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There must be unity in striking the enemy-but a separation of political responsibility. 2, No. Most of its members were students. Zhongtongju, Sanzi qingbao (Information from Staff), Nos. : Tongyi chubanshe ed., and pub., around 1942), p. 6. And second, by remaining in the Kuomintang we do not confront the workers with the necessity of choosing between it and the Communist Party. The analogy of the British Communist Party's entry into the Labour Party falls apart under its own weight. After the Chiang Kai-shek coup the question becomes even more crucial. That was on the eve of the coup.36 All available information indicates that the Hankow government at this moment continues to pursue the same line, yet the Communist Party remains the left opposition in the Kuomintang. “Recruit large numbers of intellectuals,” Selected Works 2, p. 301. The History of the Student Movement, pp. Both sides regarded it as an important area to be controlled. At the time, I objected to this argument on the basis of which the organization of an independent workers' party is put off until the masses understand the need for such a party. Stored in the Library of the Bureau of Investigation, the Ministry of Justice in Taipei. Between 1937 and 1945 higher education was one of the main arenas of struggle between the Kuomintang (KMT) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). * * * In Comrade Radek's letter of March 3, the need to remain for a time within the Kuomintang was argued as follows: "All the activity of the Kuomintang, or more precisely, its right wing and military units-directed as they are against the interests of the masses and in defense of the interests of the landlords and capitalists, as well as the Blanquist policies of the Kuomintang Central Committee-have still not produced among the masses any opposition to the Kuomin tang nor led to an understanding of the need for a separate class party of the proletariat and the poorest peasantry.". 64. Diaochaju, Neizhengbu (ed., and pub. The History of the Student Movement, p. 145. 75. Zu means the section of the Department of Organization of the KMT. Ba jiaoyu gongzuo tidao muqian zhongxin gongzuo de diyiwei (Promote the Educational Work to the First Priority of the Present Central Task) (n.p. From precisely this flows the necessity of a bloc. Two public student clubs called “Qunshe” and “Dongqingshe” were established by them at Xi'nan Lianda. 1. p. 202. 143, 145, 152–53, 157: Shengting, Li, “Nanzhenshe ji nanzhen bibao” (“Nanzhen organization and its wall newspapers”), in Xi'nan Lianhe Daxue (Southwest Associated University) (Taipei: Nanjing chubanshe, 1981), pp. Under such difficult conditions, the meaning of revolutionary firmness is clearer than ever. 142–42, 152–53 and 157. 4. 62, p. 115. No. Barrett, David D., “Comments on current events: November 3, 1940,” p. 4. in U.S. Military Intelligence Reports: China, 1911–1941. 56. 26. 7. 2. 5. What is necessary at the present time? Translated for this volume by Ivan Licho. p. 427. Published for the first time in any language. 40. 156–57. 61. Wen Yiduo himself was assassinated by a KMT military clique in July 1946. 21. We know that even the present Central Committee of the present Chinese Communist Party declared itself last year in favor of a bloc from without rather than a bloc from within, that is, in favor of withdrawing from the Kuomintang. 156–57; Zhao Menglan, “Congleshan dao luojiashan” (“From Leshan to Luojiashan”) in Hubei Renmin Chubanshe (ed., and pub. Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. The Relationship between the Party and the Youth Corps, pp. Over time, however, the paths of the two parties began to diverge sharply. 174–77;Youyi, Shi, “Yi zuojia Liu Shengya” (“Recollections of the writer Liu Shengya”), Kangzhan wenyi yanjiu (Study on Literature in Wartime) (Chengdu), Vol. 47. 57. But what does this mean in practice? 41. As a general rule, when we want to break workers away from some organization and win them over, we do not join the organization; we leave it. Chinese nationalists responded to these humiliations by arguing that China was economically, politically, and militarily backward and needed to undergo radical change before it could stand up and finally assert itself against the West. 23. 33. He recalled that Yuan Yongxi was appointed by the CCP to come to lead the students at Lianda. 89–103. The History of the Kuomintang is an article on the inception of the Kuomintang (KMT or CNP;), a Chinese political party that ruled China 1927–48 and then moved to Taiwan. But if our retreat were to shift to an attack, then they would say: it is impermissible to disrupt the offensive by withdrawing from the Kuomintang. The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party will be totally unable to comprehend what we are in fact proposing. By permission of Harvard College Library. 54. ), Kangzhan hou zhongguo gongchandang huodong geikuang (General Situations of the CCP After the Outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan) (N.p., 1939), pp. 28. Obviously, the preparation must include the perspective that withdrawal from the Kuomintang will give way to a bloc with it and collaboration on all policy-however, with a separation of political responsibility.


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