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Toth throws the heavy backpack onto Red Manuel and gives Skout an understanding look. Skout is LGBTQ+, as has been confirmed by series writer Miles Luna on Reddit. Nomad of … Affiliation Skout enters the forest, and Red Manuel criticizes her for carrying so many books. This causes Toth to get angry before Skout intervenes and offers to check and see what the issue is with the oil rig, as it had supposedly been having trouble producing oil. I'm such a dunderhead. Skout is a young woman and the only female member of the Dandy Lions besides Toth, the group's leader. The Nomad and Skout quickly become friends even though Skout does not realize he is the Nomad at first.

The creature briefly incapacitates Toth.

Despite her small frame, Skout can handle heavy objects with ease, as demonstrated by her capability to lug around her heavy backpack, which contains many books, knives and other heavy items. She is often the voice of reason for Toth, preventing any disputes the woman may cause. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Don Paragon organized the Dandy Lions, the group Skout is a part of. Skout used to carry the group's luggage in an oversized backpack. The performers refuse, and a fight ensues that results in the destruction and collapse of the big top. Nomad of Nowhere Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. While originally Toth's right hand, she later acts independently and often as a companion to the Nomad. Though Skout travels with the Dandy Lions, earlier in her life she lived domestically. Quotes. Toth simply responds that it's the Nomad, which excites Skout who suggests they get right to hunting him again, before Toth tells her that they can't due to Don Paragon's orders. Skout celebrates hitting the beast before it strikes her to the ground in turn. Skout is trapped in the flames, and the Nomad returns to the suffocating group to save them. The Twindleweed Brothers Traveling Circus, Overview Skout was a member of Don Paragon's Dandy Lions, a group of people sent to find and capture the Nomad. Skout helps the Nomad several times against Don Paragon's orders. Following their failure to capture the Nomad at the forest, Don Paragon halts the Dandy Lions from hunting for the Nomad until they prove to him that they are capable and worthy enough to continue hunting. Quotes. Skout is a young woman and the only female member of the Dandy Lions besides Toth, the group's leader. When a poisonous plant causes his hand to swell, she says the book could have allowed him to recognize the plant as poisonous. That being said, even after she learns the fact, she has come to believe that the stories around the Nomad are perhaps untrue and attempts to defend him. Though the Nomad escapes again, Skout and Toth are determined to keep up their chase. In her first meeting with the Nomad, she is unable to identify him due to his unassuming appearance and gentle nature. Skout is one of the main protagonists in Nomad of Nowhere and first appeared in "The Dreaded Nomad." She has a rather small petite frame, but she has considerable strength and stamina despite this. … She senses another presence, and she pulls a knife on the Nomad, who she believes is merely a mute stranger. At some point in her past, Skout became proficient at oil well maintenance. Don Paragon counters her by asking her if she knows how dangerous Magic is before admitting even he does not know the answer, stating that only El Rey knows. Red Manuel gets angry and says that, despite her wit, Skout will always cower behind Toth. After believing she sees one move, she picks it up and realizes it and all the rocks around her have eyes, arms and legs. After Don Paragon is killed and thus no longer poses a threat, Skout becomes the Nomad's traveling companion. The group arrives at a forest of thick brambles, and Skout defends Toth when the group criticizes her for the repetitive missions that always turn up fruitless. Don Paragon admonishes Toth for stopping her mission simply to save who he refers to as Toth's "spittoon girl". Nomad of Nowhere Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. History While originally Toth's right hand, she later acts independently and often as a companion to the Nomad. Before they can turn back, a rhinoceros-like creature attacks them in the storm.

Toth decides to end their pursuit and instead bring Skout back to the Oasis for treatment, where she wakes up in an infirmary. She realizes they brought many knives with them and asks why they are necessary. Weak from the damage she has sustained, she falls unconscious. Jordan Cwierz, director and series writer, has stated that "she kinda has a thing for Toth but she's also really shy at the same time and doesn't know how to talk to Toth very much.". Image Gallery

While originally Toth's right hand, she later acts independently and often as a companion to the Nomad. The Twindleweed Brothers Traveling Circus, She is specifically knowledgeable with oil well maintenance and can deduce the root of a problem beyond a machine's malfunction.


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