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Everything that has made WhatsApp the leader in personal messaging will still be in place. Also, a free tier Twilio account requires using Twilio Sandbox for WhatsApp, which means you can’t use your number and have to go through one-time permission to receive WhatsApp messages. Going back to the 4 Ps and starting with product, it's everything in the process of developing and bringing a concept to market (even if done buy guys who dislike 'marketing'). A study found that 42% of smartphone owners that were 18-29 years old used messaging apps like WhatsApp as opposed to only 19% of smartphone owners who were 50 years old or more.

If you are solving a big enough problem your solution will get pulled into the market.

It gets in your eye, and then you’re not focusing on the product.”, It is this focus on product—and the resulting rich UX and pain-free onboarding—that has contributed immensely to word of mouth growth for WhatsApp. The introduction of sophisticated communication services over the Internet, allowing users to exchange textual messages, as well as audio, video, and ... maintained by WhatsApp Messenger (as discussed later, they are SQLite v.3 databases [18]), and notepad++ [6] to examine textual les. To offset these costs, as well as to ensure that WhatsApp didn’t grow too quickly, the app was intermittently switched from free to $1. Still, WhatsApp’s appeal wasn’t just that the service offered improved cost, features, and functionality over standard SMS messaging.

From the very beginning they worked hard to ensure that WhatsApp worked for as many people as possible, which meant making the app work across platforms and available on a wide range of devices—even very old, so-called “dumb” ones—and operating systems. After Koum kept missing phone calls while working out due to his gym’s rule barring cellphones, he came up with the idea of a mobile address book that displayed statuses next to contact names, so that friends could let one another know if they were available or at the gym, in a meeting, had a low phone battery, and so on.

Looking at how regular my parents are messaging me with inspirational quotes and health tips first thing in the morning, it was time to reciprocate.

[12] This too has informed each decision they’ve made regarding WhatsApp—from user experience considerations to marketing.

In addition to the features and functionality above, one of Koum’s primary concerns has always been privacy. In this case, Yorgen Fenech was clearly a major actor both in the property, tourism and energy markets with a direct interest in government policies regulating both sectors.

He explains, “When you get that message from your loved one, from your family, or from your best friend, you want to be able to reply to it right away, you don't want to be distracted by any advertisement.”. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter.

This indicates that there is a higher probability that your customers and prospects are already using WhatsApp. They used WhatsApp to build buzz.

This makes switching from standard text to WhatsApp essentially painless.

The code clearly states that “ministers shall not conduct official business through unofficial email accounts.” The obligation to log such contacts with lobbyists is also extended to “correspondence involving unofficial email accounts, and messages through other applications”, as well as “informal meetings”; but this is only applicable to “relevant communication”. So many apps are just iPhone first, it was refreshing to write one with a more global focus. 1 paid social app for iOS, and had been downloaded 10 million times on Android. This kind of market penetration cannot be ignored. Users had to send in 15 seconds video of their best washing tips via WhatsApp. Unnamed expert sources told The Guardian that it was “highly probable” that an infected video file sent from the Saudi heir to Mr Bezos over WhatsApp was the source of the infiltration. … It’s all about the data.”, Another, and more serious concern with WhatsApp, as AOL co-founder Steve Case points out, is that the $19B valuation has many wondering whether this is another bubble. Registration is authenticated using a phone number, a significant innovation that eliminates the frustration of remembering a username and password. I can imagine WhatsApp's growth trajectory looking different if every new signup had to manually send a request to connect, along with waiting for the acceptance of their contact request, before being able to experience the magic of the product. The fact that Fenech was later arrested as the mastermind of the assassination of a journalist, is in itself a warning against familiarity with business people engaged in shady deals. Forbes contributors Phil Nunes and Larry Downes refer to this as “near perfect market information”—a phenomenon resulting from constant communication among consumers, in which “new products are adopted and effectively marketed by early users to other users, who in turn recruit the next and larger wave.” [6].

You truly are the favorite child.

Once he’d downloaded the app, he met with Koum at Tony Roma’s in San Jose to go discuss the problems he’d encountered.

In announcing the Facebook acquisition on the WhatsApp blog, Koum asserts: Staying in touch with someone across the world is undeniably more complicated than communicating with someone who lives within the same borders as you. Give it a few more months.”, As it turned out, Acton was right. This allows companies like Whatsapp to charge what amounts to peanuts but still have a business model. They are quickly running out of ad space on Instagram and Facebook. More We bet that if our team of engineers could make messaging fast, simple, and personal, we could charge people directly for the service without having to rely on annoying banner ads, game promotions, or all those other distracting “features” that come with many messaging apps. Yet after the addition of photo sharing in December 2009, Koum and Acton found that growth steadily increased despite the app’s paid status, at which point Acton suggested keeping the app paid. Finally, many are concerned that growth at WhatsApp will eventually slow. Brilliant marketing on the part of these guys! For example, Heineken fans and WhatsApp users were invited to take part in a competition. When customers add you, it may be a good idea to send them a message thanking them for adding you and letting them know when they can seek you out for assistance. Agree with Dylan that the global focus and adapting the product to run across platforms was critical.

Copyright © HT Media Limited All rights reserved. Solid piece, Morgan! Use all of WhatsApp’s features to make your content attractive.

, and keeping WhatsApp simple yet powerful has been the key to that. Marketing through WhatsApp can potentially bring back the personal touch to engage customers.

Thanks again for sharing Morgan. Set up a greeting message for your customers that can share preliminary information. The campaign must encourage participation and build excitement around the launch. Handling users’ personal communication is a huge responsibility, and it’s one that the company doesn’t take lightly. It seems like nothing, but multiplied by 50 billion messages, even if they make $0.0002 per message, that's a million dollars a day in revenue! There is a form to fill out and a wait time too. Make no mistake: our future partnership with Facebook will not compromise the vision that brought us to this point. In October of 2009, Brian Acton, Koum’s friend and former fellow Yahoo employee, rounded up $250,000 in seed funding for WhatsApp, earning him the title of co-founder along with a substantial stake in the company. They also initiated a campaign during the Christmas shopping season that provided couples with a personal shopper.

But the company (obviously) disagrees with that assessment. On such nights, Koum talked to Fishman for hours about his app idea, and many of the app’s earliest adopters came from this group, including Alex Fishman.


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