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Dunya does not mean Earth. It’s a nice place.

Usage of these girl names was at its peak a century ago (ADOPTION OF 0.48%) and is somewhat less today (ADOPTION 0.27%, DOWN 44.1%), with names like Tierra becoming less trendy. earth word is from arabic language “ardh “وَالْأَرْضَ mentioned in the holy book Quran. ® Registered Trademark Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. © KCWW | Kimberly-Clark Australia & New Zealand. Terra became Terru and it had added to it s, a Greek feature. It is related to Sanskrit “talam”, Kroatian “tlo” and German “Diele”. (In many Indian Languages…). Quote: ” It’s called ‘terra’ in Portuguese, ” Why is “the Earth” often referred to as “the Earth” when we don’t say “the Saturn”, “the Jupiter”, etc. It wasn’t named after her. for example Jupiter is a roman god, its moons are named after Zuess’ (the greek counterpart to Jupiter) servants. Not Rated. Male. You will receive a verification email shortly. With her union through Uranus. He was often depicted carrying a trident and riding in a chariot drawn by white horses. the oldest are pelasgians, older tha history itself. does the name Earth have anything in common with Eretz, or it’s just a coincidence? Not Rated. So read and believe …to be more and more believers.i said it with cosmic stuff.but is said in other places too.i think that not in this way but is said in a lot of places.with cosmos stuff i think that only me said it lol, Here is said with Cosmos.i said it on you tube also.this is said in other places too.we are them continuation.of that lights from Antarctica.from then.when Earth was made, They were there in the cold making things, in the sky and in the ocean.we belong to them.especially there you belong…God made us but they made God, But i have to rectify Earth made God not they.they just were there in Antarctica in the sky and in the deep ocean, God was made by Earth.and He is in the stars.they were made by God, They were made by Him.and was not made by Earth.i dunno nobody knows the truth.these can be imagined.In the bible He says that he made them.this i think is true.but Earth wasn’t really made by God.cause i don’t think He can.stars i think made Earth.ok understand what you want but i think this is the truth, I think this is how it was He made the stars the stars the planets.ok i contradict a lot but nobody knows these i just give some ideas lol, And don’t forget that He made us.we are Gods creations, I know that is understandable from what i say that if He can make stars how couldnt the planets but this is the truth.only stars make them.this i believe is how goes.and what i said above really is.that gleams.they are old as God, So adopt people the new religion which is flash religion, Girls boys everyone who wants.choose.the Gods made the stars(read above)but the planet belongs to us.we were made by God but flash lights gave us Earth in choose.God religion and Earth religion, These things were always with Earth.stars made Earth but these were always.and they were not God.i said we were made by God.well some of us were.some of us still are religious.i spou ght with Earth voice.that s by these s hard to say that was not made by stars.then who?that gleams can t do it.they were making things on Earth.some of the first particles are from s a mixture of something like that and particles from stars.this is the very bible is said how made God Earth but i don’t think was in that way.and that immense period of Earth that with permian carboniferous and others before humans isn t written in bible anywhere, We appear very directly in bible.that were 7days and we are put in Eden ok that’s on Earth but things in bible doesn’t fit.and i said mezozoic carboniferous neozoic and these where are?it s a very long period, And yeah i am sure that God made the stars that’s not a lie but i think that’s all.and we were made by God.some of us are very religious.believe all what s written there.don’t think that some things there aren’t true.or the flood.another lie.this wasn’t.or the apocalypse.this i don’t think will s not true all the bible, And God couldn’t make Earth only with particles from from was with particles from stars and with that lights.and that lights aren’t God.the mixture was made by lights.the particles began expand grow in this way was.lights were through and were led all, Earths lights.which are even now.and they can be seen.lovers poor men and me had seen them.they made it with stars.this was how began, So again it s not post ed and this was not long, So believe what you want this or others.and as i said stars weren’t made by that bible god…they were made but not by that…, As i said choose Earth religion and God religion.beautiful girls i wanna choose this that s sure lol, It s God but not in that way…the” new ” God…as i said was made with a mixture.particles from stars and lights, so choose and the bible or in this, He is new only for us.He is from nobody knows when….and He wants take us to the stars ,cause as i said that s the origin of our particles and flash lights, The Theory of Big Bang ,that that the universe expand and that of Charles Darwin i think is in plus to say that are wrong.we were made by more higher powers.there are a lot of lies but isn’t necessarily to be believed.they could stay as always ignored.i explained how i could what i know, And isn t how we want.the gods and higher forces made us…we don’t come from monkeys and we can do what we want and that to be all.are some which think in this way.we can destroy Earth and others each others and that to be s not in this way, And i recognize that i ve sinned and I had done a lot at my life.but…there is this but ,i never betrayed flash lights in in two words the gods, I had suicide thoughts and I had suicide attempts by a few times and as i said in posts above i suffered and i had done others i was drinking and things like this but The New God Flashs God i never betrayed, Anyway i don’t care what was was it s time for others like Star Girl lol, But this can be also difficult.i said what’s in that way and what s not.i listen usually to rock metal music.gothic metal usually.this is in that way by pop music can be difficult cause its not all in that way.there are a lot of things that are wrong and can be deceptive.for example i had seen in some songs girls kissing one each other.

Still an interesting article. called ERIDU home of the water god ENKI one in the same in your greek is Poseidon and in roman is neptune and other names in different cultures you can do research on eridu its known to be the oldest of anywhere on your earth some people argue over that or nippur home of Enki’s half brother Enlil the sky god also know as zeus and romanized jupiter eridu was the place where the adumu was created thats akkadian for adam the garden of E.DIN and there know you know ,

All the earthy metaphors are appropriate here: salt of the Earth, feet firmly planted on the ground and so forth. in that name En i said that i don’t believe was in the past and in the past remained. This is not by that lights.i gothic i never seen this but in dance music there is choose, I explained what s by that and what s not.and as i said this is connected to Earth and cosmic things and i dunno what to say more.i said the word deceptive.but it s not in this way.i never felt at that lights.i can’t fall at that and i really dunno how can others.especially a enigma for me.i remember now a band enigma.listen and you ll see that some songs are not allright.that with the church especially.but are others too, I remember Sillmarillion”Manwe couldn’t understand Morgoth cause he was different.He wasn’t like Morgoth”.so i suppose that with all my sorry this goes here too.i can’t understand the other way…and for the other way is the same i suppose.people you always wanted to know more and more and you wanted the truth.religion god and you have it all written said here for everybody and everybody understands what wants, So…what to say…believe in this….in FLASH RELIGION lol but as i said believe rs are(that girl for example) and in time will be more…, The thruth is that in my life i had died for girls…i said i suffered.and now maybe it s time for something better.when i was in france i wanted to take a bus to paris.from nantes.first i wanted to take the orly airport bus.after i take another to paris and after i arrived in romania i was thinking that was something wrong. Which reminded me of a nice movie you should watch “Waterworld”. So what to say more….lol its not really a troll farm.then in february were two years,since i spought wuth the voice of Terra and i posted a lot then lol.ok so this is.i ll be back if its posted greets, I forgott to say that on that link on youtube i have the nick GothicMoon.on comments.i was saying today there interesting stuff and it s worth be red.i had a vision about aliens that were visiting Earth in Antarctica in the past of our red it there at that link whats all about on yt, Look i know that i seem mad when i describe that flood, but…its written in the bible.God s words was,but was a long time ago.and He put a sign ,in the sky,the rainbow that He will not do it again.thats what i had read,if i remember well.and Earth still was,the core,the ground below the planetary ocean etcand there is other thing at what i am thinking,but i ll not say it here but u had figured it if u had red what i said on in march.greets i go to try some rest cause its 2 a.m. lol, Ok i can t sleep i am thinking i told you Earth in flood,it s really madness.Earth is stable,with Antartica and only the north pole in ocean,but…as is described there…in the bible,when was noah,all in a gigantic planetary ocean with the south ocean completely free,and all in a big planetary ocean,i dunno…so,what to say,it rules….like i said on smithsonianmag it distorts in cosmos very veryfar,more far than the solar system,in this case with that gigantic ocean…so,if was the flood,Earth had ruled,for a while…a big part of space,cosmos…maybe He wanted Earth to rule(for a while) that s why He did it…or just we were only evil and that was all…who knows …what were His wills really.that nobody knows.even me.i know a lot but some stuff no, He says that He destroyed us cause we were evil.And He never lies.but in the same time…an Earth only with oceans…without dry….have a force in cosmos….which is not Earth ly anymore.not as we s different.wild, So what to say.i still believe.even He did that.when i was kid i was religious.and i don t betray Him.if He wanted Earth to rule then…in the flood time then,be it.i am still with God that giant re pulsor which made the planets the stars us i said it s also re pulsor.the force which is the master of cosmos of all the worlds realms.i know that i said in a post above that i don t believe really in the bible god but that god and repulsor are in the same stuff btw.the bible God and re pulsor are connected.they are in the same stuff so to say.and God repulsor really had destroyed Earth.then in noah time.cause men were very evil s described the sodoma and gomorah they were on killings i suppose etc.but,like i said in the same timethat 100% oceanic Earth began to distort in cosmos…far far it s not but then was.that force that was then,was so big that the Sun (a star) begin go a little wrong.and other stars too.about planets…were there too troubles cataclysms.cause of what had happen on Earth.and He had made it again as it was before.He didn t wanted but men then were beasts sinners and He became angry furious and He did s described in the bible how was.and even He knew that the force of Earth will be very very big…all in water ,He still did it.He just wanted revenge.that were all His thoughts then.cause He made men and women in His image.and they had made by them will in the image of His enemy the devil. I ll tell you more how was.i told it to a girl too. Are you trying to say the Holy Bible really isn’t your inerrant, divinely inspired word?

Name Meaning by Region.

So what to say,i think i should answer,only now had came in my mind lol:)ok so read dude all what i spought later ,in february this year especially i had spought a lot of believe what you want from there choose what you want Huggies® may amend the material at any time without notice. I have to tell you that I had bad luck once in the past a girl wanted she wrote me but i could nt acces my mail anymore.i forgot the password and couldn’t still spea k with was when i had begin with in ternet 2004.i could made other mail adress then but this ideea did nt came in my mind then.and i was forgot her id in the time. William Tyndale… are you kidding me? Gosh, not being ‘supremist’ am I? Pick your favorite names that mean earth. Even though that is the name of a planetoid, which wasn’t even discovered until much later. became more trendy in 2018, rising on average +5 rankings as birth names with Klayton leading the upswing. 25 synonyms of earth from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 68 related words, definitions, and antonyms. What the fuck is going on in this thread? hopefully this helps. [Dagny, Daeg, .. 2 more], Dagan Origin fr. Receive news and offers from our other brands? .. name and surname derived from Clay. We are all walking on Gaia’s body.


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