georgie and quinn heartland fanfiction
Just as Lou's truck began to weave down the driveway, the phone rang in the tack room. "Not much time left now. "No. Amy shouted, standing Spartan near the water trough, allowing Spartan to take a drink. "It took you so long to find this place, to find a life that you'd be happy with. She had finally been able to tell Georgie she loved her, and her daughter finally seemed to listen. "And I don't want to keep hurting you guys. ", "No. ", Mitch put an arm around her shoulder and kissed her hair. He seemed relieved. How's that? "You do that, alright? ", Lou stopped what she was doing. ", Lou shook her head. ", Katie groaned. She desperately needed something else to think about, to have something to distract her from her consuming thoughts. Georgie came and sat down beside her. Immediately the boy in question would undergo several character assessments, be required to attend dinners and family functions… The list would be endless. If that's the case, then let's go into town and get that dress. She knocked. He's (spoiler alert) Georgie's love interest in the show and the two of them are in the beginning stage of their relationship. Constructive comments are appreciated and acted upon. ", "I was mad, so I said it. She turned, looking at her daughter tentatively. I'm glad you have them. He was a huge softie, and his stepdaughter saying "I love you" to him had most definitely made his day. And that I'll—I'll try to cool it. ", "Yeah, I should've known not to say something that stupid…" Georgie trailed off, getting lost in thought. She replied. ", "Then maybe rodeo's not the problem. Georgie waited. Will they be able to pull through, or will whatever else they have left fall to pieces as well? ", "I know it's a bit of a long drive, are you okay with that? Nodding, Katie turned to Lou and shouted "yes mom!" "Yeah, yeah, there is. ", "It feels like she spent most of her young life waiting for her father to come home and visit…", Lou moved back, looking at him. But that seemed not to be the case. He called from the airport, saying he was headed back home, that his mom had called him in a panic. You guys can join as soon as you'd like. Miraculously, Spartan recovered and resumed a good quality of life. "I'm sure he'll come back soon. Quinn answered a little awkwardly. Lou returned the gesture and kissed Katie's hair. "I'm kidding, I promise. ", Georgie dropped her menu onto the table surface in front of her, perplexed. "Caleb!" You can catch up. "But you can only do so much," he said, a gentle tone in his voice. I had something going on, and…I didn't mean to snap at you. "Mom? Nearly eight and a half months pregnant, Amy had only just stopped riding and she already yearned to get back into the saddle. Really." Jade had been waiting patiently for Georgie when she finally climbed into her friend's truck. Jack looked across the tack room and at a picture which was hung on the wall. ", Quinn looked at her, a smirk at his lips. "Yup. I'll be in to help.". "I keep waiting for her to come back, but she doesn't. Whilst doing this, Amy would check the horses would be checked over. I didn't realize…", Georgie looked at her sister. I hope you guys liked this addition. ", Georgie sighed. "What? Jade was deathly quiet. Lou mouthed a thank you to Georgie, who simply gestured a … Her daughter was slouched in her seat, blocking her face with the menu in her hand. Spartan's ready!" Set after season 12. "Your eyes tell a different story. If Mom said no, then she probably has a reason for it. I mean, I've been done with school for a while now, and all I do is go around from rodeo to rodeo, winning buckles, losing some…", Georgie looked at Jade a moment. ", Georgie laughed. I haven't seen him all day. The doctor had agreed with Amy that she could ride right up until a month before her due date or until it got uncomfortable, despite protests from an incredibly concerned Ty. ", Jade turned to look at Georgie a second. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.". ", "It's totally fine. Lou was renowned for making a big deal out of everything. He worked long days and nights alternatively with Scott. One horse, usually a new arrival, would be kicking the stall door, demanding attention. ", When Katie didn't answer for a few seconds, Georgie nudged her. "Yeah, but this isn't me. Georgie turned at the sound of her mother's voice. Lou said her thanks everyday for the fact that Georgie was still here and she needed to make that clear to her daughter. ", "Yeah, I was. I need to look out for her. ", Katie rolled her eyes. And the first few days after the accident I could barely do anything, let alone have enough sense to call you. "No. Your review has been posted. "The two of you really know how to keep me on my toes. "Lou, what are you doing with all this stuff?" ", "It wasn't so much this place that I was looking for. She smiled a little. I love you. "It may have. Quinn laughed sadly, horrified. "You know the big water slide? ", Lou's eyes filled with tears. I'm relieved it's over, but anytime I hear any mention of Mom not feeling okay, it brings me back to all of that, and I just lose it. No, that's not what today was about. ", Georgie nodded. What did I say to you before we got here? After a moment, she moved back and placed a hand to Lou's cheek. Katie nodded wordlessly. She had a feeling Lou was about to go on. ", Georgie's eyes seemed lost, her gaze was unfocused. I'll bring some more blankets over to Amy's old room, make sure he's comfortable. She turned back. "She should've asked you but, she comes from a good place Amy. Don't slam the door! And Mom just said no! "Hey. He bellowed, barely glancing at Amy as he left the office "Caleb! I only have her best interest at heart. "I thought you would've left hours ago. ", "I promised her I would talk to you, and I didn't. It was about half past seven when he exited the shower. "Nothing much, to be honest with you. The way I react sometimes, it's ridiculous. "You're okay, right? Maybe, despite the hard exterior, with the salt and pepper moustache, beard and grey hair, identical checked shirts and cowboy boots, there was an emotional side to Jackson Bartlett. ", Lou visibly relaxed. "Thank you, you're the best. He stepped into the kitchen and wordlessly brought Lou into an embrace. Amy questioned, raising her eyebrows. "No, you were just trying to help, trying to be there for my mom…And I appreciate that a ton, believe me. ", Lou nodded. If Lou found out that Georgie was potentially seeing a boy or even worse if she had a boyfriend, everyone in the family would bear the brunt of her questions. "Calm down. "Honey," she said, trying to get Georgie to focus on her voice, "It's a side effect.". The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "I'll go make some coffee," Lou said, smiling. Meanwhile, Peter stepped into Lou's room and gently knocked on the door that was already pretty wide open. He chuckled softly, shaking his head. Pass me that booster seat." I'm directing my anger at you when I have no reason to. And second, I think what just happened was probably a small-scale fight. It must have been her nightstand, Georgie thought to herself. I'm sorry for what I said, both just now and back at the house. She always wants the best of the best for both me and you. Never will.". ", Quinn smiled brightly. You seem so worn down," said Lou, bringing a hand to his face as she moved away from the hug. "That's not true. ", Lou smiled, a weight lifting off her chest. I got a decent sleep last night. ", Lou inhaled sharply, as if on impact. "Okay, I'm sorry. ", "They understand, you know. She didn't want to say anything stupid. Katie stormed into Georgie's room and angrily sat across from her sister on the bed. He asked, picking up an old journal. "You know, today has just been one of those days…", "Yeah, but then you arrived and it just…it almost felt like everything was okay again. "You're right. "I thought you were purposefully avoiding me. I love you both," she said apologetically. "You're kind of warm. Quinn was listening quietly. I knew you finished work early of your own accord!" ", Mitch smiled brightly. Say bye to Amy, Katie.". "It's alright, you don't have to—", "No, I do…Georgie even said that you were just looking out for me, but I was so quick to get mad. Amy said smiling and pushing her long blonde hair out of her eyes. "Hey" Ty's familiar voice appeared on the other end of the receiver. "Alright, I'll see you in a bit.". "Here…?" "Thanks Amy" Georgie said smiling as she gathered her reins, "I'll see you later. "Go and get into the truck please.". ", "Oh my God, would you just let me complain for a second without throwing that in my face!?


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