nichkhun cheated on tiffany

seriously, it's really rude to the celebrity. Tiffany (SNSD) and Nichkhun (2pm) (2014-2015) It was reported that the two were friends for many years even before their debut which their love bloomed. Don't force your opinions on people and ESPECIALLY on Tiffany/Taeyeon/Nichkhun/Victoria themselves.

Article : Hyeri to leave tvN's 'Amazing Saturday' after two years... baton passed to Taeyeon Source : Yonhap News via Naver 1.

That's Hani?!

So sad, they're match very well.

A remark that Taec Yeon had made about Nichkhun and Tiffany's relationship is becoming a hot issue. I'm also a woman lol and I can understand if my loved one doesn't want to put a ring on it and wants to wait x). Too bad, they're on their 5th years of dating and broken up :(( but I think they're in a "on and off" relationship for 5 years, maybe they had enough. yeah, it kind of is... he's got virtually no supporters in Korea. But none of them are relevant.1. Maybe they just 'officially' break up from the public eyes just because to keep low. Aww I think out of all SNSD dating couples Tiffany+Nichkhun matched the best. So it was like 9 years or 10 years. lmao Okay~~. oh yea so sungmin's career is over now? But he is not know for being well-mannered and mature. Ji Sung - NO WAY! I just hope that they will date again but they should get back privately. both couples receive(d) a lot of hate. A representative for SM Entertainment told Mydaily News, “After being friends, the two grew closer to become lovers.”, A rep for JYP Entertainment told TV Report, “As the reports say, Nichkhun and Tiffany have been dating for about four months now.

like that one picture where hyuna was supposedly showing off her boobs? They want to date quietly but reporters always.... Humm-_- dating generation? Who's ex-manager is skinny?

i was also wondering why she posted all those couple photos on her instagram... she wouldn't have done that if she was still dating lol, I think like that too, There are something about them that make me feel if they broken up they will get back together again lmao, Yeah actors have it easy I guess. They are just one facet, one view of the many different views that exist. If they keep getting back together, they still have lingering attraction for one another. All Rights Reserved. work =/= personal life.
I completely agree.

2PM are also expected to comeback in coming months this year as Nichkhun tweeted: Oh yeah - and remember when we had Nichkhun & Tiffany as one of our Top 5 Prom Kings & Queens of 2013? i seriously doubt tiffany would be that blatant lol. No he did not cheat on yoona cause yoona is dating lee seung gi

By the way is it really true that they were dating since he was on WGM?

I maybe wrong. On February 5th, the night before the event, she was seen in an intimate setting with other female friends and an unknown male who media are stating resembled the Hong Kong star Fang Lisheng, nicknamed Xiao Fang. He’s seen spotted numerous times with members Yuri and past member, Jessica as well. Their delusional level are so funny and unimaginable lol. I doubt Tiffany cares. However, Koreaboo has done some research and has found photos of a Girls’ Generation manager that has a striking resemblance to the man in the photo. "Everyone is dating"Oh shit. What's the Plan Now? So no ring no real love? Nichkhun and Tiffany end their relationship, [Exclusive] Nichkhun and Tiffany break up after a ear... 'work over love', [Exclusive] SM and JYP reps both confirm "They have broken up", Irene's stylist exposes her abusive attitude, Irene issues apology, Irene's controversy continues to rage on despite apology, Red Velvet fan meet canceled, 2PM's Nichkhun shows his support for protestors in Thailand, Foreign media focuses on the dark reality of K-Pop's training period in Black Pink's Netflix documentary, Hyeri to leave 'Amazing Saturday', Taeyeon to take her place. LMFAO it got deleted. and is better they realized they weren't meant to be together BEFORE they got married. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? How do you know?
All of the childish fans are the same, Baekhyun is bashed, too. Tiffany will most likely marry last because she likes working and keeping busy. the situation is suspicious, maybe the love didn't last that long and she wasn't that interested..if you really are into someone, being busy is an excuse to cover up more serious issues that they couldn't manage as a couple.

Lol i kinda ship Lee ChulWoo together with Tiffany.

Um, no she's never been known to date before.. I heard that story before (about the husband suing his wife) Yeah, some people take a great length to be beautiful.

Regular folks like us go through multiple dates in our lives too before we find the one that we marry (or, in some cases, finally meet the one that convinces us to stay single forever, lol). He proceeded to call a taxi for the star before organizing the departure of the other females present. Blind item last two month really true then.. Anwy.. Life must go on..

But Sulli is really pretty~. Even a cute and lovey-dovey couple like Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo, broke up because he went to army which drifted them apart eventually.


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