the expanse amos death
Later, during a food riot that Holden is unable to calmly settle, Naomi calls Amos, bluffing, telling him to have their OPA gunship shoot down a food freighter if it leaves the station. When they are fired upon, they can do nothing except brace for impact, but Holden and Alex manage to save them with the Rocinante’s rail guns. I had heard him described as a sociopath, but I really don't think that's the word to use. We've found a way to make the popular theory still be correct though - posted about it in this thread i.e. Left with little air, Alex suggests to sedate Amos since he's an Earther and uses more air, but Amos points out that Alex can't carry him but Amos could carry him. Amos quickly sets his sights on Cortazar, the scientist recovered from the research station. Amos works with James outside the shuttle to fix the antenna, revealing his darker nature saying he was ambivalent whether or not to just rip James' helmet off and kick him off the shuttle except Naomi would disapprove. During dinner Holden discusses his boredom. Amos beats one of them, then they start repairing the shuttle. Novels and stories This probably made me rethink his entire character. He's eerily comfortable, and even cheerful, at the prospect of violence. They arrive to Baltimore and meet up with Erich, then proposition him to go to Luna with them, by way of a private launch pad on Lake Winnipesaukee. Soon thereafter, he and the crew discover a human-protomolecule hybrid aboard the ship and must construct a plan to destroy it. During the battle at Thoth station, Amos made continuous repairs to the Roci to keep it flying and attacking. The Expanse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. In "Godspeed", Alex, Naomi, Holden and Amos take off with the massive generational ship the Nauvoo in tow, which will be used to destroy Eros and the protomolecule. Amos quickly realized they were in a trap and engaged the assassins first, killing two of them, with Miller killing the third. That analysis makes a lot of sense to me and I think imaunicorn/legitimate salvage has hit the nail on the head when she says Amos has the capacity for good inside of him, but he doesn’t consciously feel his own emotions and thus needs to use his head to figure out how to display empathy towards others. Later, the Rocinante crew launches the Nauvoo into Eros, but the asteroid defies all physics and dodges the starship. He was probably prostituted as a child, which may explain both the impact on him and his protectiveness toward children. In "Doors & Corners", once on board Tycho, the crew of the Rocinante hatch a plan to get rid of the protomolecule, the extra-solar life form that destroyed Eros. I feel like Amos has been in positions with no clear moral options so many times he's just totally detached from anything other than practicality. He is very muscular and solidly built, being strong even for an Earther which gives him an advantage in hand-to-hand as he can pummel the living daylights out of anyone who tries fisticuffs with him, such as when he easily overpowers Miller when the detective took a swing at him. While the Donnie is attacked and boarded, Holden and his crew are escorted to the hangar bay by Lieutenant Kelly and three marines. If character death is an "inherent and necessary part" of the story for TWD, then surely the same can be said about flying through space in a metal bucket slinging heavy metal and nuclear projectiles at one another. Erich says he treated Lydia very well, but Amos insists he takes care of Charles too. After much debate, given Fred’s reputation, they decide to take him up on his offer, shortly before disguising the ship with the new name of the Rocinante. Luckily, the creature seems more interested in finding the ship's nuclear power-source than killing the captain. Amos notices someone following them who appears to be a cop. Amos' favourite meal is Pasta and Mushrooms, heavy on the garlic & Parmesan. ♂Male When Alex panicks during the CQB situation, Amos mocks him for being "some tough mickey pilot." He tells Holden he needs their ship, the Rocinante, to go find the Scopuli’s sole survivor – code name 'Lionel Polanski'. Melissa is hesitant to let them help until she sees how handy Naomi is in repairing her ship. Once he assures her he's there on a personal errand, he's free to go. THE EXPANSE Inside the Expanse Season 2, Episode 8 Syfy. So I think the external moral compass reading is still valid, with the caveats you laid out so beautifully. You're absolutely right about having his own sense of morality and being more dissociative than sociopathic. I gotta get through the next two books in the expanse for now spoilers, though. Seasons They arrive at the hackers home for the exchange, but the hacker believes they have more chicken and raises the price. Amos's birth name is Timothy, or "Timmy". Amos, Erich, and Peaches make their way to the lake where the shuttles are. In "Home", with Eros now hurtling towards Earth at speeds that defy physics, Holden and the Rocinante crew convince the UN to give Fred Johnson the codes to a horde of nuclear missiles so that he can control them remotely through information the Rocinante feeds him. Holden broadcasts a public message that implicates Mars in the attack, thus ensuring he and his crew won’t be killed by the MCR, for fear they will look more guilty. Just before making it back to the port they are ambushed and subdued by a group of Earthers in gray armor with no insignia.


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