rich man, poor woman ep 16 recap

With her imminent graduation, her dream is to work for Next In. Cast Suho, Ha Yeon Soo, Oh Chang Suk, Kim Ye Won (1987) Ep. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Aww, sorry you didn’t like this one. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I mean the title alone gives you an idea of what to expect. But like Yoo Chan does with everyone, he has a hard time truly appreciating Tae Joo. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, so that’s always nice. Meanwhile, Kim Bo Ra (Ha Yun Soo) is the pride of her hometown on Jeju Island who came to Seoul to attend college. Rich Man, Poor Woman. Yes, I haven’t seen the Japanese version, but it’s a classic. I was wondering if you would get Mr. Sunshine. I wonder why since most countries are getting 2 eps the week they air. It was light and fun with a solid emotional core and a great soundtrack to enhance it. All rights reserved. There’s nothing new here, but it does its job and delivers this classic story in an entertaining way. Haha, bring on the fluff! Watch List. It’s pretty much fluff, but it’s pretty romantic with an adorable couple, and it’s just all around light and fun , I tried watching a Cdrama once but found the audio a bit difficult to get used to. Then Bo Ra shows up with a mysterious connection to her that immediately grabs his attention.

Yes, I love that you are so open to various dramas I just always like to give a heads up when I can since expectations can certainly effect our drama watching experience. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 2018 PG-13 MBN, Dramax. With her imminent graduation, her dream is to work for Next One. Score 1/5, Aww, sorry this drama didn’t work out for you People did seem fairly divided on it. Actually I didn't like very much even the japanese version, I still tried this because maybe would have been different. I was genuinely surprised by Rich Man. ( Log Out /  He’s also a genius and has a difficult time understanding others. I got up to episode 5 and couldn’t watch anymore. Acting/Cast 1.0. I might just check out one or two episodes (once I get some time that is), to see if this is something I would enjoy watching. And how could you not fall for the sweet Bo Ra? 2. And it deals with lots of in depth topics as it goes on. It is a remake of a popular 2012 Japanese drama with the same title. It definitely had a very old school rom com style in its setup and that included the classic complete jerk of a leading man. Ep 3. About Episodes Subtitle team It was on my list based on the premise alone but with your review I’ll be a bit more prepared for the pacing , Yes, it definitely has a more laid back feel in general plus the romance is so slow. Just gotta figure out when to watch it , I guess I’ll have to put Dr. Stranger on my short list of possible medical dramas. He suffers from a condition where he can’t recognize faces, and this makes him very guarded and mistrustful of most people. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 11 Recap. Screenplay by Hwang Jo-yoon (황조윤), Park Jeong-ye (박정예) •Romantic comedy Dramax, MBN | Airing dates : 2018/05/09~2018/06/28. Watch Rich Man Ep 16 Eng Sub (2018) Korean Drama. I think that happened for quite a few with this one. I’m in! I like the story elements you describe here, and it’s always nice when a series seems to turn into something quite different than you expect. But Love O20 is pretty good for people who gravitate towards kdramas (like me!). For my taste, the drama was very boring. “Rich Man, Poor Woman” is a 2018 South Korean drama series directed by Min Doo Shik. I’ve had Smile You on my list for years. Great if you want something light though , Are you kidding me! Yay! Then the main story of the drama develops quite nicely too. First Impressions: Rich Man, Poor Woman posted by Debra.J on May 10, 2018 4 comments The wait is finally over as the Korean remake of the popular 2012 Japanese drama, Rich Man, Poor Woman … Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 16 of 16 episodes seen .

While we do still get relationship developments between Yoo Chan and Bo Ra throughout the drama, it ends up taking a while (as in most of the drama, be prepared) for them to get to that point where they are both on the same page and really ready to embrace their feelings for each other. Starting it today! 1. But the thing to keep in mind is that the story really is more about their journey as characters, so in many ways the love line felt secondary. I really was so happy to find that message waiting for me today: I almost shouted YES out loud at my work when I saw it lol I am going to do that for sure. Music 4.5. There are some rom-com clichés, but they are executed nicely. ( Log Out /  Details Drama Korea Rich Man (Dramax) Title: 리치맨 / Richimaen Also known as: Rich Man, Poor Woman Genre: Comedy, romance Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: Dramax — I will mention too that it seems that a lot more people didn’t like this drama than did. Some of the plot points tend to get repetitive after a while but there’s enough cute to keep me watching. But we finally do get some romance to blossom between Yoo Chan and Bo Ra. So when she takes an interest in Yoo Chan, she expects to get him. 4.


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