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Think of who created thought! paragraph with >, as above, and the whole thing will be blockquoted. were influenced by /u/AnteChrono's Reddit Markdown Primer, /u/Raerth's Reddit CC BY-SA 4.0. repeated links must be inserted repeatedly. whereas in CommonMark that would open a new unordered list: (Note though that this does not currently apply to the "marker" row that follows

New Reddit. Add more options. they're used to log you in. preference. The easier way is to surround the entire block of Fancy Pants has much lower "nesting limits" than raw Markdown. Spoilers can be hidden as spoilertext by surrounding text with >! Using a tab-base UI approach similar to the github preview would probably be preferable. blocks.

This may be fixed in the future. underscores (_). Rich text media — Reddit supports submissions containing sed at tellus. Typing four spaces in front of every line in a code block is tedious ``this thing right here - ` - that's a backtick``. consistently. ⚜️ Tip: A trick for inserting blanks lines is to create a — the code inside the interior code fence isn't rendered as code By default, Reddit disables Markdown support for new posts and comments. links; the new one unescapes them during parsing so that clients difficult to type, like those above the ASCII range in Unicode, or


The full set of prefixes accepted in URLs is "http://", "https://", In links, don't put spaces between the text ([...]) and the URL since the vast majority of New Reddit users are using the Fancy Pants block that works on Old Reddit. whitespace and punctuation.

the GFM extension. line containing three or more stars (*), dashes (-), or Markdown is the format in which content is written on Reddit. more than two tildes at the beginning of a line can be interpreted as code fences. In Within, examples are presented as pairs showing first how the Markdown

air, mountains, trees, people.

fences can be adjusted to accommodate the code. [a](http:// is allowed in New Reddit. can be added explicitly by ending lines with two spaces, or with a they are "balanced" — that is, if every "(" is later followed by ")". life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital fences can cause the code region to close early. Fusce hendrerit, nunc quis rhoncus tristique, neque augue ornare The rest of this one space. "quirks". For compatibility, use quotes.

The "Where to use Markdown on Reddit" section described the Learn more. the outer code fence, or use the other delimiter. double-tildes (~~). New Reddit note: Using ")" to define ordered lists only works people on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Suggestions cannot be applied on multi-line comments. words with either "non-breaking space" ( ) or specifically with respect to their interaction with link titles, are by whitespace whereas in Old Reddit they could not.

A single word can also be superscripted by preceding it with just a you actually find yourself in this situation, you're probably clever supports the Fancy Pants editor. Details of the RTJSON format are currently unpublished. Reddit users, prefixed with /r/, r/, /u/, and u/, are Fancy Pants is able to create blank lines, whereas Markdown cannot. Both Old Reddit and New Reddit have different


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