northern rhône vintage chart
Although, it’s probably a bit better and more consistent in Cote Rotie than in Hermitage and other parts of the Northern Rhone. Healthy flowering in good conditions. Vintage Charts. Rot a serious challenge in some zones (e.g., Côte-Rôtie). Unbiased, professional tasting notes, reviews, articles, videos, daily news and much more. Northern Rhone Wine Region. They are usually only sold on the premises. If you have a bottle, pop a cork and see what all the fuss is about. The vintage is on the light, early drinking side. For a quick overview of the recent vintages in the Northern wine regions of France, please use the vintage chart below. A wet winter and early spring gave way, in March and April, to warm, dry weather, though some, Very warm early spring conditions led to early bud break and, eventually, a generous and precocious fruit set, especially for Grenache as it struggled to reassert itself after its troubled 2013 season. Drink 85 Pts, 2003 – A year of extremely hot, dry, drought conditions produced wines that range in quality, depending on the terroir and the desire of the grower. Since about 1998 Viognier is increasingly being used and is also appearing as a single varietal. Not a member yet? Fastidious vineyard work, including crop-thinning for the Grenache, was necessary to make good wines, and this was complicated by the presence of. Avoid 65 Pts, 1992 – The crop was large, but with poor conditions during the growing season, less wine would have been better. Sniff, Swirl, Sip, and Save with The Priority Wine Pass. Warm and sunny summer. “With wine more than 20 years of age, there are no great wines, just great bottles.” So, when buying older vintages provenance and great storage is paramount, especially when you are buying the often very expensive and costly wines from Cote Rotie and Hermitage. With few exceptions, it’s a good time to start drinking these wines. Difficult, warm, wet spring led to widespread mildew, reducing crop. Quality looks very promising for both white and red wines. Harvest began in late August for the whites, and early September for the reds, in beautifully clear and sunny conditions, and most growers were thrilled with both the quantity and quality of their harvest: a blend of the wealth and richness of 2017 with the vivacity and intensity of 2016. They are really charismatic. If you like a page in The Wine Cellar Insider, please link to it! Fully mature reds, alcohols equal to more flamboyant ‘07s, yet wines appear fresh, well-defined & balanced. Tavel AOC, produced in the special microclimate of the sillon rhodanien (the furrow of the Rhône) by some thirty producers including Château d'Aqueria, Domaine Maby, Domaine de la Mordorée, Domaine Pelaquier, is an elite rosé only, which has been referred to as 'the wine of kings". Robinson, Jancis (2006). The vintage chart and harvest reports provided by the Wine Scholar Guild gives you the ranking for every French wine region and vintage from 2000 to today. Gigondas, Rasteau are attractive. Ideal spring, healthy flowering boosted crop size. The vintage rankings in the Northern Rhone Vintage Chart are put together using a rough average that is based on your chance of walking into a random store or choosing a bottle off a wine list in a restaurant and have it offer a reasonably good, wine tasting experience. It’s important to keep in mind, all years are not equal, and all tasters are not alike. Lighter reds with higher acidity. Quality is good for both red and white wines, with low acidity, supple tannins and perfumed, seductive fruits, promising excellent mid-term storage. August and September, by contrast, were beautiful months, hot and sunny, and since the crop was small much of the lost ripening time could be recovered. The structured vintage has a lot of freshness and verve in the wines. Setting that aside, it’s important to note that in the Northern Rhone, Hermitage takes the longest time to develop and become interesting to drink, followed by Cote Rotie and then the other appellations, which are usually drinkable early in life. High sugars, sound pH & acidity; a few wines short of complete phenolic maturity. Not a vintage for the long term. The better wines from a vintage will generally have longer lives and cellar better. By continuing to use this site, you consent to this. While each appellation can be different, the information here will help you find the wines you like, with the style and characteristics you enjoy the most and if your wines are ready to drink, or not. Fruit-filled, expressive whites ready now. October was fine, too, meaning a leisurely harvest of well-balanced, fresh and pristine red and white wines. Fruit flies were reported in Cote Roite, which created problems with the fruit and rot developed. Site design by Chris Schendel. 91T 2013: … A great Northern Rhone vintage does not happen that often. Inter Rhône: Committee for the promotion of the technology, economy, communication and marketing of Rhône Wine (2005). Balanced wines offering depth, freshness & finesse. Fat, rich whites enjoyable early. Delicious, elegant whites; exceptional Condrieu. Cooler July, beneficial rainfall. Other producers were not as successful, producing pleasant, early drinking, very ripe wines. It was a splendid summer, with the Northern Rhône actually hotter than the Southern Rhône for most of July; August brought cooler nights. Rankings and scores in the Northern Rhone Vintage Chart are not created using a mathematical average of scores. Many excellent examples, best for mid-term aging. But I like some of the wines, especially at the top end from both Cote Rotie and Hermitage. The best Condrieus and the top St-Joseph whites such as Chapoutier's Granits and Guigal's Lieu Dit 2011 are already looking lovely. Suggested Wine Pairings for over 100 foods. At 17 years of age, the wines are still vibrant, fresh and exciting! This was a dismal start to the season resulting in crop losses of up to 40%. Vintage Charts. Northern Rhone Red Vintage Chart. In many appellation regulations, a division is made into main grape varieties (indicated by "M"), supplementary varieties (indicated by "S"), and accessory varieties (indicated by "(A)"). Many growers lost half their fruit. 90 Pts, 2005 – A classic vintage for long term cellaring, with wines showing a lot of freshness, ripe fruit and spice. Record temperature of 109° F at Orange. While the two years are different in style, they are both worth owning and drinking as these wines are stunning in every sense of the word. Heat shriveled berries in August on most exposed slopes further reducing yields. Medium-weight reds with youthful charm, accessibility. Drink 95 Pts, 1990 – More consistent than the subsequent vintage, the wines remain concentrated, lush and exciting with more than 25 years of bottle age. In 2004 ten new appellations were officially added to the Rhône region, 9 in the Gard and one in the Vaucluse, which largely parallel the wines of Southern Rhône proper, while two appellations were discontinued for reasons of reforesting and urban encroachment.[8]. In 2004, Costières de Nîmes AOC, which previously had been counted as part of eastern Languedoc, was also attached to the Rhône wine region. In addition, each vintage has a unique style. The region's major appellation in production volume is Côtes du Rhône AOC.. After that, though, summer turned cool and wet; there were episodes of hail in July and September in Cornas, Hermitage and Crozes-Hermitage, meaning that some growers in those regions had to pick prematurely. Water stress disturbed maturation of some sites; deep-rooted old vines handled conditions best. Notes: The wines in a region vary from year to year and depend on climate and weather conditions, spring frost or unusually wet growing seasons which can damage a crop, affecting overall quality. Drink 88 Pts, 1993 – A cool growing season with rain just before and during the harvest season is not the perfect recipe for a great vintage, but that’s what you have with 1993. Quite good, but not at the level of the sublime 2015. Related. Condrieu is outstanding. Memorable Gigondas, red & white Châteauneuf. The southern Rhône's most famous red wine is Châteauneuf-du-Pape, a blend containing up to 19 varieties of wine grapes (ten red and nine white) as permitted by the Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOC rules. Harvest of white grapes 2 weeks early, reds picked as of late August. In 1446 the city of Dijon forbade all wines from Lyon, Tournon and Vienne, arguing that they were "très petits et pauvres vins" – very small and miserable wines. The first cultivated vines in the region were probably planted around 600 BC. C Caution, may be too old; E Early maturing and accessible; NV Vintage not … 1978 Northern Rhone wines are as good, better than most of the vintages from the region from the 1950’s, 1940’s and earlier. Good harvest conditions. Normal summer & ripening arrested by torrential rain on 8 September, equivalent of annual precipitation in some areas; flooding in Gard & Vaucluse. The name Côtes du Rhône comes from public administration in the Middle Ages and was the name (Côte without 's') of a district in the Gard département. When to drink dates for wines are always subjective and depends more on the personal taste of the consumer than the wine. Both red and white wines look set to age particularly well. Hillside vineyards, in general, fared better than flat-land vineyards in this wet year. 2 Days with the wine pass = $250+ in savings. © Copyright 2020 Wine Spectator. Drink 96 Pts, 1998 – Classic in style, at the top end of the wines from Cote Rotie and Hermitage, they are strong, with ripe fruit, rich, textures, freshness and the ability to age. This was followed by sunny, dry and warm conditions making the growing season slightly shorter than usual. Drink 88 Pts, 2012 – A difficult growing season that was salvaged by a strong September and excellent conditions during the harvest.


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