discipline example sentence

Science and engineering students follow specific conventions as they write lab reports and keep notebooks that include their drawings and results of their experiments. I think they should discipline their child more, he is always getting into trouble at school. He looks after the discipline of the school. The most desirable quality in armed forces is that of discipline. affairThe Protestant ethic emphasizes the virtues of hard work and self-discipline. Learning poetry is a good discipline for the memory. He needs discipline.

If you do not discipline yourself in your studies and distract yourself, then you’re not likely to fare well in your exams. One’s talent is in need of discipline. Self Discipline is helpful in leading a healthy and wealthy life. Examples of Discipline in a sentence. We gave away penalties and our discipline was shocking, said Robshaw. You must discipline yourself and value punctuality in your work. Edited, with an Introduction on Mental Discipline in Education. The discipline is maintained at every level. We have been observing discipline since birth. Control, Development, Education, Method, Practice, Preparation, Regulation, Restraint, Self-Control, Self-Restraint, Will, Conduct, Cultivation, Curb, Domestication, Drill, Drilling, Exercise, Inculcation, Indoctrination, Limitation, Orderliness, Self-Command, Self-Government, Strictness, Subordination, Willpower, Agitation, Ignorance, Award, Chaos, Confusion, Disorder, Disorganization, Neglect, Negligence.

I thought the players’ behaviour and discipline were abysmal .

Discipline is an important value we must develop in ourselves. The discipline is not dependent on the result of any legal processes. Games teach us a sense of discipline and duty. Discussion question: Is it okay for a parent to use force against a child as a method of discipline? Discipline is very important in our daily life.

Discipline is very necessary to all to live a successful and happy life. Discipline is the right way of doing things in well behaved manner. But, on to the practical examples of positive discipline.

The Swedish government’s commitment to fiscal discipline resulted in a strong budgetary surplus in 2001. If you want to succeed you should know the value of discipline. And mutiny is an indication of a complete breakdown of that discipline. The teacher urged the students to maintain discipline. These are just a handful of examples of what I might do in my home. In our present school system, students have limited freedom and are taught to be passive, and are in fact rewarded for exhibiting discipline, and subordinacy. There should be discipline in the college. 2.

The ancient Greeks believed that music was an effective tool to discipline the mind. Discipline Discipline is one of the most attractive qualities in a person. We should discipline ourselves and discharge our duties. Basic 10 sentences 5 Advanced Sentences about discipline in a sentence, Copyright © 2020 www.use-in-a-sentence.com — Primer WordPress theme by. Suffixes in a sentence | Short example sentence for suffixes, Everyone Agrees in a sentence | Short example sentence for everyone agrees, Everything In in a sentence | Short example sentence for everything in, Tardy in a sentence | Short example sentence for tardy, Walked in a sentence | Short example sentence for walked, Iniquitous in a sentence | Short example sentence for iniquitous, Freelance in a sentence | Short example sentence for freelance, Ensemble in a sentence | Short example sentence for ensemble, New South in a sentence | Short example sentence for new south, Court in a sentence | Short example sentence for court, Degree in a sentence | Short example sentence for degree, Academics in a sentence | Short example sentence for academics, Princeton in a sentence | Short example sentence for princeton, Graduate in a sentence | Short example sentence for graduate, Professors in a sentence | Short example sentence for professors, Academic in a sentence | Short example sentence for academic, Academia in a sentence | Short example sentence for academia, College in a sentence | Short example sentence for college, Words to describe Discipline | Discipline Adjectives. Examples of self-disciplined in a sentence, how to use it. antonyms. The pupils are supposed to observe rigid discipline. We need to maintain a discipline in our daily routine . It is sometimes difficult to decide what constitutes abuse when discussing the discipline of children. Military discipline is literally rigid.

He advised us to lead a life of discipline and hard work. Discipline is very much important in life of a human being. One should observe discipline even in small things of life. Lack of consistency is poor discipline.. Everyone has to remain in discipline on the road.. Freedom without discipline leads to chaos. Self-imposed discipline is better than forced one. Life without discipline is incomplete and unsuccessful.

If there is love, there is no such thing as being too tough with a child. There have been a number of discipline problems in the classroom which must be dealt with. Working with discipline makes you do the activity most suited to the hour. The discipline list of example sentences with discipline. It undermines a teacher’s authority if the principal doesn’t support her in matters of discipline.

If there is no discipline in life, there is anarchy. disciplineThey sent their wild son to a private school which had strict discipline, in the hopes that it would teach him better behavior. discipline in a sentence - 32. We all follow various types of discipline in our daily lives.

As a player, we need discipline in the playground. Everyone has to remain in discipline on the road. forecastIn British politics, party discipline is strictly enforced on pain of expulsion from the party caucus. 25 examples: He was self-disciplined and cared deeply for the political aspects of what… Discipline is the essence of a successful personality. We all should have to inculcate discipline in our life. The use of sample surveys, which purportedly measure public opinion, now almost constitutes an academic discipline in itself. He loves discipline and wants to be followed by everyone. Success consists of discipline. Discipline is required in every walk of life. Example Sentences for "academic discipline" While they admit that the book cannot touch on every single aspect (Yergin remarks that the topic of their book constitutes an entire new academic discipline), they nonetheless make some of the following assertions. In this case, there was no discipline by the criminal justice system. Nature follows strict discipline.. No office can run without discipline. He was subjected to strict military discipline while in the service. He can maintain proper discipline in the college. Discipline is a very important part of life. We should discipline ourselves, and discharge our duties. synonyms. (transitive) To train someone by instruction and practice. Discipline enables a nation to march on the road of progress and prosperity. It goes without saying military discipline is literally rigid. The response to another question highlights the financial discipline aspect. Self-discipline is an important aspect of everyone’s life. 50 more results not shown. You know your child best. He always professed the importance of self discipline in life.


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