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The epicenter of an earthquake is that point on the surface of the Earth directly “over” the very center or place of origin of an earthquake. See an example word page ». The prefix epi, from the Greek word meaning “at,” “close to,” “on,” “in addition to,” or “on the occasion of,” is at the root of a number of diverse words that pertain in some way to something associated with something else.This post lists and briefly defines many of these terms. Test Prep, The English prefix epi-, which means “over” or “upon,” appears in a good number of English vocabulary words, such as epidermis and epitaph. epicene (“in common”): having characteristics of both sexes (or neither), effeminate As a final example of epi-meaning “upon,” an eponym is the name of a person put “upon” a place, such as Virginia (from Elizabeth I of England, the Virgin Queen) or …

YourDictionary definition and usage example. Prefixes are key morphemes in English vocabulary that begin words. or get it for your

You can remember that the prefix epi- means “upon” from the noun epidemic, which is a widespread disease that comes “upon” people; you can also recall that epi- means “over” via the word epidermis, which is the outer skin that lies “over” lower layers of skin. All text and design are copyrighted ©2010-2020 Membean, Inc. All rights reserved. Pages in category "English words prefixed with epi-". One of the primary meanings of the English prefix epi- is “upon.” An epidemic is a disease that comes “upon” people over a widespread area. Privacy Policy.

Terms of Service. Those are epigraphs, or words written “over” the beginning of a book chapter, often to clue you into what the chapter is going to be about. As a final example of epi- meaning “upon,” an eponym is the name of a person put “upon” a place, such as Virginia (from Elizabeth I of England, the Virgin Queen) or Rome, derived from the first king of Rome, Romulus. Personal Learning, School. An epidemic problem is a widespread issue that is “characterized by” coming “upon the people,” usually referring to a quickly spreading disease of some sort. Membean is an incredibly effective way to learn words and permanently remember them. The word ingredient Memlet, shown below, is one of many ways that a word is taught in Membean. An epithet, however, is meant for use during life, as it is a descriptor placed “upon” a person’s name, such as the “Great” in Alexander the Great or “Terrible” in Ivan the Terrible. Having spoken “upon” the first meaning of epi- sufficiently, let’s now go “over” another widespread meaning of epi-, that is, “over”! Epi is defined as upon, over, around or besides. The prefix (epi-) has several meanings including on, upon, above, upper, in addition to, near, besides, following, after, outermost, or prevalent. You need to enable Javascript to get the best out of this site. An example of epi used as a prefix is in the word epicenter. Today we will focus on the English prefix epi-, which means “over” or “upon.” Hopefully you will find this podcast to be the epitome of all information about epi-! or forgiveness! An epilogue speaks “upon” a play as it ends, often asking for the audience’s approval …. Have you seen those quotes from literary works that often begin chapters in books? Finally, an epigram, or short group of words written “over” a given subject, is defined as a short poem or sentence that expresses something such as a feeling or idea in a short, clever, and amusing way. An epigram is a written “line over” a certain subject, or a “stroke of a pen upon” an idea; both meanings of “gram” indicate the shortness of the poem or saying. Examples Epiblast (epi- blast ): the outermost layer of an embryo in an early stage of development, prior to the formation of germ layers.

When epidemics are deadly, epitaphs are in great demand, being words written “upon” tombstones speaking of who is buried there. prefix. An epilogue speaks “upon” a play as it ends, often asking for the audience’s approval …. Copyright © … Please :-). Learn more on how we help for

(previous page) () The epidermis, or visible layer of skin in humans, lies “over” the dermis and hypodermis, the two underlying skin layers. or forgiveness! The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 265 total. There are many more words that the prefix epi- lies “upon” and rules “over”—but enough already of this epi- epilogue!


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