lovely, still spoilers

Apparently not, because Nik Fackler has his lead characters do it in “Lovely, Still,” and they are played by Ellen Burstyn, now 77, and Martin Landau, 82.

Mary returns and tries to give Robert a pill, but he does not recognize her, and he becomes irrationally irate.Mike and Alex come over and try to help Mary calm down Robert, but he grows so distraught that he runs across the street and barricades himself in Marys house. Underneath this blossoming love, of course, is the shadow of mortality. Then all hell breaks loose as memory lapses and renewed recollections arise with Robert, Landau's character. It is … There was a clue.

"Lovely, Still" is a story of discovering love late in life. You’ve never heard of Alzheimers?!?

A notion this complex requires more foreshadowing and less sap. And this film reiterates that notion from which no human being lucky enough to survive that long is exempt, framing old age as perhaps the greatest superhero screen manifestation of all. It is after, during their Christmas morning spent together, Mary stumbles across Robert’s present to himself that the explanation is cemented. The montages attempting to illustrate the his state of mind are hazy and repetitive â. Ellen Burstyn is lovely, still. It has the potential of being schmaltzy like the similar "Letters to Juliet" (2010), but it manages to avoid that trap and displays much more honest emotion like "Away From Her" (2006). Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. There are many deep meaningful films.They are very important and help people both understand and work though issues that they have encountered in there lives. With a sudden burst of inspiration after talking about their lives, they promise to never give up.After dinner, Robert and Mary go on a carriage ride across town, and while she is comfortable, she explains that this is her first date since her husband died.

Since Alzheimer's is a disease that touches many families this is a very poignant film to remind the viewer how precious time is with those we love. Before its release on Friday, the premise of Palm Springs was considered one of the film’s biggest twists. Who exactly is this Mary? A little slow in places but I loved it. Believe I still love you, even if I am having trouble showing it. This movie made me smile, laugh, and cry all within an hour and a half. I don't understand why "Lovely Still" is not listed as an important film under either Landau's nor Burstyn's listings on the IMDb listings. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

What begins as an odd and awkward encounter quickly blossoms into what appears to be a romantic late life love affair that takes us on a heartfelt and wonderful journey which takes an unexpected turn.

The flick plays out as a nice-but-ordinary love story enhanced by the work of Ellen Burstyn until near the end. There's a push-pull dynamic coursing through the late-in-life romance Lovely, Still that keeps the film intriguing even when it looks like it's going to sink into sentimentality. This was a major surprise.

Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! What a bizarre review. Other reviews speak to the story's surprises quite well, and I agree that the acting by the four key players is superb. Where are all of Robert’s photos? Subscribe here and receive brief notice when a new review is posted Your email address will not be used for anything else. It was Bette Davis who said 'growing old ain't for sissies.' The places where Fackler has problems or allows things to get a tad too sentimental are smoothed over by the unmatched skills of the effortlessly superb Burstyn and Landau. This is really a remarkable film about aging, families and relationships. It is a realistic portrait of a loving family coping with "the long good-bye" of Alzheimers, of a wife trying keep the connection between her and her husband alive even if the wiring is faulty, of a man among people who care yet is still traveling alone down the road to oblivion. While this type of setup was extremely effective in "The Sixth Sense," it is not meant for this kind of film. rm – screened in regular movie theater or in flight, * – poor – not recommended There are moments during Lovely, Still when it feels like you're trapped with Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn in a kitschy musical Christmas snowglobe that someone keeps shaking. Magnificent movie, phenomenal casting, watch it twice! They also educate and help the the ignorant understand how these problems effect those immersed in these issues.

Starcasm shared the spoilers about this couple’s weddings and their pregnancy shocker. Steadily tugging on the heartstrings, its story is heartbreakingly sad and sheds important light on a debilitating illness.

We can appreciate that this movie worked for some people and it received some decent reviews. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer.

By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy I purposely did not read anything about this movie and just watched it because it had the marvelous Ellen Burstyn in it. * * * * – excellent – highly recommended It's so saccharin for so long, you can't wait for the hammer to drop. Lovely, Still (2008) Plot. I came across this gem of a film on cable by accident and was taken by its beauty, sensitivity, and honesty. While all four leads deserve better, it's especially galling to see Burstyn - still so lovely - wasting her time and talents on a film with so little wisdom to share. Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn are fantastic. THEN you're asked to buy in to a disturbing twist that makes it a whole different kind of movie. All this time, their children Mike and Alex had been helping her to maintain the illusion that she was a new love in his life.At the hospital, Mary brings Robert the snow globe he gave her as a gift, but his mind is almost gone and he has little response.


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