resurgence jeans review
Their aim was always to create a jean that would meet the old, tough-as-hell, EN 13595 standard. Comments are ordered from most recent to oldest. The size 8 jeans that I originally received were so tiny I could barely get them past my mid-thigh, yet I am a solid size 8 in women’s pants. For items made by Resurgence the cheapest is £29.98 and highest cost is £299. They fit very nicely due to the incorporation of the elastic fabric in the denim. Your email address will not be published. I do have a pair of Kevlar jeans, and I don’t like them as much. If anything, they seem stretchier. Hence when buying a helmet ensure that it has a good visor and that it would protect your eyes from dust and other little debris that could hurtle towards you at speed. You’re In The Right Place. What does CE Approved mean? The jeans come with CE-level protection for the hips and the knees.

The PEKEV material itself covers the entire seat area and runs most of the way down the back of the legs and stops about 30.5 cm (12 inches) from the leg opening. If you know what I mean. The PEKEV abrasion-resistant liner was first described in the webBikeWorld RHOK Gen3 jeans review (PEKEV was developed by Resurgence Gear and was licensed to RHOK at one time; now the PEKEV liner is only available in the Resurgence Gear line of jeans and cargo pants). The main material is made of a stretch fabric, and the PEKEV liner actually ventilates very well. Note that advertisements for the affiliates may be placed on the product review pages. Your email address will not be published. Resurgence Pekev Cruiser Cargo Jeans Review: quality score of 99%. And they fit sugly and don’t appear to be there, which is the best part. For informational use only. Alpinestars ACR Air-Flo Mesh Pants Review. The best value product in the RiDE Recommended & Best Buy Products category is just £72.75 with the highest price at £789.99. Black will follow shortly after, we are told. You may end up paying more to repair your injured self than what you would have saved by buying substandard products to “protect” yourself when riding the motorcycle. Of course, you wouldn’t expect them to be cheap. The Resurgence Gear PEKEV Cargo Trousers are currently available in four different unnamed colors: olive green, charcoal, black and khaki. Hip protectors are also included with the Resurgence Gear jeans, but unfortunately the same issue can be found when it comes to the hip protector pocket opening and, in fact, it is worse. I definitely feel that the protection level is superior to that of some of my other Kevlar panel -reinforced jeans. This will help us generate some revenue and to make it easier for you to purchase products while helping to support webBikeWorld. Kevlar jeans lasted 7 seconds. Required fields are marked *. The rider is vulnerable to the driving and riding standards of other road users and falling off is limited to a rider and not to others who could be protected inside a “tin can”. The standard calls for a minimum 2 second abrasion resistance and the Resurgence Gear material lasted 23.2 seconds in the test. But how much would you expect to pay for a jean that wears like a regular pair of heavy-duty denim jeans, but which offers more than twice the protection of leather? Change ), Review of the Dainese Gran Turismo Gore-Tex jacket, Touratech Travel Event Thailand & GS Challenge 2015, Sungei Lembing offroad and camping trip with SOAR. I would love to see a “delete rear pocket” option made available on these otherwise excellent pair of motorcycle-specific jeans.”. The riding goggles should fit you perfectly with no chance of any dust passing through to your eyes. All material and photographs are Copyright © webWorld International, LLC since 2000. This, in combination with the “hook” portions on the protector itself, allow for a 2-3 inches of adjustment in the placement of the protectors. The Black Bird jeans are especially … From “A.G.” (July 2015): “I purchased a pair of these jeans based on their performance rating and your review.


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