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One of the guards uses both earth- and firebending while battling Zaheer. No one appreciates my raw veggie wraps like you do. We're not hunting this group. It is not a peaceful night, however, as Zaheer and his associates manage to infiltrate the city and make their way to the guesthouses by Suyin Beifong's estate. We'll be together soon. Kuvira orders the four to surrender and release the Avatar, just as the ground surrounding the makeshift prison begins to turn into a moat filled with lava. While examining the crime scene, Mako begins to question whether Hong Li is responsible for aiding Zaheer and his gang, as it is improbable for him to have been involved with the group due to his relatively young age. I don't know, but we all saw the evidence. It would seem they had some inside knowledge of Zaofu. This is my job! History. https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/The_Terror_Within?oldid=2794439, Zaheer used shirshu-spit darts to sedate Korra and Naga. By doing so, Mako notices scuff marks on the floor and theorizes that they were made by the bookshelves sliding open. I'm the daughter of Toph and [. Some time later, Suyin visits Team Avatar at their guest house. [. It is. The small pockets of humanity that managed to survive the global outbreak were unable to fight back, thus huge numbers of the vicious, so-called Gargoyles were able … As she smugly announces that she is the "metalbending champion", Bolin dismisses her success with annoyance, attributing it to her being the Avatar.

It's not normal! [, Mako, metalbending is extremely difficult. Asami agrees, noting that they will find Zaheer's group as well, but Lin sharply disapproves, insisting that Korra returns to Republic City for protection.

Zaheer attempts to use airbending to cover himself and his associates with a cloud of smoke, but he is restrained with metal cables and pulled away from the moat. And I bet if we find Aiwei, we'll find Zaheer.

Collecting pumice stones with Zhu Li.

Just some fresh tire tracks.

Entering his home, Aiwei is surprised to find the foursome waiting for him, and demands to know the reason for their break-in.

[. This stinks! That night, Suyin gives them a jeep, and Team Avatar departs Zaofu, intending to hunt down Aiwei. The chef tells Opal that he will miss her. [, Bolin, put that back! The Terror Within II is a 1991 science fiction horror film and a sequel to the 1989 film The Terror Within. For the only person who can truly keep a secret in this city: Aiwei.

It is written and directed by star Andrew Stevens (reprising his role from the first film), and also stars R. Lee Ermey, Chick Vennera, Barbara Alyn Woods, Gordon Currie, and Stella Stevens.

Despite their efforts to remain undetected, the four startle Pabu, who begins to cry out in distress; his high-pitched screeches are dismissed by a tired Bolin. Just bring in the next guard! Learning that Aiwei is a traitor and has possibly escaped Zaofu via a tunnel, Lin Beifong uses her seismic sense to scan for his presence. Wing avoids it and, by taking control of the attack, manages to knock Korra over, capturing her with her own cable. When Kuvira leaves, Lin places a comforting hand on her sister's shoulder.

Go. Ugh, I hate the future!

Bolin dismally remarks that he will think of Opal every time he sees raw kale, expressing how unfortunate it is that Opal had to leave just as they were getting to know one another. Suyin and other members of the Metal Clan begin to follow her lead, effectively trapping Zaheer and his associates inside a makeshift metal prison. That guard is only eighteen years old and has lived in Zaofu his entire life. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Aiwei lifts a metal wall between himself and the others; Mako quickly sends a fireball in his direction, but it dissipates against the thick metal. I'll have my people prep your airship and you can leave first thing in the morning. It was executive produced by Roger Corman, and is one of the early films of future Academy Award-winning cinematographer Janusz Kamiński.

Question them all!

This episode marks the first time that seismic sense is used by an earthbender in footwear, as all previous uses of the technique involved being barefoot to increase the user's connection with the earth. Korra snaps that Lin needs to stop trying to protect her, as it is her job as the Avatar to deal with people like Zaheer, and Lin responds angrily in turn that Korra should not lecture her about jobs. However, when the scene pans to Mako, everyone else also has raw veggie wraps on their table. The Metal Clan and Team Avatar make numerous attempts to cross the moat, but this is made difficult by Ghazan's lavabending and constant suppressing fire from P'Li. Everyone, if I could have your attention please? That guy is lavabending! Or it could be how Zaheer got in and out.

Venturing further inside the now destroyed room, the team concludes that Aiwei has escaped through a tunnel. You are trespassing on the property of one of the highest-ranked officials in the city. Bolin greets Varrick and asks why he is exploring the crime scene. [1], TV Guide awarded the film two out of four stars, calling the film "dull" and criticized the film's characters and special effects.

This is the only episode in which P'Li is seen generating normal fire. Guys, it's time to get cleaned up.


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