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Most recently produced and arranged music for the album that won Female Christian vocalist of the year. Johnson and Wetherbee still appear to be working together professionally. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. The production notes on the video say "Song written by Steven Wetherbee, Alicia Randolph, Charisma Kain, Blake LaGrange, and Justice Lucero. The situation doesn't look great.

"Are you on Instagram? He caught you IG streaming then took your phone after telling you you couldn’t be on Instagram, look how he sits down right beside you and kisses you... #liamariejohnson ( Zachary Bryan’s Wife) Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Husband,…, Who is Jasmine Melendez? "Are you really on Instagram? Who Is Steven Wetherbee — And Is He Abusing YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson? Drama and stan accounts compiled viral threads of information about Johnson's recent Instagram Live appearances and her relationship with Wetherbee, who many fear may have been grooming Johnson since she was a minor — though those claims are unsubstantiated beyond their apparent romantic relationship now, and their previous association while Johnson was a minor. It is also credited as Golden Track; Golden Track Studios, San Diego, California. Many of Johnson's fans are talking about how weird it is that a producer and photographer with a history of working with young girls is now apparently dating one of his clients. Bio, Wiki, Age, Derek Acorah Wife, Husband, Children, Education, Career, Derek Acorah Death, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Who is Jasmine Renee Campbell? In his bio on the website — which appears to be a cached page and the website may no longer be active; it appears to have been taken down — he says he has worked with Rush, Santana, Kansas, REO Speedwagon, Yes, Chicago, P.O.D, Genesis, Survivor, Alan Parsons, Foreigner, Fat Burger, and Tonex. Police were dispatched to check on her and she got online later to say that they cuffed and detained her and fans should just leave her alone in the future. I have made posts about her alleged drug abuse before. She later began, Fans think the older man in Johnson's disturbing January 2 livestream is Wetherbee, and the man appears to start kissing her before realizing she is filming their encounter, at which point he tells her to turn the stream off because "it will affect my work.". I’m hijacking your phone.”, After going live again, the man can be heard whispering: “Lia, I need this not to go out, because it will affect my work, please, turn it off.”, “Lia I need this to not go out because it will effect my work” this is chilling. Also shoots with many of the industries top models and actors for thier head shots and portfolios.

Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. "I'm okay. A bit of musical expatriate, Andrew studied trumpet performance in college before drifting towards his love for creative writing and video games. James Charles under fire for allegedly using racial slur on Instagram, DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) warnings, Neymar and AOC become fastest-growing streamers on Twitch, Streamers slam Twitch over new ‘Celebrations’ feature taking 50% of tips. It is also credited as Golden Track; Golden Track Studios, San Diego, California. Lia Marie Johnson has caused her fans and social media followers concern after she live-streamed herself, apparently kissing a man while intoxicated.

The man grew alarmed and asked if she was on Instagram, saying, “Are you on Instagram? Lia Marie Johnson’s has confirmed that police arrived and “detained” her on January 2, after her producer “hijacked” her Instagram live broadcast. 9336 Civic Center Drive. - YouTube Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic, Discogs/Steve Wetherbee, Your favorite YouTubers and vloggers may be using these special cameras with built-in skin-smoothing features in their videos, and you likely have no idea, #JamesCharlesIsOverParty started trending after people heard the YouTube star sing the N-word along to a song on his Instagram story. Her videos caught the eye of the producers for the Kids React series on YouTube and she became a recurring performer in that series.

Latestbios is a news website that informs you about the latest trending topics and news world wide. In the feed, she was in a dark room, talking to the camera and she appeared to be under the influence of something. Just before the 5-minute mark on the above YouTube video, her producer weirdly puts on a song and advances on her, grabbing her and kissing her. Some people who watched Johnson's livestream on January 2 apparently called police for a wellness check, which Johnson responded to angrily. Last week, Lia Marie Johnson posted a worrying livestream on Instagram. Her viewers were left confused and shocked as they attempted to uncover what exactly was happening. Steven Wetherbee is understood to be a producer who mostly works with younger women as seen in the following video. RELATED: YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson Alarms Fans With Very Disturbing Instagram Live Of Her Kissing Older Man. Although most of the past controversy stemmed from Lia's own behavior, this stream was different – music producer Steven Wetherbee appeared to be purposely taking advantage of the young star. The album ha 3 top ten charting songs. Lia Marie Johnson Address . Steven Wetherbee hijacking Lia Marie Johnson phone. Needless to say, his behavior has led to widespread disgust and viewers are hopeful that Lia can find help in those who are close to her. The man then repeatedly asked Johnson if she was on Instagram, which she first denied. Because that would be bad. The age difference and history together raise a lot of questions but fans aren't getting a lot of answers. Bio, Wiki, Age, (Midland Teen Dies After Being Beaten And…, Who is Brendan Sullivan? Her producer then proceeded to coerce her into drinking more after she stopped kissing him to address her phone, despite seeming completely sober himself. New Details On The YouTuber Who Just Came Out As Bisexual (And Revealed He's Dating His Manager! Wetherbee is the founder and owner of a recording studio outside San Diego called Golden Tracks Studio. When questioned about it, the young YouTuber seemed unaware herself, or just too scared to admit it to the creep. Fans of Lia Marie Johnson, the social media star who first appeared in "Kids React" videos at age 14, are worried that the now-23-year-old is in danger. She also drank wine during the video. After disappearing from YouTube in May 2018, the singer has reappeared in erratic Instagram Live videos that many viewers believe show Johnson under the influence of drugs and alcohol.


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