down to the wire idiom meaning

It’s gonna be down to the wire and I’ll have to pull an all-nighter to finish it on time”. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! What does down to the wire expression mean? At the quarter there was no particular change, but going down the back stretch all closed up, and there was a terrific race round the, turn and down to the wire, Soprano, staying the longest, and winning by a neck, amidst uproarious applause. This was especially handy in cases where the races were very close. What happens if your work goes down the drain? a situation where the outcome is not decided until the very end, With both teams being equally matched and putting up an exceptional display, the match was very exiting and went, Since both the candidates are equally popular, this year's election looks to be going, With the deadline coming up and the project not being on track, the team worked right, They had a treasure hunt contest and it went. The election went down to the wire … Here is why: In horse racing, a wire was hung up over the finish line to help determine a winner.

This means one team did not have a distinct advantage over the other team during play. Meaning. Look it up now! I'm obliged to say that, as far as deciding the origin goes, it will go down to the wire. ', so I thought I'd look into it.Which wire is that? If you feel down and out, are you motivated? Delivered to your inbox! It is about a girl named Kaylee needing to finish her essay. It's not clear where the expression 'down to the wire' was coined. Here's a strange piece from the South Australian newspaper The Southern Argus, June 1884: The first event on the programme was a chorus for all ages, with some twenty entries, all of whom came to the post.

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Those aren't of course the source of the phrase, which it turns out has more to do with horses than horsepower. Learn a new word every day.


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