moonshine records discography
United DJs Of America, Vol. The great thing about Moonshine was the wide array of electronic genres they had. Explore releases from Moonshine at Discogs. Bob Gaddy discography Champion Jack Dupree discography Larry Dale discography: 110 (198?) Moonshine helped to launch the career of DJ Keoki and his side-kick producer Dave Audé. MOONSHINE Vinyl Records and CDs This female-fronted band combines Bluegrass instrumentation, Punk rock attitude and sardonic songwriting in a manner that's completely natural and unaffected. I like many others are very sentimentally nostalgic about this label. By publishing the work of British audiovisual artists Addictive TV, Moonshine became one of the first US dance labels to release a DVD. Source(s): disc. It was a sad day when Moonshine shut down and many DJ's and artists scattered off to other labels or went independent or simply vanished because they couldn't get into a good deal with another label! United DJs Of America, Vol. And I'm a trance DJ. Micky Moonshine - Discography. Moonshine could always be counted on for variety and quality in the 90s. counting 'American Music' since 12/08/2019, "Crew" (1967-70 Mönchengladbach 'blues band'), German Teldec/Storyville/Chess 'Blues Roots' series, Teddy 'Sonny Boy' Smith, Lonnie Johnson & Sam Bradley, Moonshine It was lunar symbolism that enabled man to relate and connect such heterogeneous things as birth, becoming, death, plants, fecundity, life after death and yet others, weaving the symbol of the "thread of life". They will be sorely missed. [citation needed]. See the ADP Brunswick Records Resources page for more information. I saw an ad on TV for Keoki's new (at the time) album and nearly pissed myself. 3: Philadelphia, PA, United DJs Of America, Vol. They later followed up with Luv 2 Trance and Trance Classics. 7: San Francisco, CA, United DJs Of America, Vol. They released some wonderful tracks in their time, but in their latter years they fell into the awful slump we call "mainstream". © responsible for contents: Stefan Wirz Independent US label established in 1992 by. All Countries : 5 Records : Latest Updates : Gallery : See also Kenny Young UK 3 New Zealand 1 USA 1. Moonshine, along with Red Rhino Records, Fifth Colvmn Records and Wax Trax, will be missed. Moonshine Music was an electronic music record label founded by Steve Levy and Ricardo Vinas, in Los Angeles in 1992,[1][2] and later headquartered in West Hollywood, California. All Countries : 4 Records : Latest Updates : Gallery : Date Order : Micky Moonshine is a pseudonym of Paul Curtis UK 3 Portugal 1. Julie Harrington, Kellee, Robert Illes, Gary Butcher, D:Fuse, DJ Micro, AK1200, DJ Baby Anne, DJ Dara, DJ John Kelley, Dieselboy, Freaky Flow, Cirrus, Anabolic Frolic, Ferry Corsten, and Screaming Leads. Happy Hardcore Breakbeat - Techno Anthems Chapter Four, That Club Mix - The Hottest Club Tracks & Dance Anthems, The Jazz Headtrip (A Funked Up Journey Into TRIP HOP & ACID JAZZ). Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Moonshine at the Discogs Marketplace. First Wave of US Electronica Labels which seemed Cool at the time, but we take for granted Now. ), notes (Okt. 2: New York City, United DJs Of America, Vol. For me, the beginning of the end was That Trance Mix, which was so painfully generic and bland I couldn't give it away fast enough. Moonshine by Pragmatix, InnerShade, released 10 June 2020 1. While I never purchased any of their compilation albums I did buy mixes from artists and DJs that I followed. Moonshine helped to launch the career of DJ Keoki and his side-kick producer Dave Audé. That should tell you something. 1: Orlando, Fl. Moonshine temporarily revived my habit of consuming music on disc shaped media, albeit smaller and shinier than the kind that I used to rabidly collect. All Records 5. I recommend staying away from moonshine if you want really good quality trance and house, etc. Moonshine released over 250 compilations albums, many of which were DJ mixed. I agree that the early moonshine records were very good, but I feel that this label has caught up too much in the commercial aspect of electronic music. It was very shortly thereafter that I got the sense they were going in a very stupid direction. I mean, I discovered awesome dj's like D:Fuse and Ferry Corsten from moonshine records, but now it seems they just churn out mediocre albums that don't have much depth to them. Never so underground that they'd release complete unknowns, yet never quite commercial enough to be accepted by the mainstream, they stradled the line as credibly as any label. And again, I'm a trance DJ. It was like watching someone photoshop a great work of art and add nothing but cheesy effects. Moonshine released over 250 compilations albums, many of which were DJ mixed. House, trance, techno, jungle, breaks, ambient... it was incredibly rare to see any label indulge in every aspect electronic music offered. Among Moonshine's other artists are NTC feat. Moonshine [RCA] - Discography. That should tell you something. In 2000, Donald Glaude recorded a live set at Washington, DC's club night Buzz that was released as "Mixed Live: Buzz @ Nation" on Moonshine Music on June 26, 2001. While back in the 90s and early 2000s I never really purchased music based on labels, a lot of my CDs and artists that I followed were associated with Moonshine. 8: New York City, United DJs Of America, Vol. Documentation of Vocalion Records derives primarily from Ross Laird's "Brunswick Records: A discography of recordings, 1916-1931" (Greenwood Press, 2001). By publishing the work of British audiovisual artists Addictive TV, Moonshine became one of the first US dance labels to release a DVD.


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