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I really felt like watching Psych again, especially after watching Galavant and reading about the connection from one of the movies I’ve watched. Anyway, as soon as the first ghost was shown and the theme tune started playing I was hooked and I think I had the silliest of grins on my face throughout the whole movie.While the story wasn’t the most innovative one and not all the jokes worked (the soup one did get a bit boring the third time around, but the final iteration was still fun), was it still full of the charm I had loved about the original.This combined with pretty cool visual effects and a great usage of 3D made for a really enjoyable time. 166 Ended or Cancelled TV Shows for the 2017-18 Season. How did Black Kat put it? Every other Wednesday I will publish a post in which I talk about (the latest or any episode of) a series or a (series of) movie(s). But one can never be sure what some channels dig up…, I hope you enjoyed this little look into the different stuff I watched throughout the last months. Yes, he’s the happy-go-lucky comic relief, but he is also a compassionate and caring person that uses his jokes to cheer up other people intentionally. What was the most frustrating cancellation for you (except Firefly, please …)? It’s a fun movie, a bit weird at times, but still quite fun, but that’s British humour for you I guess. It felt rushed and without heart. Janine was awesome, Janine had snark, he was just the perfect mixture of incompetency and (male) arrogance combined with a pretty face – the sandwich discussion at the end did not improve his role to me. The other characters didn’t really get that much screen time, but used what little they had quite well (I still can’t believe Amenadiel is played by the same guy that played Robin Wood in Buffy – I remember him looking different o.O ). Did she really just went to New Mexico and never returned?) Flypaper on the other hand was … strange … I’m not entirely sure I understood it. , * I wrote the text for Agent Carter and Galavant before it was clear that both shows would get cancelled, but I didn’t want to edit them. Don't have an account? When I’m not catching up with up-to-date shows I started watching Castle. This Season was a bit strange. It had a dance off between Rowan-possessed Kevin and the police force, three or four more scenes, including one leading to a possible sequel with another reference to the original and a karaoke version of the theme song, with videos of tons of Ghostbuster fans singing along (I was very close to singing along in the cinema as well…).And at the very end a personal greeting/thank you by the leading ladies. It’s been years since I watched the Constantine-movie with Keanu Reeves, so I had pretty much a clean slate again in regards to the character. When we got back from the trip we decided to watch Notting Hill while relaxing from the flight as we had spent more than an hour trying to find the book store used in the filming of this flick…it was Janzy’s idea/wish… Anyway, I had actually never seen the movie before, so I was surprised to find well rounded comedy in a movie that’s praised for being oh-so-romantic. In most cases this will be a collection of thoughts that cross through the different media. As I wanted to find out something about the table in the Bunker I also re-watched Slumber Party a while back. Though that might be due to the fact that being a Nerd has changed over the decades since those four were created. In addition to that did I also complete Dead Like Me (including the Movie), Lost Girl and got up to date with The Librarians. The Class was one stereotype after the other as well and while it had a few good jokes and a few nice characters the overall story line was quite obvious and boring at times. (VERY) Unusual for me is that I like the main character, especially because she reacts so understandable and normal. Two college students are seduced into the evil cult of role playing games. Suspendisse ultrices hendrerit a vitae vel a And that’s the worst thing about it. What was that about? Oh, no, no, no… I think my personal highlights were two peasants (Chef Vincenzo and handmaiden Gwynne) singing about their horrible lives and short life expectancy and deciding to spent the rest of it together and squires singing about their masters, but the guest-songs by Ricky Gervais‘ and Anthony Stuart Head’s characters were also quite fun. Searching for Angela and haunted ... See full summary ». It has a lot of „WTF“ moment, where you’re not entirely sure what you should think, especially when Roleplayers are put on a pedestal that is usually occupied by the sports-teams, people are chanting „RPG“ and are so deeply engrossed in the game that they forget reality. Until recently it’s been years since I last saw it and after a certain episode of Supernatural (namely Tall Tales) reminded me of Milo, the dog of main character Stanley Ipkiss I just felt the need to watch it again. o.O Everything simply felt like: We want to give this one last try, but we aren’t actually trying. It’s fun and I really liked the movies preceding it, but there isn’t much in terms of character development. And I think it’s incredible that they included him in the cast – even if in the beginning he seemed to follow Canon a bit too closely for my taste, but I do blame that on Harmony who wanted to hear such ridiculous prayer s…. Then there is also Kat who is a timid turned confident housewife here and a ruthless Blutbad in Grimm and so forth. It deals with many important topics in incredible ways, has many great characters and their interactions are natural and understandable, though for me personally a few things went too fast, but I guess that’s life. What did they and Rudy actually do to get into community service? Or when they mess up and try to work their way out of a fiasko of sentence. No idea when I’ll even make one of these again, but make sure to keep an eye out for more information on my Advent Calendar. In a way they were all incredible and I partly discussed this over at Geekritique, so to quote myself: [T]hroughout the whole series I was torn between enjoying the episode and wondering what was going on, so the final[e] was both satisfying and utterly frustrating. At first I only wanted to watch the first episode to see if it was as tropey and full of cliches as I anticipated. I know I said, I didn’t want to blog for a while, but these thoughts won’t leave me, so I’ve decided to do another of these in the new version I mentioned last time. The other part of me just considers this to be awfully cruel. I just felt like watching it again, it’s such a great movie… Finally a year after the Con the group manages to game again and continue their quest in the dungeon of The Shadow! Magic has returned to the modern world and nothing will be the same again. The characters might not be the most creative ones, but they’re fun and not always entirely what they seem to be and that’s enough for a serial like this. As I mentioned in part one did I enjoy Matt Ryan as an actor, so I took a look at two movies he had stared in: Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day and Flypaper. , As I’ve already helped with the subtitles on Attacking the Darkness, it was a no-brainer that I’d also apply for Season 3. Netflix does a better job at this than the studios that put together The Intern – maybe mostly because it’s based on a book by a real person and they’re doing a pretty good job at diversity anyway, even if they then cancel the promising shows like this one – and Sense8. And now for the best part of the watching experience: The glorious cameos – even if for a long time it sounded like none of the original cast members wanted to participate in this. You have little things that remind you of them, like I mentioned before, but you can’t say: Erin is the new Egon, Abby is Ray, Patty is Winston, because that would leave Holtzmann for Venkman and that wouldn’t work, she’s too eccentric and committed. It had a lot of laughs, a lot of emotions and was a great closure to Rivers storyline (like Last Christmas and Face the Raven could have been for Clara). Let me know in the comments below! If it all takes place after Civil War then the training sequence is far too short. It’s usually frowned upon to participate in such things, because their childish and ridiculous, so seeing it be the „in“-thing on a campus is kind of incredible, yet still really weird, as it’s portrayed so over the top that it’s not believable any more.


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