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304,135 likes. Btw very funny that you preach about how these influencers use people for clout or whatever but you’re constantly shading them so you can get on a shade room about TikTok, Just stop the joke is over.”, Fans in the comments had Danielle’s back with one fan saying: “This girl is so desperate for clout. Three months of customization and “The Cool Bus” is finally complete We turned a regular, boring school bus into the most ridiculously obnoxious and savage content machine in the United States. 318.6k Likes, 3,704 Comments - Danielle<3 (@daniellecohn) on Instagram: “2 ” GIRL WHAT ABOUT THE SEVEN MONTHS THAT YOU WEREN’T TOGETHER Alyssa previously defended herself in the Instagram post and said: “y’all always assuming who my videos are “about” and getting mad … my videos are just for fun and I’m playing a character.” But evidently Danielle herself felt targeted.

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daniellecohn. 4 days ago. Featuring a custom teal blue wrap, pumped-up sound system, heavy-duty front winch, and custom exhaust system, the Cool Bus is a serious piece of marketing kit. irrelevant creators keep my name in their mouth to get their social blades green for once.. it’s so sad, but do whatever to pay your bills i guess, — Bryce Hall (@BryceHall) October 21, 2020. One of the best-known vehicles in Logan’s collection is his Mercedes G-Class G500 4×4 squared. Download. Verified • Follow. ImgInn. While not extensively customized in the way his ‘Cool Bus’ is, Logan appears to wrap it to match his latest merch line designs and uses it as another way of promoting his range. Here we go again. Controversial teen influencer Danielle Cohn has been the subject of scrutiny for years, particuarly over questions about her real age.

Danielle Cohn is a social media star who shot to fame on Musical.ly, before it became TikTok, for lip-syncing and dancing. Download . Danielle Cohn / Instagram Mikey's parents got involved and took over his social media accounts. This pic hits different doe 7w 2 likes Reply. POSTS STORIES TAGGED. So sick of these lame diss tracks.” Another person wrote: “bruh I love Alyssa but can we leave Danielle and her age alone.”. Popular TikToker Danielle Cohn has hit back at Alyssa McKay after she made a rap calling her out for drama surrounding her real age. Despite being dramatically styled from the factory, Logan took his 4×4 squared one step further and sent it to RDB LA for a number of personal customizations. Danielle’s age was called into question when her Dad said she was born in 2006.

Updated 2 months ago. Source: Instagram Danielle Cohn's Dad Shows Fans Her Birth Certificate and She's Not Happy By Anna Quintana . IT’S FINISHED!!! His success brings financial rewards, and his growing exotic car collection reflects this. nikkiparimore. Danielle Cohn (@daniellecohn0610) instagram stories and photos download. His Dodge Challenger is a V8-engined American ‘muscle car’ that is designed for all-out straight-line speed. While he may not have the biggest collection in the world, Logan has more unique ways of showing his wealth, such as spending $200k on Pokemon cards. joy_tabram2008. Danielle Cohn Wiki – Biography. Logan Paul has risen to fame as one of the most prominent YouTubers and online personalities of the 21st Century.

Danielle Cohn Influencer and musician, who boasts 18.3 million TikTok followers and 1.8 million YouTube subscribers, has become an online sensation thanks to her lip-syncing videos and controversial social media presence. 4.7m Followers, 2,180 Following, 1,532 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Danielle<3 (@daniellecohn) 3 days ago. I meant to say 16, I need another take,” sang Alyssa, who added, “I lie about my age, but that doesn’t really bother me.”, Danielle was clearly fuming as she wrote a savage comment on TikTokroom saying: “I don’t know you, but here is some advice. Purchased as a gift to himself on his birthday, it is likely to just be used as a casual car for fun rather than any serious motoring. His car collection reflects this, and contains some very unusual and unique vehicles. While not all of his news features are for the right reason, his success is undeniable with 22 million + followers. 7w 3 likes Reply.

As well as the Challenger, which was given away to one lucky subscriber earlier this year, Logan also has a Polaris Slingshot for a ‘fun’ car. its_for_fun_boo ️cute couple goals ️. 4 days ago. However, the star’s age has been called into question after her Dad claimed that she was born in 2006. No ️. On Monday, October 19, Alyssa posted rap referencing Dixie and Griffin’s dramatic breakup, painting Griffin in a pretty bad light. While Logan isn’t one to splash out on expensive supercars in the same way his brother Jake does, he still has some interesting performance cars. xiao_sloth. 21 hours ago. How to do the Tim Burton challenge on TikTok, Bryce Hall exposes Thomas Petrou for trying to start “fake beef” in DMs, referencing Dixie and Griffin’s dramatic breakup, Most annoying car prank mod revealed and anybody can do it, Kylie Jenner’s stunning car collection will make your jaw drop. Danielle Cohn (@daniellecohn0610) 41 posts 68053 followers 28 following. Danielle Cohn is a social media star who shot to fame on Musical.ly, before it became TikTok, for lip-syncing and dancing. A fully customized and kitted-out ex-school bus, this isn’t a regular vehicle for Logan but is instead used a way of promoting his merch. ImgInn. Alongside his ‘Yeti’ Logan also has another standout custom vehicle – the ‘Cool Bus’. 4 days ago. Alyssa raps: “Why couldn’t he just put the vape away?”. Alyssa McKay posted a rap to TikTok which didn’t mention Danielle by name but was obvious to fans that it was about her. Verified 13w. 713 Followers, 56 Following, 4 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Danielle Cohn Exposed (@edaniellecohn) 304.1k Likes, 2,322 Comments - Danielle<3 (@daniellecohn) on Instagram: “” daniellecohn. Dubbed ‘The Yeti’ once completed, the imposing jeep was fitted with a massive snowplow – the first in the world to receive such treatment.

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This is my back up I will post content and fan edits follow my main @daniellecohn.

In the same rap, many fans think Alyssa is also referring to Bryce Hall after he got into a fight over a vape earlier this week. In July, a few months after the series of videos about the fake pregnancy, more questions about Danielle's real age came to light, and Mikey's parents took control of his Instagram account. Danielle<3 (@daniellecohn) 1532 posts 4735550 followers 2180 following. This is getting really annoying and we don’t care anymore. It’s not a head turner – it’s a god damn neck breaker… AND IT BANGS, @WestCoastCustoms y’all killed it FEATURES: Smart glass (automatic window tint), 30 interior speakers, electric winch, color changing LED lights, toilet, microwave, kitchen, hammock on the inside, 50 inch flatscreen with Apple TV & wifi, two @Lovesac beanbags, air conditioning, an intercom system and a bunch of other dope stuff (p.s. 876 Followers, 228 Following, 42 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Danielle Cohn (@cohns.danielle)


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