jisung stray kids

A 13 year old girl who is underweight. 2, he used his right hand to write but he usually uses his left hand in fansigns.

In 3RACHA, Changbin’s name is SPEARB because “창”(Chang) is the Korean word for SPEAR & the B is for Bin. Seungmin can also rotate his hands 360 like Chan. I do not think he’s as good a songwriter as Bang Chan and Changbin does not mean you have to hate him because he’s just ridiculous but yy you know it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/84c5ede76c6ca42977c12324fe9ed8e0a1bbd8fa76580177bd93d87a131cb987.jpg

we are literally like the same person. Officially they debuted with District 9, Please change their latest comeback song to this song titled “I Am You” https://youtu.be/CNfodZluR-Q, @yukihibari:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated!

(Updated 2018), Stray Kids tracklist for debut album “I Am NOT”.

either you have something nice to say or gtfo with your hatred, Stray kids remind me of BTS before they become popular, BTS tend to have dark type of song too, Yeah especially Eggplants cuz this is so not yummy , Hyunjin and I.N made a cameo in the Web drama A-teen season 2 ep 16, Oh please if you hate him you dont have to stan them.

Seungmin birthday is same as twice Nayeon!

– He was a backup dancer for BTS. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d1c73ea7e29785ee232ed03c4c9e754bfff3a8cd6773f8b0730dd0d30f8e21c3.jpg Changbin: i guess when they have their next comeback, it miht be more obvious who is. My current bias is Seungmin. and there are also some twice members in the M/V as well, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO9RzrhYR-I https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/42c23192ed85679275ed670082137beef80080a11f5800787ab3e39a8fe33694.png, And (maybe) their officel website: http://straykids.jype.com/, yeah I think so too but sadly Hyunjin is the only confirmed visual of skz , changbin will feature on former Wanna One member, Yoon Jisung’s first solo album!!!!

There are people who want him to be main vocal, but if he was main vocal, they would have said it. #89 Hyunjin

Unit: Vocal Racha For some reason I still believe that he attends SOPA, though. – Curious about what he’ll be like 10 years later, Woojin LEE KNOW is ranked #10 on ” TOP 10 FAMOUS IDEAL TYPE OF EVERY GIRLS “. Some fans say that Lee Know resembles Kim Dongjun of ZE:A when he was younger.

If not, what is there debut song? He s not fluent, he called Seungmin for help with his english, he might be sounding fluent, but only for the pronunciation, Hyunjin is the same, he has a good pronunciation but cannot speak english properly, same with Seungmin (if you hear him you can tell his grammar mistakes, aside of his pronunciation he can speak it until a certain extent) and same with Jisung too. – Buzzfeed interview from KCON NY, He also said his favourite 3RACHA song is Matryoshka.

No, she’s born in 2004 if she turned 15 in 2019, Woojin: That, of course, doesn’t mean he is the main dancer, but they aren’t calling Felix a main dancer when he said his talent was dance.

He is internationally so famous. Position: Main Vocalist Biodata Lengkap dan Fakta Menarik Stray Kids - Hey Noona! On the radio program ‘Lee Soo Ji’s Music Plaza’, August 13th. MAKNAE LMAO SAVAGE (p.s im back from my 1000 year hiatus of updating, if any noticed! -Also my mistake, on Show Champion Behind Chan decided that Woojin and himself were both the dads of the group , Sure here;

10.STRAY KIDS Minho Blood Type: B

Kinda feel like Minho should be here… it’s unsure if he’s eliminated from the group or the show…. can you give me a link for the top please, I’m really curious who’s in the top 3 Is that true? – His phone background is a photo he took of scenery (VLive 190415).

The only official visual is Hyunjin

Thank you for the info! Depending on how long they each trained with each other before their respective debuts, it could be that their interactions were minimal or not at all. Hyunjin has gotten gentler and Han is more considerate. Yeah it’s true. Hyunjin is the hardest to wake up. Shopping

I thought only Seungmin and Chan went to Bora? chan is a lead rapper but he is focus on vocal but he is also a lead rapper! Lmao if you don’t wanna believe that Minho will be back then don’t but there are 4 episodes left, anything can happen. you won’t say that Irene (Red Velvet) looks like a rookie idol but you’d rather say the rookie idol looks like Irene

Felix is not that beautiful tho, don’t be biased pls. .

For example, I am able to see the image without problems. We don’t need you here. Jisung once said that before Changbin joined JYP, he was cocky about his rapping but after hearing Changbin rapping he knew that Changbin was better and gave him an opponent so he could get better. first of all, they haven’t debuted yet. He said it in the lyrics of Start Line that “My name aint Byunchan. The last episode was the one where they needed to prove themselves and JYP decided if they were gonna be a 7 member group or a 9 member group.

seungmin is close to wanna one lee daehwi, Jongin recently had his braces removed (January 17th 2019), What?

Hyunjin he talks in his sleep and he was really curious as a child, so he participated in many competitions, but didn’t win any prices.

Although the first verse was correct, the remaining verses had changed. Questioning if someone is REALLY a Stay is very insensitive of you just because they’ve missed a series which Stray Kids were in doesn’t mean they’re not a Stay.
I am, lol, shut up, use your dirty fingers to type that on youtube and you’ll find it. – If he wasn’t in Stray Kids, he would be a singer, or an elementary school teacher since he likes kids (VLive 180424).

He can make a “dolphin sound”, ’cause his voice can go really high, Seungmin said he have many look-a-likes, some of them being Day 6 Wonpil and actors Lee Jangwoo and Park Bogum. He might come back, since JYP has a tendency of eliminating members but still letting them debut, as all of you who watched Sixteen knows (I didn’t so correct me if I’m wrong).

– His favorite food is eggs. (From Stray Kids Happiness Train)

and jeongin is a literal baby.

Hyunjin: Lead dancer, rapper, visual Kpop Quizzes he thinks changbin would just choose easily and be like “oh let’s go here”

I’m asking about a source where the other members were praising his visuals because in that video he, himself , joked he’s a visual.


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