film industry terminology

Creator of The Black and Blue. Hot Brick – A walkie-talkie with a fully charged battery.. Legs or Sticks – Simple slang for a tripod.. Clapper – Oh my god you guys, so it turns out that black-and-white striped board that someone snaps in front of the camera before every take does have a name. "AD" Short for Assistant Directors. Equipment.

Not to be confused with a waste basket!

To keep them from getting lost they are usually stored separately from longer outtakes, either in their own vault box or in a trim book. Part 2 – The Camera Department The idea behind it is speed and efficiency. The style emerged from b&w B dramas of the 1940s and has been hugely influential on a number of directors -including Roman Polanski, whose 1974 film, Chinatown was created in the noir style.Film noir is often cynical in tone and visually early noir was influenced by the German … The film industry is a complicated and exciting industry to work in because it brings together artists, engineers, and business-minded folks. A digital production is a movie on filmed with digital video by means of high-resolution cameras. Get the Complete Library of 30 Digital Cinema Pocket Guides. To easily distinguish a tail slate, the slate is held upside down when marking the shot. However, the f-stops are still relevant, because while the t-stop should be used to set the exposure, the resulting f-stop will indicate how much Depth of Field you have. above the line. Timing – The lab’s process of selecting printing lights to for the proper redition of exposure and color when making a print. Color film for indoor shooting is balanced for tungsten light, otherwise the image would appear orange in hue. Principal Photography: The main shooting dates of a film with the lead actors present. absurd

The timing report can be very helpful for analyzing the footage and judging the possibilities of further corrections. Tail Slate – Sometimes it is necessary to mark a shot at the end rather than at the beginning. Timing Lights or Printing Lights – These are the lamps of the contact printer at the lab. Only one is in use at any given time, and this is known as the taking lens. Learn more about Evan here. The term is a little consuing, as it has nothing at all to do with “time” as in “running time” or such. Tight Wind Hub – A tight wind is useless without it. film industry terminology personnel terminology: ACCOUNTANT – Also known as a Production Accountant; keeps track of all expenditures on a film project. This is the hub that holds a core on the spindle of a rewind. Lenses with a lot of glass elements will often lose a little bit of light.

If tungsten balanced film is used out-of-doors without a correction filter the image will have a washed-out blue hue. (1966) is a very faithful rendering or adaptation of Edward Albee's play of... ad lib. However, the f-stops are still relevant, because while the t-stop should be used to set the exposure, the resulting f-stop will indicate how much Depth of … And that name is clapper. actor.

Tight Wind – A handy attachment sometimes found on an editing bench on the right rewind, used to wind film onto a core and giving it a very smooth edge.

"Action" Called out by the Director to cue the Actors. Tilt – A vertical camera move on an axis, up or down. Timed Print – Unlike a One Light Print, this is a print where the timer has gone through and timed every shot. (absurdism). ART DIRECTOR – Responsible for the film’s physical “look,” for creating all … Recce: A slang word for reconnaissance meaning an inspection or exploration of an area to gather information. Quartz Lights use a tungsten filament, which burns at 3,200K, and gives us this term. adaptation. Afterwards, post-production is carried out using video editing methods, which completely eliminates the need for 35mm film. When you get a call for a shoot where the rate is $$$, you're mostly thinking, "I hope I'm available." Tail – The end of a shot or a roll is called the tail. When working with negative it is worth remembering that the values are reversed: the brighter the light, the darker the print will be. There are usually four ADs on each production - the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Trainee AD.

Take – Multiple versions of the same shot are called takes. It is customary to call “Tail Slate!” just before clapping the slate, so that the person syncing the film does not get confused. This “dictionary” of sorts is far from cumulative and in no part definitive as crews in different regions have their own set of terms. Tungsten – The color temperature of artificial light which is 3,200K on the color temperature scale. Here are some helpful translations to help you keep up. actress. Sign up now to get your free copy and exclusive tips from The Black and Blue.

The t-stops are calibrated to the actual amount of light that is hitting the film, rather than arrived at mathematically, as is the case with f-stops. That is, lingo that isn't focused on a single department. Also known as a dolly shot. Especially if it's with a solid crew or a really cool concept. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Usually said when going through a narrow hallway, doorway or around a corner, Last Looks – phrase to call in hair/make-up to give a final touch-up to actors before a scene is filmed, Last Man – phrase that refers to the last person to get their food at lunch; usually used because lunch should not officially start until the last man has gone through, Magic Hour – the time right before sunrise/after sunset in which the sky is somewhat dark but still illuminated. Part 1 – General Production Slang Get approved in minutes with no impact to your credit score. act. Tripod Head – The part of the tripod with the pan and tilt mechanism to which the camera is attached. The film slate hasn't existed for so many years -- adapting to the ever-changing filmmaking landscape -- without developing nuances and best practices for a few non-conventional situations. Academy Awards.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Tachometer – A gauge on a camera measuring the film speed when the camera is running. T-Stop – Similar to an F-Stop, some lenses, particularly zoom lenses, will have f-stops on one side of the aperture ring and t-stops on the other. T-stops are used in place of f-stops for setting exposure. The Taking Lens – On a turret, the lens that is actually in front of the gate, producing an image on the film. * Not all programs are available in every state. Take Up Spool – An empty spool in a camera used to gather up the film after it has passed through the movement. There are tons of hurdles to jump including experience, pace and, of course, language. When this is done it is called a tail slate.

Deciphering the Film Slate (Part 2): Pickups, Plates, MOS, and More, The Ultimate Guide to a Camera Assistant's Toolkit, Deciphering the Film Slate (Part 1): What to Write on a Clapperboard, Film Set Lingo: Walkie Talkies and Radios - Part 3, Get Answers to These 9 Coronavirus Safety Questions Before Taking a Job, 12 Pieces of Coronavirus Advice for Camera Assistants, 10 Ways Production Can Improve COVID-19 Sets (and Why Testing Won't Help), Pulling Focus in a Pandemic: What It's Like to Go Back to Set During COVID-19, Jennifer Garner to 1st AC's: "I Miss You Guys". 2.: Room Tone.

Knowing the write term or slang for something can be the difference between someone who’s respected on set and someone who is snickered at during lunch. Well, if you haven’t worked in the industry, probably not. “Gaffer.” “Best Boy.” “Stinger.” Do you have any idea what those three words mean? Becoming the Reel Deal is a free downloadable eBook written to help you get your first job on set in the camera department so you can launch your film career. Tie-In Kit – A device for bypassing the fuse box and electrical wiring of a location by tapping power directly from the mains. All Rights Reserved. Typically it is a process where a single frame is shot after a consistent pause. This week, I will focus on general production slang. Consult an Admissions Representative to learn more. But in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic, you also need to be aware of the exposure risks you're accepting when you say: "Yes, I can do it!". Tone – 1.: A 1,000 Hz sine wave used at the beginning of a tape to provide consistent volume when transferring sound. The t-stops are calibrated to the actual amount of light that is hitting the film, rather than arrived at mathematically, as is the case with f-stops. Film Terms Glossary Cinematic Terms. Their brightness can be controlled, which is measured in a scale of 1 to 50, 1 being the darkest and 50 the brightest. Trim Bin or Editing Bin or Bin – A trim bin is a bin on wheels lined with a fabric bag and topped off with a frame with a row pins on which to hang film while editing. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Sitemap, © 2020 Film Connection®. Trims – Trims are outtakes of a few frames, usually a foot or less. Working on a film set can be a daunting, albeit exciting, opportunity. Film Production Terms to Remember 1. Like any job, there is short-hand and slang thrown about on sets, but the difference in this profession is how prevalent it truly is.

It is not really correct to say “pan up” or “pan down,” when you really mean tilt.

Film Noir: Film noir is a dark and shadowy genre that deals with danger and moral ambiguity. To differentiate the two, the t-stops will be red and the f-stops white. Rate: A fixed price paid or charged for your goods or services. Very helpful if you need to know how much was spent in any given location. (Mostly used in the European film/tv industry) In color there are three lights used together: Red – Green – Blue. Turret – A rotating lens mount allowing for the mounting of three or sometimes four lenses on a camera, allowing for the quick change from one lens to another. Stinger – An extension cord. It is, however, what I know to be common and can help you speak like a pro on set. FILM TERMINOLOGY. Part 3 – Walkie-Talkie and Radios. Film Terms Glossary: Oftentimes, film-making terms are not clearly defined for the average person.In order to be knowledgeable about the movie-making art form and the techniques of cinema, one must understand the fundamental vocabulary and language of film studies. Here are the definitions of common film terminology that you’ll hear while working on set. Freelance camera assistant and camera operator. Film Industry. Film Set Lingo: General Production Slang – Part 1. Take Up Reel – An empty reel, used on a projector to gather up the film after it has passed through the movement.

Cover image via fabiodevilla. are usually also noted on the timing report. abstract (form). Film Set Lingo is a three-part series focusing on defining and clarifying the most commonly used slang and lingo on movie sets.


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