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Ea==talis or tanta. Cf. Of these the following classes may require explanation. On the whole, I am constrained to yield to the authority and the arguments of Wr., Or., Död., and Rit., and place the pause before durant, instead of after it as in the first edition. Cf. ipsos Germanos, G. 2. Scauro. Miscere, ferire, etc. His advice (to his successor). An affected point and an artificial brilliancy were substituted in their place. Vocarentur is subj. It is with unfeigned diffidence that I submit to the public this first attempt at literary labor. Ferax is constructed with abl., vid. Indulgentia is more frequently used to denote excessive tenderness. Cf.

[6] Ne ferrum quidem superest, sicut ex genere telorum colligitur. And to put out that interest again on interest. These noble youth, thus designated to the rank of chieftains, attach themselves (for a time, with some followers perhaps) to the other chiefs, who are older and already distinguished, nor are they ashamed to be seen among their attendants. Terrent enim trepidantve, prout sonuit acies, nec tam vocis ille quam virtutis concentus videtur. 256, 9.—Stricti, sinewy, strong, which has the same root as stringo.
Or thus: who (take many wives) not to gratify lust, but on account of their rank they are solicited to form many matrimonial alliances.

E is not exactly equivalent here to a, nor does it mean simply after, but immediately on awaking out of sleep.—Lavantur, wash themselves, i.e. Ergo jam dextro Suevici maris littore Aestyorum gentes alluuntur: quibus ritus habitusque Suevorum; lingua Britannicae propior. An eandem Romanis in bello virtutem, quam in pace lasciviam adesse creditis?”, XXXII. Discessum, sc. The more honorable (i.e. Tacitus himself had already written a similar essay on the lands and tribes of Britannia in his Agricola. Parsimonia in a good sense; economy, as opposed to the luxury and extravagance of Italy and the City.
A. had already been consul, 9. Ner. Cf. since such license is allowed in regard to ancient times. So aggregantur, 13; obligantur, 21, et passim. Mixti copiis et laetitia. T. not unfrequently introduces an additional circumstance by the abl. takes retulit in the more ordinary sense of brought back, thus: A. did not bring back (to Rome) the empty name of Tribune and no military experience, there to give himself up to leisure and pleasure. 2, 62.— Potentia. Böt. Inscitia is abl. No battle scenes are more grand and terrific than those of Tacitus.

But Tacitus is fond of varying the construction.

note, G. 37: affectavere.—Batavorum cohortes. The former version accords better with the language of the whole passage. What island T. meant, is uncertain. Funera, proprie de toto apparatu sepulturae. 1. 366. Ablative. or Caes. Recens (fresh, young) is opposed to the former: novus (new, modern), to the latter. after credibile est, cf. Suam quisque sedem, suos penates regit. the Roman, awaits you); there tributes, mines, &c. (and you must conquer the former or endure the latter—these are your only alternatives). Non vidit Agricola obsessam curiam, et clausum armis senatum, et eadem strage tot consularium caedes, tot nobilissimarum feminarum exsilia et fugas.

Finis vitae ejus nobis luctuosus, amicis tristis, extraneis etiam ignotisque non sine cura fuit.


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