taeyong sister

Thank you again!~~, but once he’s comfortable non stop back hugs, type to buy you gifts all the time and they aren’t cheap by the way, but for him it’s cheap cause he got them $$$, you end up getting mad cus u told him to stop buying you all that expensive stuff, because you love him for who he truly is and not because of his money, ure one of the only people he would open up to, fights don’t usually happen unless you two are too stressed out, rarely saying i love u to eachother because u both express it thru actions, he’s the type to show up at your apartment at 3am because he’s bored, he might even sleep over to do his music stuff cus he’s clingy like that, a week before tour he would sleep over but not the night he leaves cause he needs to be w his members by that time, when he sees you cry he would be so broken, when you see him cry he ends up comforting you cause u always cry when he does bc he doesn’t usually cry, whenever he gets sick you take care of him but he always denies that he ain’t sick, you would be his first and he would be your first relationship (y’all dirty minds huuuhhh), seems like an butt over boobs type of guy, reason why he doesn’t talk to girls on tv is bc he doesn’t want rumors to spread. accidentally exposing jisung that he has a crush on you. Their family genes do not kid around, She's an EXO L too   https://instagram.com/p/BMVl7s2hPTV/https://instagram.com/p/_w0N2EnUMZ/Come through like Yuri and Vivian and give us a photoshoot, everything is good as long as she doesn't smile. According to fan accounts, two fans approached Taeyong during a […] Taeyong Fans Also Viewed . Rapper. JAEHYUN: older brother! Born in South Korea #21. You can even add Nct 127. Rapper. :))) thanks so much for this request i’ll try to be better next time! TAEYONG: as an older brother TAEYONG: dating would include. (MTV Asia Spotlight) – Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul – … Post Malone. Rapper. sorry my english fails me sometimes. 6IX9INE. 25 Year Olds. Can you do a Lucas texts scenario when his gf is nervous about meeting the other members?

Taeyong Facts: – He was born in Seoul, South Korea – Taeyong has an older sister (born in 1988).

….95% No…. Your number one Asian entertainment forum, serving the community since 2013. Born on July 1 #12. I want to know how his real sister look like? judging by their childhood pic, she has big eyes too, those doll eyes are definite his family's genes, Is that his sister?? By HI IM BACK FINALLY EOCKSKCNS IM SORRY SEND IN REQUESTS! In 2019, he debuted in the K-pop supergroup SuperM.

"I've been looking for my job lately cause I had no dream maybe". LUCAS: dating would include. i’m really sorry if it’s bad it’s my first time doing textsss pls do request more if you have any !!! Taeyong Popularity .

https://nctbtscenarios.tumblr.com/post/175111460268/master-list-requests-are-open. Before joining SM Entertainment, Taeyong dreamt of being a firefighter. Patiently waiting for that SudannaYuzuYully and NCT J unit collab. He is a part of NCT U and is one of the main rappers and dancers of NCT 127,where he also takes upon the role of being the 127 leader. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. © OneHallyu 2020. ah.

Lee Tae-yong (Hangul: 이태용) referred to as Taeyong (Hangul: 태용) is a South Korean rapper, singer, dancer and songwriter, born in Seoul on July 1, 1995.

Lil Peep. Rappers. TAEYONG: little sister wants to meet lucas.

tbh anyone who would marry and have a family with jungkook must’ve saved the planet in his/her past life. And while the SM Entertainment singer has been accused of personality issues in the past, it was recently revealed that he’s dated two of his fans in the past, causing quite a dating scandal. SuperM. Their last names are different, Sent from my iPhone using OneHallyu mobile app, (OP you can edit the title in case you didn't know lol), i tried to clickbait but guess no one read the first line of the op, Your first sentence is actually a bit confusing, yeah? tell me boi boi love it it it it it it? JISUNG: more than best friends. her eyes is as pretty as Taeyong's I want to know how his real sister look like? Powered by Invision Community. For new Grasses (aka Czennies aka NCTzens) , I’m sorry if I ruined your innocence with this answer but…. He has an older sister. JISUNG: as a twin. Taeyong has a puppy named Ruby which he adopted when he was 14. Ever since his news of his past controversies, NCT‘s Taeyong has been a controversial figure among fans. He shares a room with his fellow member, Johnny. [Appreciation] Taeyong's sister is such a DOLL. SO LOYAL TO YOU SO U BETTER NOT MESS UP AND VICE VERSA. Meet Taeyeon‘s adorable younger sister, Hayeon, who’s currently a trainee at SM Entertainment. Cancer Rapper #12. After news that Taeyeon’s younger sister, Hayeon became an SM Entertainment trainee, fans have been on the edge of their seats, looking for as many photos of Hayeon as possible. hi! judging by their childhood pic, she has big eyes too We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. just posted it!

BingeulBingeul, November 13, 2016 in Random, *COUSIN Sister,actually But wow!! Hayeon was born in 1998 and has been an SM trainee for a little less than two years. REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! – Nickname: TY (given by SM producer, Yoo Young Jin) – He’s called Tyong by his friends. 25 Year Old Rapper #9. TAEYONG: idol! You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue.

Rapper Born in South Korea #7. siblings.

Taeyong Is A Member Of . NCT.

those teeth, she's pretty, she looks better when she doesn't smile, but i don't see any resemblance  to taeyong at all xD, Well, they're just cousins so the resemblance isn't close but they both have such big and pretty eyes, still none, but thanks for that second pic, Taeyong oppa looks extra handsome there, She's pretty but her face reminds me of a bitch I really hated when I was in high school. NCT AS/INCLUDE. He misses Ruby so much and worries she might not recognize him when he comes home. Born in Seoul, South Korea #11. Most Popular #2826.


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