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However, it turns out that Cameron Campbell led David to believe Jasper simply moved away and can't get in touch with him anymore. A camp counselor that David hires, who turns out to be a cult leader. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Bob's Burgers • Once a boy who went to Camp Campbell during its prime, he's now a ghost that haunts Spooky Island. because he led the Wood Scouts to victory over Camp Campbell and Pikeman enjoys the victory too much to consider working against the cultist. From dealing with the campers to her recent anxiety attack, David trying to sing at the end may just have been the straw that broke the camel's back. ", "Anyone else want a twenty-sided ass-kicking? that he's the main antagonist of the second. With Neil, to a lesser extent, since Harrison's genuine magical abilities are at odds with Neil's logic and science mindset. Goofball he may be, but David is a hell of a woodsman when the chips are down. It's not clear what happened to her, but at the very least she counts as dead for the terms of the tontine. It's the biggest factor in turning himself back in to custody. He wants to drive David to crack and cry himself to sleep at night, David attacks Bonquisha's new boyfriend, really freaking out when David grabs a chair to keep on going, Neil's possible murder in "Reigny Day" was, "More tent for me. A wild platypus Nikki discovered in episode 2, it became the mascot of Camp Campbell after it ate the original mascot, Larry the hampster. Not even after David weakly notes that it's his. Three kids, Max, Neil and Nikki, spent the summer vacation at a dysfunctional campsite called 'Camp Campbell' which is currently in the hands the camp counselors, the overly cheerful David and the less optimistic Gwen. He finally explains his life philosophy in the season finale - he knows everyone else has given up on the camp, but it just motivates him to try harder, because if he doesn't care, no one will. Season 2 shows Max has at least one major weakness: In Season 4 he spends practically an entire episode. somehow manage to become powerful drug lords without ever realizing that the "Mexican cane sugar" they're putting in their cookies is actually crystal meth. Doesn't understand why David would ever choose the kids over him, since he views children as vile little nightmares. A wolf that David encounters when lost in the wilderness. ", The octopus in a suit calls him "eternal custodian" and has apparently been persuaded by him to not destroy the world before. he's realized that Camp Campbell is a shadow of its former self, When Gwen finds Max's file, he realizes that Max's parents didn't sign him up for. When he is scared by the stuffed bears, he levitates for a second. A social media influencer who rubs Sasha the wrong way. he's transporting shadow monsters in the camp bus. An extreme sports girl with a reputation for being the coolest kid in camp. Often argues with Nerris over who's the better magic kid. Preston's play about Nikki's death (starring Nerris playing him) makes him realize that the other campers believe he wouldn't care if Nikki actually, Again in "The Candy Kingpin", after manipulating Dolph into a "friendship" so they could use Dolph's candy supply to control the camp. In reality, he's actually a radical Kentuckian secessionist. Space Kid's uncle and one of the first astronauts to set foot on the moon. We are an exhaustive resource about Rooster Teeth's animated comedy series, Camp Camp, that anyone can contribute to! Cameron Campbell paints them as the real reason he started his camp scheme, but he's just passing the blame off of his own shoulders. Parent's Day then reveals that his parents are terrified of him because his abilities made his, at home. He consciously ignores the myriad of warning signs about Daniel in "Camp Loser Says What?" that Max's parents didn't sign him up for any activity. Space Kid's reversed dialogue when he opens a box in his store, After he accidentally kills the squirrel king with his hook, he starts beating the other woodland creatures into submission so he can become their king. Also hasn't aged since his stint in the trenches of World War 1. Duncanville • "Cookin' Cookies" has them as the protagonists, with the Campbell Campers only appearing as a cameo at the end. Rick and Morty • That and apparently, if he chose to speak, he would be extremely well spoken. He finally learns the truth when he overhears Max trick Campbell into confessing how he was trying to frame him for all his crimes. They also have a couple sweet moments in "After Hours" involving Gwen getting him nasal spray, as well as his "CBFL" speech in "Gwen Gets a Job". and then explains that it's for precisely that reason that he can never give up trying to make the world a sunnier place for their sakes, whether they thank him or not. The morally ambiguous founder and manager of Camp Campbell. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. When she believes Jermy Fartz may be special needs, she immediately pulls the main three aside and reprimands them for picking on him. David is the one who gave Cameron Campbell the idea to turn the camp into a "camp camp" where kids can sign up for any program they want, thus unwittingly continuing Cameron's money laundering scheme. but only because he enjoys the money and attention. ", break David is so that he'll realize that his ideologies in life are flawed and utterly useless for children and end up just as nihilistic as Max is. In "Operation Charlie Tango Foxtrot", it's revealed that he's pretty good at reading people. Provokes this reaction in the main cast when he reveals why his friends call him "big nips". he's actually on the verge of crying when he sees the other parents having a good time with their kids, as it reminds him how little his own parents care about him. After David's heartbroken by Bonquisha dumping him, Gwen acts very comforting to him despite him being mopey for days. When his camp is revealed as a scam and he's dragged off by the FBI to "Super Guantanamo" in the season 2 finale, he rants about how, He undergoes another one in "Cameron Campbell the Camp Campbell Camper" when Max not only thwarts his plans to frame David for the camp extortion scheme, Swears that Camp Campbell hasn't heard the last of him as he's driven away to "Super Guantanamo. He is a cheerful, happy-go-lucky guy who would do just about anything to show people the bright side of camping. He also briefly mentions his parents in episode 3, saying that his mom was the one who sent him to Camp Campbell. They honestly wanted to give Camp Campbell's campers the proper camps they signed up for so they could be happy. He, exposes David and Gwen's scheme to steal the Quartermaster's hook and use it to raise money for the camp, while simultaneously using the opportunity to raise the money himself, he and Nikki cause Gwen's matchmaking antics to bite her in the ass by declaring her and. He gives this lecture to David at the end of season one, telling him that humans are assholes who don't deserve kindness and that David should just give up like everyone else. it switches to the other side of his body after his Quartersister and the Mess Hall vanish in a burst of light. David has replaced Cameron Campbell as camp manager. It's implied that she has a rival and it really pisses her off when said rival makes her look bad in front of the other flower mothers. His "thinking cave" was once occupied by a demon. The executives of Camp Corp., which administers camps across the nation. specifically Asperger's Syndrome, characterized by anti-social behavior and a vested interest in things he likes, characterized by heavy social anxiety and thought disorders. Maybe a bit less 'ambiguous' after he goes in his safe and you can see two sets of books (, Loses the ambiguous part when he tries to kill a young David for witnessing, He posed as the prime minister of Thailand to use the country as his own piggy bank, conned a bunch of Russian oligarchs out of a shitton of money and did... something to the North Koreans of such magnitude that all three nations decided to send assassins after him. Formerly; when he was a Campbell Camper himself as a child, he disliked everything about the camp, a complete opposite to his later self. A cynical, trouble making kid who sees through the facade of Camp Campbell and is dedicated to torturing his counselors. Except that's not true; the Flower Scouts ran her off after she showed her tomboyish side because they're all concerned with appearances and boys and thought Nikki was a social pariah. A cynical, short tempered counselor who is frustrated by David's cheerfulness and the craziness of the campers. When it comes to romantic relationships, he's a great listener. He is one of the two counselors working at Camp Campbell. Swears vengeance on David for his arrest despite the fact that it's Cameron's own illegal actions that resulted in his incarceration.


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