the crown season 2, episode 2
The Crown (Trailer) Season 3 Teaser: The Crown. Surrounded by his vulgar private secretary Mike and some Navy men, he travels to the farthest reaches of the world (Mombasa, Kenya; Ceylon; New Guinea) and plays makeshift Olympic games with the “natives,” to borrow Mike’s condescending word. While Philip starts to look decent-ish again, the onus for all loutish male behavior falls on Private Secretary Mike (Michael Parker), whose wife back in England has finally had enough and is drumming up the necessary evidence to get a divorce. It covers a slice of British history not typically covered in American schools, spends the vast majority of its screen time focusing on new and ancillary characters, and is frankly not terribly interesting as presented. National Treasure Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard Returns to VH1 for Reunion Special. The Crown; Season 2; Episodes + add episode. A salacious government scandal hits close to home for Elizabeth and Philip. A recap of The Crown season 2 episode 2 ‘A Company of Men’. Season 2 Trailer: The Crown. As her marriage falls apart, Princess Margaret finds solace in the arms of a much younger landscape gardener. We shake our heads sadly at Mike, who’s a real piece of work, but Philip is excused for much of the same behavior. Left without a home by a political coup in Athens, Philip's eccentric mother, Princess Alice of Greece, is invited to live in Buckingham Palace by the Queen. Current Episode (aired 17 Nov. 2019) Cri de Coeur . She does, thanks to a Thursday Club cocktail waitress who eventually steals one of Mike’s notorious letters. The 1969 moon landing occasions a mid-life crisis in Prince Philip, who thinks of the adventures he has missed as the Queen's consort. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. The final episode of season two of The Crown is largely difficult to follow. The message seems pretty clear: Philip sucks. As it turns out, it’s actually aimed at humanizing him. 4 songs. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Well, now it’s time to shift the balance. Prime Minister Eden wants to strike back after Egypt seizes the Suez Canal. 7 Dec 2017. It’s a visual key that helps support the episode’s initial suggestion about Philip’s role in his marriage: There’s Elizabeth in chilly gray Britain, and here’s Philip on a fantastically attractive ship, drenched in sun and suffused with the relaxed glow of someone whose entire job is to hang out on a boat with his friends and play sports occasionally. Naturally, Mike continues to misbehave there and chronicles it all for the Thursday Club — which will come back to bite him and the royal family in the butt. Helen King, the reporter, isn’t interested in any kind of puff piece. Eden faces censure from his cabinet and the press. All rights reserved. A salacious government scandal hits close to home for Elizabeth and Philip. Know what this is about? Philip is incensed, asking whether there were any provisions made for his own desires on the topic, and Mike wryly answers that no, no one’s made any room for Philip to have any opinions on this matter. Log in or link your magazine subscription, David Fincher Confirms the ‘Very Expensive’, Tekashi 6ix9ine Sued by 13-Year-Old in Sex-Video Case, Adele and H.E.R Sort Out Who’s the Musical Guest in, The 50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now, Amber Ruffin Is Done With People Pretending They Can’t Pronounce ‘Kamala Harris’, “Kamala is barely any different than Pamela, and there’s not a white person alive who doesn’t know a Pamela.”, A Concert Review! The ship is in choppy waters. (Next: A Christmas message), Philip’s redemption arc of sorts continues when the royal ship receives a distress signal from a shipwrecked mariner from a nearby island. They tried calling once, but the connection was bad. To be clear, “A Company of Men” does not totally excuse Philip for his loutish behavior. 4 songs. Check out our recommendations to stream this month. The Flag Officer simply wants to keep going on their way home, but Philip insists on taking the man back to his home because he understands how awful it is to be away from your family (at this point, Philip is starting to miss his). Philip is stuck opening the Olympics, a task he claims to hate for its stuffy, restrictive publicity, when a lovely female reporter catches his eye. Add your shows and see the site populate with them, Calendar and Homepage with your shows only, Track your watched episodes and see new ones come out, Define search engines to find episodes with one click, Get suggestions for new shows based on what you watch, Many other neat features and customizations. As Britain is still reeling from the humiliating Suez Crisis, Philip is having the time of his life on his royal tour. Her meeting with a lawyer is amazingly bad, and she has to do the humiliating work of finding evidence of Mike’s infidelity herself. )Watch the last 10 minutes of the final episode of season two multiple times - it just keeps getting better. But once again, Philip: You’ve spent five months on a beautiful ship that you love almost unreservedly. Mystery Man Sure, he gets up to dance when one of the women pulls him from his seat, but it’s Mike who goes home with one of them at the end of the night. Season 2 guide for The Crown TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Meanwhile back at home, Mike’s wife Eileen, who has long suspected her husband of infidelity, meets with a lawyer to discuss divorce. It’s a bummer. Episode cast overview, first billed only. Lureena Cornwell Can Teach You How to Thrift. Curbed is now a part of New York Magazine. Charles visits the exiled Duke of Windsor in his Paris chateau, only to find him very ill. Know what this is about? Track The Crown season 2 episodes. (08 Dec 2017). 7 Dec 2017. Offers may be subject to change without notice. “A Company of Men” is almost entirely about Philip and his royal tour. Elizabeth hears him and responds in her own message, telling him that their family is united and that she’s waiting for him at home. This time, the singer-songwriter’s challenge to listen comes as a gift. Title: Elizabeth retreats to Scotland for the rest of a difficult pregnancy. It’s simply a fantastic show to look at. (Or, if not excused, he’s at least sympathetic, imprisoned as he is on a boat he dearly loves, pulling rank over the captain and having beard-growing contests.) It does not look good for their marriage, and worse, Elizabeth’s secretary Michael Adeane is worried it’ll stir up similar rumors about Elizabeth and Philip. The royal family mourns the passing of Winston Churchill. In fact, Philip barely appeared in the episode. Eddie Van Halen Once Asked Ozzy Osbourne to Join the Band, “I think he was a bit drunk. Every year Elizabeth gives a holiday speech on the radio, but this year Adeane decides to have Philip give one, too, since he is so far from home. As her marriage falls apart, Princess Margaret finds solace in the arms of a much younger landscape gardener. Philip wasn’t prepared to answer any of these questions and eventually storms out the room and orders Mike to never let his vanity get the best of him again.


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