the expanse season 2 episode 9 recap

These “authorities” turn out to be James Holden and Amos Burton from the Rocinante…. Bishop then tells Tranq to call the kings and inform them the vote is null and void. Coco leaves the table and Angel’s about to follow when Bishop calls him back. About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us, Watch The Expanse Season 2 Episode 9 Online, About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us.

Felipe confesses he had an affair with Dita after she lost her son. Felipe tells him where to find an old photo of Dita, and the photo matches EZ’s recollection of that night when he and Angel were teenagers. Marcus reminds him the Mayans are bigger and more profitable than ever before and asks Bishop if he’s up to the challenge. She warns her daughter-in-law marriages can’t take that much distance and survive. The Rocinante crew find themselves on a severely damaged Ganymede Station. Felipe reveals he knows his sons have been investigating their mother’s murder. It took 20 years, but Jose finally discovered Felipe’s whereabouts 10 years ago when Miguel moved to the area. Fine. Yuma’s president says to Bishop, “Your charter makes the call. He asks Dita for a big favor. Because EZ wants to see Gabriella who’is working at the restaurant. How will Bishop be able to sit at the same table with the VM and just act like this never happened? We all have a different piece of the puzzle.”.

She’ll help him with Felipe if he promises to leave Miguel alone. He begins by reminding his men he’d take a bullet for any of them, but also admits Santo Padre is now the center of the Mayans empire. His grandmother took in a bastard son of the family, a favor Jose Galindo never forgot. Know what this is about? He asks them to look again at the bigger picture for the entire MC and says he believes they shouldn’t retaliate. season two episode nine opens in the hospital with Coco (Richard Cabral) already being discharged from the hospital. Miguel’s sure that’s why Potter’s kept this relationship – and his son – a secret. Felipe didn’t trust Dita to not tell Jose and that’s why he left for America and why they changed their names to Felipe and Marisol. Because Emily knows about his connection to Potter, EZ tells her the truth that Potter wants to deport his dad if they don’t do what he asks. “Every charter will look to us for direction. He asks for forgiveness and then cuts off Riz’s air supply. He was her protection and her confidante, but he let it happen even though he knew it was wrong. We set the tone,” Bishop explains to the men, three of whom are on the side of hitting back at the VM. (Marcus Alvarez originally set up the Mayans to be ruled by three “kings,” with Bishop now in the lead chair. Bishop’s talked to Chibs and Chibs understands it’s Bishop’s call. Emily lays out what she discovered in the ledger along with the copies of the checks. The Expanse Just Revealed One of the Season's Biggest Secrets. “You don’t trust me? They make small talk about her family and then EZ finally gets around to sort of asking her out. Although the Santo Padre chapter was attacked, because of the deal with SAMCRO Bishop needs to work things out with all of the Mayans chapters. Bishop meets with the guys at the hospital, telling his club he’s sitting down with the kings in the morning.


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