the 1946 sakadas

Sakadas are Filipino contract workers who immigrated to Hawaii between 1906-1946 to work as laborers for Hawaii’s sugar and pineapple plantations. Immediately after arriving in Paauilo, he began to work in the cane fields of HMC as a “hoe hana” and “cut cane” man. The most heartfelt of all the films, Mrs. Stice’s story captures the much-needed second-generation and female perspective that has not often been documented. <>>> The most Filipino part of me? “I never gave them five cents for college. If you had come in the 1920s, it was dirt in your face, lunas (supervisors) kicking your ass.’”. “The ’46 sakada arrived in the midst of new economic realities in postwar Hawaii,” wrote scholar Steffi San Buenaventura in the paper “Hawaii’s 1946 sakada” in “Social Process in Hawaii,” 1996. But suddenly, Ramos turns serious, almost on the verge of tears. Filipina poster. Asked how he has stayed so healthy, he says: “I just do my thing. The third film, Filipina (14:35min), portrays the life story of Apolonia Agonoy Stice, a second-generation Sakada descendant, who grew up in the pineapple plantation town of Lanai City in the 1940’s. Coming from a poor family, he couldn’t pursue an education because his parents needed him to work. They never got presents from me. “What is American, what is Filipino? Ramos looks genuinely puzzled. “Hey, you know, you didn’t need Mastercard, you could use this to charge,” he adds. The SS Maunawili, the inter-island cargo ship that transported the last “sakadas” from the Philipipines to Hawaii in 1946. Between 1906-1946, over 100,000 Filipino men were recruited by the Hawaiian Sugar Planters’ Association to work as Sakadas for Hawaii’s booming sugar plantation industry. ,\*�"Sl��]���]��H��plgj��Q�Ħ�L-V��J���aO�԰ QZ��)�s������awY��{RQ0k��7���V����}G]�R#�v����'8j�t�*-s�t`���ak�/��b��QA_�!1A����� ��p�׉��|.��+��v-�� _H�q�K=Q�Yq�M��lB�gsا��|F�}��\p��H�#֎��5A=�@�ޮ��}��Z���+�9�q��0�p�m I don’t worry about nothing. Now at the end of his life, Mr. Erice looks back at the most gratifying thing he has ever done – sending all of his children to college, proudly giving them the education he never had. “Hala, buntis! In fact, one companion was so determined to ogle the women, he actually cut a window in the packed truck’s canvas walls with a pocket knife.

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“They told us to make sure we got on the right trucks, but I was too busy looking for wahine (girls),” Ramos says with a laugh. I’m at peace.” He points upward again. Sakadas are Filipino contract workers who immigrated to Hawaii between 1906-1946 to work as laborers for Hawaii’s sugar and pineapple plantations. Of the workforce that went on strike, six thousand (6,000) were recent Sakadas … [subtitled]. NC�>b��~��&��P���vz����8�g�B�4A�e����R9���=�hV��R�'�X&��-�EV,40�ˑ$�ʈ�a�B���5�F���6�H69���������^����՝���]ݙ�=�q�A��A.�_k�B ?LX�@�P�=� He says, “My father say, ‘You know how to write your name is enough.’ ”  Beginning by cutting grass and hauling cane at Waialua Sugar Plantation, Mr. Erice, through merit, landed a job in trade as a welder. My first child was born out of wedlock on Oct. 16, 1948.”, By the following year, Ramos was working as a laboratory analyst in a sugar plantation in Kahuku. endobj “Life for them would be much more than solitude,” wrote Dr. Belinda Aquino, of the Center for Philippine Studies at University of Hawaii in Manoa, in “The Filipino Century in Hawaii: Out of the Crucible,” a paper published in the souvenir program for the sakada’s centennial celebration in 2006. “Our relationship with the Japanese was beautiful, we never heard anybody say they thought we would retaliate for what happened during the war. I eat the same vegetables—I love malunggay.”, Hawaii legislates Dec. 20 as Filipino ‘Sakada Day’, Filipinos in Maui mark sakadas’ arrival in Hawaii 110 years ago. 3 0 obj She went to stay with my uncle like my own family, although I probably didn’t even get to talk to her until we were married. �N��R`Ӌr��'�iP74�,�BS��au'Dd �v��b. That’s it. That ring cost $21.50. “They gave us bags, and we had to fill them up and put them by the roadside … I didn’t even know how much I was making.” He estimates it was about 52 cents an hour, a little better than in the sugar plantations. The boys took off from Port Salomangue in Ilocos Sur for Hawaii aboard the ship Maunawili; Ramos remembers his sturdy rattan suitcase, more durable than the wrapped blankets, cartons and woven bags his companions carried. “Lakay, do you know this guy?

After nine months in Maui, however, Ramos and a colleague ran away and made it to Oahu, where he worked at various jobs in Honolulu. Don't miss out on the latest news and information.


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