ming dynasty ending

The central administration headed by a weak emperor proved incapable of preserving its supremacy.

General Hong contributed extraordinarily in establishing of the Qing Dynasty (the new empire that was built by Manchu), and the generalization of Confucianism to Qing's nomadic ruling class. However, he did dedicate his entire life to protecting his falling empire, and shouldn’t take the blame for the perdition of the Ming Dynasty. Each facet can be broadly classified as the political factors, economic factors and defence factors. Till then, the most powerful and evil political party of the Ming Empire was finally and completely perished, by this teenager Chongzhen Emperor. Ineptitude on the throne, bureaucratic factionalism at court, rivalries among Mongol generals, and ineffective supervision and coordination of provincial and local administration had gravely weakened the Yuan government by the 1340s.

The dynastic name Ming, meaning “Brightness,” reflects the Manichaean influence in the Song-revivalist Han Lin’er regime under which Zhu had achieved prominence. Throughout the entire Ming Dynasty, they never paid tribute or ceded territory, never escaped or surrendered, and never gave up fighting. Ironically, the great marshal Sun Chengzong probably had never expected that the strong defensive line that he worked so hard to construct, in the end, was opened from inside.

The Hongxi Emperor inherited a treasury that was much emptier than it might have been, if not for his father's Indian Ocean adventures. Zheng He was not sailing off into the unknown.

She has taught at the high school and university levels in the U.S. and South Korea. Zhu came to be known by his reign name, the Hongwu (“Vastly Martial”) emperor. Then, Yuan requested to lead his army to come inside of Beijing city. Manchu Regime allied Wu Sangui’s troop, under the name of revenging for Chongzhen Emperor, had an intensive war with the Li Zicheng’s army in the Shanhai Pass. If not trade or new horizons, then, what was Zheng He seeking? After this tragedy, the next king of Ming was assassinated as well. At that time, the most powerful person was the Eunuch Wei, who wanted a baby to be the emperor instead of the much older Zhu Youjian who was hard to manipulate. Ironically, after the king of the refugee army plundered all of those people who were rich, they found that Zhu Youjian, the Chongzhen Emperor of Ming, was indeed in poverty, which showed that he did donate everything he had to save his country. Hearing those extraordinary, faithful warriors sacrificed and could never come back, he had to immediately select other capable people to fill in, before he had time to grieve. For all of these reasons, Ming China stopped sending out the magnificent Treasure Fleet. The Mongols and other Central Asian peoples made increasingly bold raids on western China, forcing the Ming rulers to concentrate their attention and their resources on securing the country's inland borders. Chongzhen Emperor needed money to fight against the invasive Manchu Regime, to suppress uprising armies, and to help the victims of those natural disasters.

Zhu Youjian (1611 — 1644), respected as Chongzhen Emperor or Emperor Sizong of Ming, was the last monarch of the Ming Dynasty as a unified empire. After Chongzhen Emperor retrieved centralized power back and started to concentrate on governance, he found that his grandfather and brother left him an empire that filled with chaos and crisis. In other words, Zheng He's enormous junks were intended to shock and awe other Asian principalities into offering tribute to the Ming. Yet, Mongol rule lifted some of the traditional ideological and political constraints on Chinese society. Finally, during the reigns of the Hongxi and Xuande Emperors, Ming China faced a growing threat to its land borders in the west.

He buried his past, lived as a teacher, and built his own family. Zhu Youjian didn’t want to be the monarch at the beginning, but his brother and the current queen told him that if he didn’t take over the kingdom, the powerful Eunuch Wei would reign the empire by supporting a baby as the puppet monarch. Between 1360 and 1367, still nominally championing the cause of the Song regime, his armies gained control of the vast central and eastern stretches of the Yangtze valley, absorbing first the Han domain to the west of Nanjing and then the Wu domain to the east.

Ironically, however, Qing’s following emperors that highly respected Confucianism ideology considered Hong Chengchou disloyal and unfaithful as well. Ming Dynasty (1368 — 1644) — Epoch of All Round Prosperity . He summoned Zhu Youjian and commanded him to be the next emperor. Another son of him got escaped successfully, with the help of some loyal officers. Less than a century later, in 1497, the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama traveled to some of the same places from the west; he also called in at the ports of East Africa, and then headed to India, the reverse of the Chinese itinerary.
When Lord of Manchu led his main force to invade Ming Empire again, the Chongzhen Emperor sent equal numbers of his first-class soldiers to fight against them. Auspicious Animal (Lu Duan) Shaped Censer of the Ming Dynasty — Guangdong Museum (Photo by Dongmaiying). By the mid-1360s, large regional states had been created that openly flouted Yuan authority: Song in the Huai basin, under the nominal leadership of a mixed Manichaean-Buddhist secret-society leader named Han Lin’er; Han in the central Yangtze valley, under a onetime fisherman named Chen Youliang; Xia in Sichuan, under an erstwhile general of the rebel Han regime named Ming Yuzhen; and Wu in the rich Yangtze delta area, under a former Grand Canal boatman named Zhang Shicheng. Soon, an uprising army that was made of poverty peasants and refugees kept expanding because of another bigger natural disaster and arrived outside of Beijing, led by Li Zicheng (1606 — 1645). However, throughout the entire Ming Dynasty, no emperor had tried to sign pact to plea for a truce, nor fled outside of their capital city, nor surrender. The Ming Dynasty - The Last Han Chinese Dynasty Most of the Great Wall was rebuilt to its best ever condition in the Ming Dynasty. As a prince of Ming, he should take responsibility to not let that happen. Chongzhen Emperor had to summon the 66 years old Marshal Sun Chengzong back to protect the capital city. Over 800,000 bodies were piled up in the city after Qing’s army left; a book that detailedly documented this cruel massacre was then banned by Qing’s government. However, the Ming admiral and his treasure fleet were not engaged in a voyage of exploration, for one simple reason: the Chinese already knew about the ports and countries around the Indian Ocean. Thousands of Ming's officials and their family members committed suicide, after hearing Chongzhen Emperor's death. He was not an extraordinary monarch, nor a pioneer or superhero that could make a big change and save his kingdom.

However, he only collected very little money from his officials. He refused to let Yuan came into Beijing, and commanded him to fight against Manchu outside the city. Large numbers of civilians volunteered, but sacrificed in intense battles, or had been massacred by the Qing’s army. This former prince of the Ming Empire, after having witnessed his kingdom being perished and everyone in his family was cruelly murdered, was then killed and dismembered after thousands of cuts, when he was already 75 years old. However, the Ming admiral and his treasure fleet were not engaged in a voyage of exploration, for one simple reason: the Chinese already knew about the ports and countries around the Indian Ocean. Ineptitude on the throne, bureaucratic factionalism at court, rivalries among Mongol generals, and ineffective supervision and coordination of provincial and local administration had gravely weakened the Yuan government by the 1340s. Nevertheless, each reason is interdependent on one another which led the Ming dynasty … First, the Yongle Emperor who sponsored Zheng He's first six voyages died in 1424. Two years later, he was tricked and captured by Qing’s emperor. Chongzhen Emperor Zhu Youjian lost his mother as a toddler and was always disliked by his father; he took over the huge empire when he was 16, and sacrificed when he was 33. What Prompted the End of the Treasure Fleet?
In the meanwhile, he also needed to deal with partial conflicting, political conspiracies, corrupted and surrendered officials, etc. These expeditions traveled along the Indian Ocean trade routes as far as Arabia and the coast of East Africa, but in 1433, the government suddenly called them off.

Anyway, he continued the tradition that his ancestors left for him. The Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) was the last ethnic Chinese dynasty, sandwiched between two foreign ones: the Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty and the Manchurian Qing Dynasty. The Mongols remained a strong potential enemy of China for the next century, and the Genghis Khan clan in Mongolia continued to regard itself as the legitimate ruler of China. Royal Palace of the Ming Dynasty — The Forbidden City in Beijing. The Ming dynasty (1368-1644) was a Chinese dynasty with a Chinese imperial family, as distinct from the dynasty that came before it (the Mongol, or Yuan, dynasty of Chinggis and Khubilai Khan) or the one that followed it (the Manchu, or Qing, dynasty). After Li Zicheng’s army came into the Beijing city, they occupied the royal palace, put Chongzhen Emperor and his queen’s body in front of the public to show off, and then started to rob, and slaughter. Confucius saw merchants and other middlemen as parasites, profiting on the work of the farmers and artisans who actually produced trade goods. Hong Chengchou’s mother, brother, and other members of his clan all stopped talking with him and never stepped into his fancy houses; instead, they left Qing’s conquered land and lived on a boat, until they all passed away. The smart Chongzhen Emperor used a month to gain Wei’s trust while testing other officials’ loyalty. Mausoleum of Chongzhen Emperor (Ming Si Ling) — Changping, Beijing. Honestly speaking, General Yuan didn’t have reason to betray his country, since he was a powerful chief commander of the Ming Empire, while Manchu was only a poor nomadic regime with a small territory at that time.

Chongzhen Emperor Zhu Youjian, though he tried everything he could and dedicated his entire life, in the end, he still failed to protect his people, his family, nor his empire. As a newly enthroned emperor, Chongzhen Emperor diligently tried his best to deal with these dilemmas of Ming. Wei committed suicide, and all his properties were confiscated; his lover, an evil woman who had killed many of the late emperor's babies, was sentenced to death. When Zhu Youjian was only four years old, his mother was executed by his father. Around 250,000 soldiers fought intensely for days, and tens of thousands of warriors sacrificed in this war.

Good reputation in public should be gained through honesty, contribution, decency, or integrity, not denial or burial of the naked truth. The first few days after Chongzhen Emperor moved into the Forbidden City, he stayed super vigilant. The Chongzhen Emperor kept working 14 to 16 hours each day, he and his queen had barely worn new clothes and donated most of their money to relief the supplies to refugees. When Zhu Youjian was 16 years old, his older brother, the emperor Zhu Youjiao, was sick in bed, with no sons to inherit the throne. What if the Chinese had continued to patrol the Indian Ocean? In 1352, after floods, rebellions, and Yuan campaigns against bandits had devastated and intimidated the whole region, Zhu was persuaded to join a Fengyang branch of Han Lin’er’s uprising. For centuries China had known clique factionalism at court, but this was mostly fought with political means; Mongol factionalism usually resorted to military power. Main Gate of the Shanhai Pass in Qinhuangdao City. Afterward, he was raised by two different imperial concubines. Zhu then announced his intention of liberating all of China from Mongol rule and proclaimed a new dynasty effective with the beginning of 1368.

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Calligraphy Work of Chongzhen Emperor Zhu Youjian.


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