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But the lessons from all of their encounters were discussed without reservation; all four men have studied armed conflict and what wins gunfights. The four men we’ll be looking at are all veterans of multiple shootings and firefights. Scott Reitz is still training other cops, as well as civilians and military, in retirement. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, State Agency: Bottom is a Colt Government Model .45, the standard-issue SWAT pistol until the Kimber 1911 was adopted. And all four carried more than one weapon, including multiple handguns. No one wanted to talk about individual shootings, and I didn’t ask. The winner is always the best-trained, most-focused combatant.

When confronting suspects or enemy combatants, carry a rifle or shotgun as your primary weapon. SGM Lamb was one of several Delta Soldiers heavily engaged in the fighting in Mogadishu after the downing of the Super 61 helo.

While most police pistols are “carried a lot but fired a little,” that is not the case for the SIS because of the nature of their takedowns. John started his police career with S&W revolvers and understands their role in defensive shootings well. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. One detective told me, “When your life depends on carrying a concealed handgun, you either get your clothes to fit the gun or get the gun to fit the clothes.” SIS team members are always looking for the thinnest, lightest carry gun with the fewest sharp edges and projections. Other SOU members carried Browning Hi Powers and additional 2″ and 4″ .38s during stakeouts. His marksmanship skills are exceptional with rifle, pistol, shotgun or sub-gun.

Helms cautioned me about picking a “favorite” tool (firearm): “you must train and excel with whatever you’re issued.” It is, after all, just a tool. LAPD SWAT Officers are issued two 1911s for duty, equipped with lights. It’s The Stop. FREE GUN FRIDAY: Win a Weatherby Rifle, Vortex Optic & 500 Rounds of Black Hills Ammo! I don’t think there’s anything new here. He personally tested and chronographed the loads used by SOU for accuracy, velocity and terminal performance. Just as every member of the LAPD SWAT team had to first achieve the highest level of performance on the street, the detectives chosen for the SIS must be exemplary. Have a plan, train as a team and refine your training based on feedback from team members.

During his time on LAPD SWAT he participated in hundreds of SWAT callouts and got into several full-on gun battles.

Glock 22 in .40 caliber, favored weapon due to lightweight, magazine capacity and durability, Detective IIIJohn Helms (ret.) It was a groundbreaking experiment, resulting in later modifications on how the LAPD trained and qualified with handguns. Guns drawn. As the firearms instructor for the SOU, Bill mandated high marksmanship standards for anyone selected, and conducted frequent live-fire drills for the squad. The SIS uses surveillance methods it has refined over the last four-plus decades. If the stakeout goes sideways and the detective can’t get to his heavy armament, he has to engage the bad guys with whatever weapon is on his body, so it’s standard operating procedure in the SIS to carry more than one concealed handgun.

I have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, and I hereby agree to those terms. Big bullets are always better than smaller ones, even today. Password: Forum: Register: Notices: Should YOU Join the S&W Collectors Association? The 3rd Gen S&W .45, here in the TSW (4563) version. John Helms liked the .45 DA Smith &Wesson autos and considered them a good fit for the SIS Detectives he trained. Much later in my career, I had the honor and pleasure of working with him as a tactics and firearms trainer, where I saw his abilities as marksman and instructor close-up. SIS Favored weapons: Colt 1911 .45, Glock .45, S&W DA .45.

North Dakota Game & Fish Department, State Agency: New Mexico Department of Game & Fish, State Agency:

That shootout was ended by a few well-placed, 230-grain .45 bullets. Minnesota Deptartment of Natural Resources, State Agency: The SIS attributes its success to that secrecy, and you cannot argue with the results.

He trains with and uses the Weaver stance, slightly modified, because it’s built upon a balanced fighting position. sniper shot while serving in Iraq, Jim Gilliland shares the story behind “the shot" and talks... Have you been good or bad — or a little of both — this year? It’s another survival skill that compliments his marksmanship training.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: John Helms is a serious student of the martial arts. What came across was applying marksmanship basics and training constantly works better than the latest gun or tactical technique. Bill has used shotguns, .38 Special revolvers and a Colt .45 auto against armed suspects.

Wyoming Game & Fish Department, State Agency: Learn to excel and win with whatever you have.” John emphasized this several times when I spoke with him. Last year, the SIS decided that its agents needed a powerful, concealable handgun that would give them an edge over today’s heavily armed bad guys. SGM Kyle Lamb has been at the very “tip of the spear” in Desert Storm, Somalia and Iraq. SGM Kyle Lamb kept his shooting skills at peak level between deployments by competing in 3-gun events. His time “on the job” includes 8 years in SWAT and over 20 years in SIS (Special Investigations Section), the LAPD’s go-to unit when dealing with the City of Angel’s most violent felons. It’s like sitting on an IED for a week at a time. After leaving the SOU, he continued working the streets of New York in ESU (Emergency Services Unit), Detective Investigations and Patrol, retiring in 1981.

New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, State Agency: Venice Beach is the second largest tourist attraction in California, after Disneyland, Murder of Secret Service Agent Julie Cross, LAFD Captain David Del Toro Investigation, COLD CASE HOMICIDE SPECIAL SECTION (CCHSS), LA Metro Task Force On Human Trafficking (800-655-4095). The … He worked with every copper who asked, including probationary cops like me, dispensing life-saving tips and marksmanship techniques.

Our subjects are modest regarding their shooting ability, what they’ve accomplished in their careers or about what they’ve survived on the streets or in combat. They didn’t count on luck — they trained, practiced and prevailed by constant repetition and careful preparation. Be familiar with whatever you have available. He preferred the M4 on combat deployments. He still lives in NY and carries a handgun daily, usually a Kimber 1911 .45.

When Lamb came to Delta, the .45 1911, tuned by Army Special Operations Armorers, was the issued sidearm.

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Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, State Agency:

The primary handgun was the S&W 4″ .38, loaded with the (then) NYPD duty load of a 158-grain SWC lead bullet. Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, State Agency: Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency:


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