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[116] He donated a signed pair of jeans to the organisation; profits from the campaign were donated to the refugee support agency International Rescue Committee. [11][13] Hoult's portrayal of a lonely schoolboy was well-received; David Thomas, writing for The Daily Telegraph, attributed the film's appeal and success to Hoult's performance.

During his stay he met local people and helped clean the locality.

[37], Hoult was cast as Nux in George Miller's action film Mad Max: Fury Road; the project spent several years in development hell because plans for a fourth film in the Mad Max franchise encountered financial difficulties. [93] In a departure from biographical dramas, Hoult next starred as an American soldier in Sand Castle, a production he described as a very different war film "in terms of the pacing and the emotion ... very under the surface, that futility-of-war idea". [80] Forbes' Scott Mendelson analysed the film's failure and said Hoult did not necessarily have enough "star power" to draw audiences. Nicholas Hoult is "proud" of Ed Skrein for dropping out of the 'Hellboy' reboot. Hoult's performance as Mark, a "ferociously bright and articulate but sexually confused sixth-former" received mixed responses from critics. At the age of 14, he left to attend the Church of England's secondary school Ranelagh School. Hoult had previously shown interest in the project and had sent a recorded audition tape; he was eventually chosen for the role of Kenny, a homosexual college student who helps a college professor, played by Colin Firth, deal with his grief. [68] X-Men: Days of Future Past earned more than $747 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film in the series and in Hoult's career at that time. And season 3 took the series to a whole new level, elevating it from simply fun to watch to legitimately good. The technical aspects and stunt sequences drew particular praise from film critics and it was credited for reviving interest in the series. Ed Skrein recently made headlines when he turned down a role in the new Hellboy film, while Nicholas Hoult is busy reprising his role as Beast in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

He later appeared in the television programmes Casualty, Silent Witness, The Bill, Judge John Deed, and Doctors, among others. Therefore I have decided to step down so the role can be cast appropriately.”, Also Read: Natalie Dormer, Ed Skrein to Star in Revenge Thriller 'In Darkness'. TV gives Marvel the chance to dig into smaller side stories adjacent to its movies. Kill Your Friends (2015) screened at Cannes and was purchased by Well Go USA Entertainment, which will release the film on April 1st.Last year, Skrein starred in the action crime thriller reboot, The Transporter Refueled (2015), directed by Camille Delamarre and produced by Luc Besson and Mark Gao (Lucy, Taken Trilogy). He encouraged customers to buy the festive collection and support the charitable cause, which he thought would bring a "real change to children's lives". The director was impressed at Nicholas' ability to "concentrate well" and offered him a role in his next theatre production, The Caucasian Chalk Circle. [74][75] Despite doubts about his contract with the franchise, Hoult returned for the 2016 film X-Men: Apocalypse.

Nicholas Caradoc Hoult (born 7 December 1989) is an English actor. In 2013, Hoult played the lead title role in the fantasy adaptation Jack the Giant Slayer and starred as a zombie in romantic comedy Warm Bodies. [43][44] Although it was the lowest-ranked production in the entire series in terms of revenue, Chris Aronson of 20th Century Fox deemed it "an excellent start to a new chapter of the franchise". [51] Hoult's "fabulously unhinged" performance was also praised by Robbie Collin of The Daily Telegraph. [55] To prepare for the role of a zombie, Hoult and the other actors practiced with Cirque du Soleil performers; he said of the experience; "we would take our shoes off in a dance studio ... kind of grow out of the wall and make our bodies feel very heavy". [10] Hoult played trombone as a child and was a member of the local choir. Watching Spider-Man fight guys using extremely hokey choreography gives the whole thing a pretty goofy vibe. Violent, blood-splattered vampire hunting couldn’t hold an audience in 2006, though. Riz Ahmed, Jessica Chastain Praise Ed Skrein's 'Hellboy' Exit Over Whitewashing: 'Respect', 'Hellboy' Reboot: Ed Skrein Exits After Whitewashing Criticism, Natalie Dormer, Ed Skrein to Star in Revenge Thriller 'In Darkness', Riz Ahmed, Jessica Chastain Praise Ed Skrein’s ‘Hellboy’ Exit Over Whitewashing: ‘Respect’, ‘Hellboy’ Reboot: Ed Skrein Exits After Whitewashing Criticism, Natalie Dormer, Ed Skrein to Star in Revenge Thriller ‘In Darkness’, Toronto: Ed Skrein on How Badly He Wanted Role in Nicholas Hoult’s Dark Comedy ‘Kill Your Friends’ (Video).

To continue reading for free, provide your email below. [82] The production had its world premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival; it stars Hoult and Laia Costa as a Los Angeles-based couple who meet through online dating and begin an open relationship. [85][91] He lost weight for his role by following a strict diet.

[5] His older siblings were interested in acting and dancing from an early age, taking classes and attending auditions. Salinger in the upcoming Danny Strong film “Rebel in the Rye” alongside Kevin Spacey. It’s a decent precursor to the grittier Marvel takes that would later show up on Netflix. [117], For his role in About a Boy (2002), Hoult won the Best Youth Performance at the Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards and earned a nomination for Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer. [83] Drake Doremus, the film's director, said Hoult's role was unlike his previous work; "a very complex and emotionally mature performance that we haven't seen yet". It was like playing for a football team. [70][71] Response to Hoult's performance in Equals was relatively better;[72][73] Peter Travers dubbed him and his co-star Kristen Stewart "quietly devastating" and Katie Walsh, writing for Los Angeles Times, said the duo were "finely matched both in their androgynous beauty and in their performances of a repressed humanity". The film and Hoult's performance went largely unnoticed. [56] The film garnered positive response from critics and audiences.

His paternal grandparents were Austrian Jews who moved to the U.K.

He also said the lengthy make-up procedure could last up to three and a half hours. – The Graham Norton Show", "From Skins to Mad Max, Nicholas Hoult knows how to pick a role". “But that just shows what a great guy Ed is even more for him to stand up,” he said. “By people making sacrifices on their own, then that’s the thing and that’s — to relate it back to Salinger — that’s the thing to not compromise, and not give up your artistic integrity is important,” said Hoult. “Blade: The Series” (2006)Spike TV took the successful “Blade” movies and made a TV show. He was cast as the mutant Hank McCoy in Matthew Vaughn's 2011 superhero film X-Men: First Class, a role he reprised in later instalments of the series. The Model (2016) follows an emerging fashion model attempting to enter the Parisian fashion scene who develops a deadly obsession for top fashion photographer Shane White (Skrein). “Spidey Super Stories” (1974-77)Spider-Man takes on some super-boring villains. This version fully understands to folly of trying to make a serious Spider-Man thing in the '70s and goes gleefully the other way with plenty of self-awareness. Before filming began, Hoult familiarised himself with his character; he said he "formulated [his] own version of the Beast" and took inspiration from Kelsey Grammer's performance in the previous X-Men: The Last Stand because he wanted to emulate Grammer's charm and eloquence. Hoult said playing the character was a freeing experience for him and that it was "fun to suddenly be able to break loose ... when you're wearing the makeup ... you can perform big ... you get to have two very different techniques, performances." "[10], Hoult's next feature-film appearance came at the age of eleven alongside Hugh Grant in Chris and Paul Weitz's 2002 comedy-drama film About a Boy. [78][79] The film garnered negative reviews; its dismal box office performance was attributed to poor marketing and multiple delays caused by the 2015 chapter 11 bankruptcy of its production company Relativity Media. [20] During his time on Skins, Hoult felt overwhelmed by the attention he received and considered discontinuing acting at one point. Following the exploits of former soldier Frank Castle, it spends most of its time concerned with a bunch of characters struggling to deal with their own personal tragedies. Hoult learnt to speak in a dialect similar to Grammer's without trying to imitate it. [49][50] Shalini Langer noted that while the real hero of the film was Charlize Theron, "[Hoult] is the closest in the acting department ... as Joe's 'war boy' chasing imagined glory". It’s not an easy decision to make, because, you know, we’re trying to get work.”, Also Read: Riz Ahmed, Jessica Chastain Praise Ed Skrein's 'Hellboy' Exit Over Whitewashing: 'Respect', “But for him to get that role and realize it has been miscast probably on many levels, even though he would have given a great performance, I think it’s important to do that,” said Hoult, who appeared with Skrein in the 2015 crime thriller “Kill Your Friends.”. Nobody seemed able to get over bad wigs and CGI of "The Inhumans" when it first started, and the show didn't improve much from there. Outside of film, Hoult voiced Elliot in Lionhead Studios' 2010 action role-playing game Fable III, appeared in the 2009 West End play New Boy, and is involved in philanthropy, supporting such charitable organisations as Teenage Cancer Trust and Christian Aid. "The Defenders" (2017)After four separate, individual series, Netflix and Marvel unite Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and the Iron Fist to save New York in "The Defenders." "[58] Hoult was also described as "an extremely appealing actor, [who] is charm personified" in his role of the living-dead.

I like having my back against the wall and doing things I'm not supposed to be good at. When you got a part it was great. His middle name, Caradoc (pronounced /ka.ˈrɑː.dɔk/), is Welsh and translates to "The Beloved One". [18] Skins won the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Philip Audience Award, and Hoult was nominated for the Golden Nymph Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series. It gets to explore minor characters pretty intimately, while adding depth to the world when it comes time to turn on an “Avengers” movie. [23][24] Clash of the Titans was panned by critics but was a success at the box office, grossing nearly $500,000,000 worldwide. [66] The film premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and was met with mixed responses. [103] He was later appointed as the club's ambassador. Hoult was cast in the role of Nikola Tesla, for which he grew a moustache and attended science lessons about electromagnetism and dynamos. Nicholas Hoult and Ed Skrein look alike - Celebrities who look alike. Would Hoult turn down a role for similar reasons? [32][33][34] The film earned Hoult a nomination for the BAFTA Rising Star Award at the 2010 ceremony; Kristen Stewart won the award.


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