casque d or review
But just as nation states are being dissolved before our eyes, so too are the local criminal gangs of specific countries, and the quaint behaviour of such people seen in films like this is now an anachronism which is bound to be as remote to younger viewers as the thrashing tails of dinosaurs, and from an epoch perceived by them as being nearly as distant. The music plays on, they dance. I have always had the uncomfortable feeling that maybe Simone Signoret was really a man. Forgot your password? The story is set during the "belle époque," between prostitutes and "Apaches" (name given to marginal Parisians in late 19th century and early 20th century), based on a real case occurred in 1902, a love triangle between a streetwalker and two ruffians, played by a radiant Simone Signoret as the prostitute Marie (nicknamed "Casque d'Or" for her blonde mane), Serge Reggiani as the carpenter she falls in love with, and Claude Dauphin as a ruthless ruler of pimps and wine dealer. If you're looking for an interesting plot though, you may be rather disappointed. In any case, Becker did two more great works, "Hands Off the Loot" in 1954 with Jean Gabin and Dora Doll, and in 1960 his last film, "The Hole" (Le trou), a classic drama about a jailbreak. The film is at once a period piece and a gangster movie, defined by a poetically tragic romance. The honest, bourgeois world is permanently closed to them. They are as careful of their appearance as they are of their reputations for villainy and violence. The apaches had their own peculiar codes of honour (such as shown in this story), whereas 'honour' means nothing to the more vicious criminals of today. | A beautiful film that gives star Simone Signoret room to shine. Signoret is an expert at portraying sensual intensity while holding her head high, what might be called 'the proud whore motif'. Answer: Both watch their man (husband, Daniel Auteuil, lover, Serge Reggiani) executed at the end of the film. Casque d'or is one of the greatest films about passion I have ever seen. By the way, have you noticed how bad Italians fare on French period films? Not only Signoret, but the costumes and the cinematography are very nice. User Ratings The story evolves with violent effusions and moments of intense lyricism, expressed through beautiful black & white images and characterizations where gestures and glances shine with precision - especially Simone Signoret's eyes, as when she says goodbye to her future lover in a ballroom next to the river. Even to a youngster today, used to seeing 'stars' come and go so easily, would surely appreciate the subtle allure that seemed to come so naturally to this beautiful woman, who invigorated so many excellent films. Interview with Simone Signoret (4m) ", Jacques Becker's belle époque tragedy of a pair of star-crossed lovers, Classic - though stupid - tale of man vs. man for a woman. A beautiful film, "Casque d'Or" refuses to be cataloged as a tale at the edge of melodrama and opts for tragedy in a poetic tone rarely expressed with so much visual richness and verbal economy. Considered a failure when it first opened but, after receiving critical acclaim in New York, the film developed a wider audience in France and has now become a classic, newly restored on a Criterion DVD. We appreciate your support. Jacques Becker turned it into a masterpiece, so by the late 1950s he was not targeted by the attacks of the "nouvelle vague" rebels (Chabrol, Truffaut, Godard et al). Jacques Becker's CASQUE D'OR (Golden Helmet 1952), an underworld romance set in Paris during "La Belle Epoque", stars Simone Signoret as the titular blonde prostitute who's star-crossed amour reveals the agony and ecstasy of love. I would recommend the film for its visual and artistic beauty and for a myriad of famous tunes, including "loveliest night of the year" and "le temps des cerises" and not forgetting the memorable title theme. All this film really has going for it is general prettiness. Criticisms revolved around the mismatching star couple (Simone Signoret was almost as tall as Serge Reggiani, and more corpulent), the simplistic love story, minimal psychology and tragic ending. Becker did not so much shoot this film as paint it with delicate brush strokes - another irony as the story is in yer face. The, thanks to another IMDb reviewer, I discover that the film was quickly pulled upon initial release and not released again until nine years later when it is perfectly feasible that I saw it in the West End. Privacy Policy It is an endlessly fascinating spectacle to watch this film, and savour the costumes, settings, and mannerisms of the time, which are so perfectly portrayed. Casque D'Or illustrates this brilliantly. Memories of style as attack, attack by aura, dancers and fighters tracing curves across the screen. Posted by Jon Meakin Published . She's beautiful in a coarse and knowing way, with a swagger and a hand on her hip, a gangster's girl who takes being slapped as part of the life. Meet The Team StudioCanal is releasing several of those titles this month and Casque d’Or is one of the very best. Every single scene of this movie is drenched in tension, and yet, so little is told and so little happens. | He could have just kept wandering but Maria is hard to ignore. The Video: Struck from a brand new print and just about as pristine and perfect as any film fan could want, Casque D'Or looks unbelievable in this new Criterion Collection transfer. There's none of the giggling and wriggling that marked the other blonde Fifties sex symbols, Bardot and Monroe, and countless others since, and obviously no nudity, total or partial, but in her morning-after scene with Serge Reggiani, you can practically smell smoke. Leca (Claude Dauphin) combines slyness, danger and oiliness in equal measure. She never has pushed any buttons for me personally, as I have always found her too heavy, solid, and masculine, but then there are a lot of men out there who like that (as witness the strange preoccupation so many British males have with Judi Dench, and before her, with Glenda Jackson, and other such potential dominatrixes whose more feminine qualities always seem to be somewhat at the ebb tide, no matter how they may glower and try to convince us that they are female by the intensity of their expressions). The audio quality of the film is fairly clear though in mono and a little tinny at times. What can one say? At times, this splendid 1954 film, keeps reminding us about paintings of the impressionist school, especially Renoir, because it takes us back to that era. This film passes from time to time on French TV. "Casque d'or" is one of the jewels of the French cinema.Becker used to like the Apaches (=ruffians) ,the outcast,cause he would transfer Leblanc's Arsene Lupin adventures to the screen in 1957.A failed attempt though.But "Casque d'or" generally looked upon as Becker's peak ,hasn't aged a bit. The apaches (pronounced in the French style, 'layzuhpahsh') are a kind of national obsession to the French, perhaps even more so now that they are largely extinct, having been superseded by those far more extreme villains of our own time, international drug dealers and people traffickers, and terrorists. The logical answer would be no. Interview with Professor Ginette Vincendeau (8m) Taken by Simone Signoret's role in Henri-Georges Clouzot's chilling Les Diaboliques,I was delighted to find a title where Signoret and Becker teamed up,which led to me putting on the Casque D'or (Golden Helmet.). He’s a fantastic character, convincing as the nice guy who nevertheless should not be messed with. In fact, the beginning of the film almost gives the impression we are witnessing characters that inspired the painters of that art movement. Sometimes it seems as if Becker must personally have supervised every stitch of thread in the clothing. Becker's "Touchez Pas au Grisbi" seemed to have a lot more personality and emotion, while Simone Signoret's part in "L'Armee des ombres" was a lot more love-able. Once begun, you'll want to watch it till the end. Manda's one-armed grab of Marie's waist the first time he dances with her. The pair soon throw caution to the wind, setting off a chain-reaction of jealousy, murder, double-crosses, and revenge that can only end in tragedy.


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