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The Backyardigans • Nature Cat proceeds to get some rest anyway so he can be ready to celebrate Christmas. Guest starring Emily Lynne, Chris Parnell, Joey Rudman, Cecily Strong, and Paul F. Tompkins. Immediately after the song, he goes to Daisy as he swings on a garland, wiping away all the decorations and puts in one garland, stating that her garden is just the way it is. Major funding for Nature Cat is provided by the Van Eekeren family, Founders of Land O'Frost; Hamill Family Foundation; and Segal Family Foundation. Wild Kratts • Make someone happy with a nature greeting card! Reuse your paper bags by turning them into Nature Cat and his friends! We'll be more than happy to help out! He then goes with Hal and Squeeks decorating the woods. He opens it, revealing it to be none other than Squeeks in a green robe who introduces herself as the "Spirit of Nature Present". Thomas & Friends • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. True and the Rainbow Kingdom • PBS KIDS, The poll was created at 19:22 on March 14, 2016, and so far. However, spirit Hal just departs as if he's off duty leaving Nature Cat all alone and depressed. With her magic cheese grater, she transports him to his backyard as they saw Daisy singing the first part about that it "doesn't feel like Christmas", blaming Nature Cat for the decorations. When they are done, Nature Cat turns on the lights, but some critters were shocked about this. Nature Cat books available from Scholastic, Inc. Watch Nature Cat and Sesame Street every weekday on PBS Kids, or anytime at the PBS Kids video app. This is the last episode to be aired in 2019. Arthur • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. We accept proposals for projects in conservation, education, research, storytelling or technology. But Nature Cat declines, wanting to not have time. The Great Chicago Fire: A Chicago Stories Special. Build a toy hovercraft that runs on air power! He then puts them on and shows them his Nature Curiosity List. Get started on your Girl Scout outdoor adventure here! Make a silly Nature Cat head with real plant "fur" on top! He heads to Hal's doghouse and puts even more lights and a snowman on it. Make your own pinwheel to catch the wind! Looney Tunes • Nature Cat was originally produced by Nelvana, Sunbow Entertainment, and Studio B Productions. LoliRock • Sign up for a free account and join our community! Additional support is provided by Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, Polk Bros. Foundation, Sage Foundation, Philip F. Schoch Charitable Trust, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Nick Jr. • In 2015, PBS Kids released a new Nature Cat series and it was produced by 9 Story, YTV, and WTTW Chicago (It was the only PBS station that premiered Nature Cat in 2015 the other ones premired it in 2016) Using her old telephone booth, she proceeds to take him to many years ago in his backyard and he saw young versions of Daisy, Squeeks, and Hal preparing for Christmas. He tells that Hal that he doesn't care about the decorations and getting gifts and that he wants to get back and help others like the Scratchits. Then he sings his first song with them called "Say Hello to Nature". Oggy and the Cockroaches • Nature Cat Funding Credits,my version; Nick Jr. Funding; O OK KO Let; P Paw Patrol funding; PBS Kids Bookworm Bunch; Poppy Cat Funding Credits; Q Quirky Buddies Funding Credits; R Rocko's Modern Life Funding Credits; S SpongeBob SquarePants Funding Credits; Star vs. Hanna-Barbera • Jimmy Neutron • Which things blow in the wind? Here are a few tips to help you become an expert bird-watcher. Tim Scratchet takes the role of Tiny Tim. Get introduced to Nature Cat, Hal, Daisy, and Squeeks., Get to … They run up to see young Ronald in a toy crane wanting to play with it, but young Daisy and Hal state that the log is the squirrel's home. Make your very own animal tracks with homemade stamps! But can he finally change and learn the true meaning of Christmas in time for the holidays? Ronald takes the role of Jacob Marley, becoming Ronald "Morely". WordGirl, Arthur • Visit the Nature Cat website at Live Action Scenes Filmed at Sony Pictures Studios Culver City, California Sesame Street® and associated characters, trademarks and design elements are Funded by Major funding for Nature Cat is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Van Eekeren Family, founders of Land O’Frost. Rugrats • You can now team up with Nature Cat and his pals to earn a free Nature Cat Explorer patch! He tells him to look under the tree after Nature Cat said that he was desperate and wonders what day it is. He gets out his cloaked Mr. Chewinsky and with that, he and Nature Cat fall in a huge portal, transporting them to his backyard, now with lights and Hal's boarded up doghouse. Barney • Polly Pocket (2018) • Squeeks then concludes that the Scratchits cannot find any food and space to stay safe and storms off. After the song concludes, Nature Cat borrows spirit Squeeks' magic cheese grater, sending themselves back to the forest as he finds the Scratchits' home completely filled with nothing but presents. Caillou • It is Christmas time in the backyard as Daisy is setting up the pinecone and flower garland, Squeeks creates a cheese snowman, and Hal finishes putting on the lights in his doghouse. The Magic School Bus • However Nature Cat gives a present to Tiny Tim and he opens it, revealing his small hat and sash. After wishing Squeeks a Merry Christmas, he and the others go to Hal's doghouse as he himself triumphantly emerges wearing a Santa suit. When I Wake Up in the Morning It'll Be Christmas, When I Wake Up in the Morning It'll Be Christmas (reprise), Nature Cat asks why he remembers that he is supposed to warn him and Ronald sings a blues song about wanting more presents. But Nature Kitten stands victorious and gives his log to the squirrel. They introduce themselves as the Scratchits: Bob, Martha, Belinda, Peter, and Tiny Tim. Dog Dog. In the tradition of the Dickens holiday classic, Nature Cat is bursting with what he thinks is “Christmas spirit,” and wants to celebrate with lots of presents for himself, and by decorating the woods with bright lights and loud festive music for everyone. It’s not until Nature Cat is visited by the spirits of Nature Past (Daisy), Present (Squeeks) and Future (Hal) on Christmas Eve. Pingu • It is then time for him to get back to his backyard and sings a reprise about what he can do now that it is Christmas morning. The Scratchits return, as they insist to turn it off, but Nature Cat doesn't care and turns it up louder. Inspector Gadget • She takes him to another part of the forest as the Scratchits are walking and Tiny Tim feels he doesn't have a home. Monies received through our Pet formulas are helping provide, on a regular basis, natural medicines and donations to various animal rescue organizations, third world countries and crisis areas - Worldwide Welcome to Nature Cat! Shimmer and Shine • After he notices that presents were under the tree, he changes into his nature attire as the Narrator said that he realized that Christmas was about giving to his friends and animals. After that, Nature Cat and spirit Daisy find themselves in a snow landscape as he saw his young self and his friends stumble into a squirrel who tells them that someone is disturbing his log. Naturecat Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. Nature Cat asks him about his friends, but he said that they all moved away because of this while the Scratchits and the animals on the other hand never returned and that is what happens when there are no more nature heroes. Nature Cat insists that he wanted to have a lot of lights, but the Scratchets do not buy it so he gives a set of lights to them and they head off without saying "thank you" to him. An online database and community about PBS Kids's Nature Cat! A Christmas-themed version of the end credits plays. Other Species Other Species. Fa-la-la, that doesn’t sound like Nature Cat? We get to see Daisy, Hal, Squeeks and Ronald when they were little for the first time. Later, everyone (including Granny Bunny and Houston) gathered together in a huge table as Nature Cat proceeds to celebrate Christmas. Questions? The spirit takes him to the forest still with speakers playing Christmas music as Squeeks comes in singing the second part of the song, blaming Nature Cat for the music. Observe nature in a “scavenger hunt” matching game! Additional support is provided by Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, Polk Bros. Foundation, Sage Foundation, Philip F. Schoch Charitable Trust, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. PAW Patrol • 427 articles and 830 files available since November 30, 2015. Spirit Daisy talks to Nature Cat about how his past self cared about nature and that he needs a visit from more spirits. Recess • View the Help Pages or contact an admin. Additional support is provided by Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, Polk Bros. Foundation, Sage Foundation, Philip F. Schoch Charitable Trust, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. These games, activities, and nature-inspired crafts not only serve as a resource for parents and educators, but also as a direct and fun connection to nature that builds on kids’ knowledge gained from watching Nature Cat! Nature Kitten proceeds to have his first brawl with Ronald for the log. We get to see Nature Cat in his pajamas for the first time, and he spends most of the special in them. Welcome to the Nature Cat Wiki Funding FoR ChangemakeRS Grants Program. Kim Possible • Drink from a pretend “flower” like butterflies do! Check and see! When he finds his Nature Curiosity List buried in the snow, spirit Hal said that he stopped being curious about nature. Nature Cat Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. The ZhuZhus, NATURE CAT Get to Know Nature Cat! Whether in the yard, park, or classroom, these first-hand experiences with nature are designed to help children develop a greater sense of wonder and curiosity for outdoor exploration.


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