restaurant lingo

-Funkified- The smell of ones shoes, when worn multiple shifts in this industry, that becomes so severe that one can not wear them in a ‘non-restaurant’ environment without fear that you are not the only person that can smell them. Stray dog – person that wanders away from their work area into another section Day care – a section of the dining room that has a lot of kids Nya Nya – overcooked pasta turns to “nya nya”. Rim Job definitely makes the list. * Fire, Fire it – Order given by the head of the line to the other cooks to begin preparation of certain orders, such as “Fire those shepherds pies!”, * Foodie – (Depending on context) The bane of cooks and chefs everywhere, a Wanna-Be professional cook/chef.

Waiter(tress) Station

It helps staff and managers communicate important or urgent messages to each other without alarming customers and spoiling their dining experiences. If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean! * Paddy Well – A term used very frequently in Irish Pubs and Restaurants, which means to cook it until there is no possibility of life remaining.

The surprise comes when they grab it.

A few more that were left off the list * Double/Triple Sat – When more than one table is seated in a particular station at the same time.

Eat both and enjoy the apocalypse inside your very own stomach!

Aside from that, great website! I think you answered it! It signifies traffic flow and whether or not a food critic or health inspector is in the restaurant. Nubs – a person that has poor knife skills

Your burger is then finished with the most fragrant of roses: the onion. Italian perfume – garlic; originated in the 1920s. to list off menu modifications that are not printed.

* The Man, the Boogie Man – Health Inspector.

So, anyone currently in the restaurant industry or wanting to break into it needs to understand the most common restaurant terms to achieve these benefits. Wisconsin isn’t the only place your diner is dragging things—”drag one through the garden” means putting all the condiments on it, and “drag one through Georgia” is a weird phrase for the even weirder beverage: cola with chocolate syrup. If you need something yesterday it’s usually because someone on the line is in the weeds, holding up a table. This can be for a number of reasons but includes poor appearance, incorrect temperature, taking too long to serve the dish, or wrong ingredients.

A tray jack is the folding device on which big trays are deposited at the diner’s table. Stacked bills: A white out plus bills stacked on top of each other at the end of the rail that haven’t even been called/looked at. This is usually done to increase revenue at a restaurant by increasing the number of items ordered. Usually done after accidentally breaking a glass over it. * Stretch It – To make four orders of hollandaise sauce last through an entire shift by “stretching it” with whatever is available and edible. Single sell: a single order ticket. Unsurprisingly, diner lingo is full of terms for the absolute diner staple: coffee.

Front of House (FOH):  The front of house of a restaurant is everything that your customers can see., The Difference Between Service and Hospitality, Why Flatware Matters to the Success of Your Restaurant,, Hang on, before you run that, I’m gonna tax it.

: Alot like “Hot” “Behind” and “Hot Behind”, you yell this when you’re going into a cabinet cooler, so nobody turns around into you and drops anything.

It’s a wonder people survive! This dish refers to a low cost menu item that changes everyday and is typically served at diners and cafes. Split: When upscale restaurants have separate lunch and dinner service, and the dining room is closed between them.

Not totally sold?

Camel – a customer that drinks a lot of water, requiring the busboy to constantly fill their glasses. If you work or have worked in the restaurant industry—as a barback, server, hostess or bartender–chances are you've come across some gnarly restaurant lingo and know precisely what it means (if you don't, read on).

I have theories about what a gooseneck is, but nothing definite.

Working half of the lunch and dinner service.

three medium rare all day!”. Often times a result of being in the weeds, and neglecting to run a card, or over-pouring at the bar.

Here are some other names: “Sinkers and suds” is a cutsie term for doughnuts and coffee, although you can order the coffee alone as a “belly warmer.” Find the best doughnut shop in your state.


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