140 or 150 li, we come to the city of Daluosi. This article is about the city in Kazakhstan. The city's population continued to grow throughout the 1960s and 1970s in spite of the end of exiles, due to an industrial spurt the city received during that time. The political independence of Taraz and autonomy of the circle[clarification needed] promoted their development. In due course under the influence of internecine wars the Karakhanids lost their power and in the end of the 12th century the city was taken by the Kara-Khitans. The city lost a significant portion of its population with the exodus of the various nationalities that once made up its diversity, notably the Volga Germans and the Jews, as well as many Russians and Ukrainians. The r in Pre is a heavy, rolling 'r' sound. Then he continued, "Sirusho didn't have the right to do such a thing. Unfortunately, it is not illustrated in the written sources of that time what Taraz looked like but it is said to have been a big city[citation needed]. The once famous medieval city and former capital had become a simple settlement, then it was forgotten, as well as its ancient name. Silk imported from China was used by royalty, during the Urartian period. [citation needed] A city known as "Taraz" (or "Talas"[citation needed]) is then recorded in the 6th century CE[3] (568 CE[citation needed]) and is known to have existed until its decline in the 13th century. The dress of the Armenians (Armenian: տարազ, taraz;) reflects a rich cultural tradition.Wool and fur were utilized by the Armenians and cotton that was grown in the fertile valleys. There were 3 churches, 2 mosques, a post telegraph office, a city urban school, a hospital, a military hospital, factories and plants, 1791 apartment houses, 1905 [?] A full description of the city at the beginning of the 20th century is given in Russian. Steady internecine war in Central Asia interfered with the trade with distant countries, and the opening of the sea route from the Western European countries to India stopped the trade on the ancient silk road and led to the decline of the cities on this road. "[6] Sirusho responded to this statement by saying that she didn't modify Komitas's song, but was influenced by it.[7]. [7] Kazakh people were expelled from the area if they were captured pasturing inside the area.[8]. According to the archaeological excavation and available written sources, tribal unions of Saka Scythians had been formed in this territory by the 7th-8th centuries B.C. Later the Armenians cultivated silkworms and produced their own silk. They built a few small fortresses for guarding the border and the caravan route mainly on the ancient cities ruins., "Սիրուշոն պատասխանում է "PreGomesh" երգի վերաբերյալ հնչած արձագանքներին",,, Pages using infobox song with unknown parameters, Articles containing Armenian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 August 2020, at 19:47. Alongside with learning the history of Armenian culture the history of Taraz is needed to be learnt.


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