contemptuously in a sentence was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. Adverb. This is the term contemptuously applied in India to the paying of calls and other social duties that imply dancing attendance on the fair sex. All Rights Reserved. Other website visitors are viewing the following words: Hapless in a sentence | Short example sentence for hapless. to laugh, In a way that shows strong dislike or a lack of respect for someone or something: The waiter smiled, Contemptuously: 1 adv without respect; in a disdainful manner “she spoke of him. All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you're welcome and can you add them using the add definition form. Yet those results were immediately and contemptuously discarded by the military. Sentence with the word contemptuously. contemptuously in a sentence - Use "contemptuously" in a sentence 1. BLOOM: (Contemptuously) Clean your nailless middle finger first, your bully's cold spunk is dripping from your cockscomb." ” Comethup faced about and looked at him contemptuously. 6 people chose this as the best definition of contemptuously: The definition of contemp... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Has any country ever had a more arrogant, insolent, The problem lies in a deeply disrespectful, even. How to use contemptuously in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of contemptuously. in a way that shows that you have no respect for somebody/something synonym scornfully. She laughed contemptuously, pushed me out, and locked the gate upon me." As Lizzie was an ardent Democrat, she spoke the name contemptuously -- for Dick Kelly was the Republican boss. Kirghiz — they would watch while I bent horseshoes, twisted iron bars over my knees and performed what my father used to call contemptuously my circus tricks. Betty is at the center of the film's assembly of cynical, In this instance, the irony is only comprehensible when it is perceived as a, In other words, I think that rural people are pragmatic and, As the government has assumed power over monetary policy in, He liked jazz, preferred informal dress, didn't much care for hunting and shooting, and was openly, Like most of the first smart, sardonic novel, the story appears to have been thrown out with, If a common man were to dare to be as moody, as, He employed his distinct blend of charm, flamboyance, insubordination, and, This sort of uncomprehending fellow usually received a special, Such a massive increase to those lawyers who have already enjoyed a bonanza from the Tribunal is a, The acerbic 85-year-old Michigan Democrat had long been, Though much of what Stewart and his cronies say about the press is acidly, It's the world of an apparently mad rock star who's bored with it all and so, Darrow, on the other hand, was at times condescending and, But then he gave the game away, with a turn of phrase that promptly made its way into headlines and, A parallel, insular society evolves, dependent on the outside world and, No longer can that notion be dismissed with a, Even in confrontational moments, he was never, If they were the only heavyweights left in a tournament stripped of its big names, the current US Open champion floored his opponent with, Look up that invaluable book, Scots Thesaurus, and you will find four or five pages given over to words denoting idleness and laziness, all, But because they have lived through colonial and totalitarian regimes, they are untrusting and, On arrival at Ceylon, the Chinese were overbearing and, He was so fond of drink, that he would shamelessly accept the, Controversy erupted, and it continued to sell well despite, Although Sir John French praised Haig's leadership of his corps, Haig was privately, Then she faced the lawyer again, with an aloofness of manner that was, A new respect for him, also a new pity that was generous and not, Could the master of language find no better word than the, For Mr. deighton he had conceived a personal liking, mingled with a wondering and, Why should this fop of a lordling put on this air of, But luckie Dods rejected the information thus tendered, with, Gourlay's men took their cue from their master, and were, When he permits a driver to pass, there is a touch of the, His eyes followed Peter about the room with a, And he waved the scribbler doorwards with a, The common parent was given a fillip of a, Shimerda and Antonia always deferred to him, though he was often surly with them and, The gentleman heard him, and seemed about to fly into a rage again, but thought better of it, and confined himself to a, The frangipani regarded them for a moment with a. 2. Sentence Examples for contemptuously. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], Wilcox grunted contemptuously[sentencedictcom] as if he had expected no better, "A deal!" Little Mexico, the area was called contemptuously, as sad and filthy a collection of dwellings as had ever been allowed to exist in the west. "I thought you said you knowed the rules," returned Silver contemptuously.


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