the tournament (2009 cast)


Directed by Scott Mann. The Filmmakers Podcast #101: Scott Mann on Directing ‘Final Score’, 16 November 2018 The Tournament 2009 Full Movie Streaming Online in HD-720p Video Quality, Where to Download The Tournament 2009 Full Movie ?, Watch The Tournament 2009 Full Movie, Watch The Tournament 2009 Full Movie Online, Watch The Tournament 2009 Full Movie HD 1080p, The Tournament 2009 Full Movie Torrent, Its really a *ucking shame that this film didn't got the recognition it deserves. The Mini Uzi used by a guy in the pub's massacre scene. A tournament is watched by dozens of wealthy men betting on which one of the 30 assassins will survive the next 24 hours "kill or die" and claim the USD10,000,000 prize. Nerdly The Tournament is a 2009 crime thriller directed by Scott Mann that follows a group of contestants who participate in a high-stakes contest where the last one still alive will receive a substantial monetary reward.The film's cast included Ving Rhames, Ian Somerhalder and Kelly Hu.. Variety

She used the P99 without a silencer, when she killed Lina Sophia (the girl who tried to hit her with a car), and also during her fight against Anton Bogart.

With Ving Rhames, Robert Carlyle, Kelly Hu, Ian Somerhalder. Akisar Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns can be seen in the hands of an assassin disguised as a police officer who threatens Lai Lai Zhen and Father MacAvoy and being used by an assassin during the montage of competitors being killed. "Gladiators" The Tournament (TV Episode 2009) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. A pair of Browning BDA pistols are used by Anton Bogart (Sebastien Foucan) during his attacks on Lai Lai Zhen and Father MacAvoy. I saw this in 2009 n revisited it recently on a DVD which i own. The following weapons were used in the film The Tournament: During the fight at the Church, Yuri Petrov draws an unknown pistol on Lai Lai Zhen who quickly disarms him. A battle royale between 30 of the world's deadliest assassins. The version released in Austria/Switzerland is cut as well (the killing of the dog). An assassin attempts to shoot Father MacAvoy, thinking he is one of the competitors, with a hammerless sawn-off double barrel shotgun.

From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games,,_The_(2009)&oldid=1124474. Jonathan Frank, The plot - A group of sadistic gamblers makes wagers on 30 of the world's most deadly assassins who band against one another in a battle royal. | (voice), Narrator /

Find movie and film cast and crew information for The Tournament (2009) - Scott Mann on AllMovie The star cast is decent, the hot n attractive Kelly Hu (her sex scene from Farmhouse man), Ving Rhames, Robert Carlyle, Liam Cunningham, Scott Adkins n Sebastian Foucon (the guy from Casino royal). The action is non stop. Miles Slade (Ian Somerhalder) uses a 92FS to shoot a stray dog, the female assassin who attempts to run over Lai Lai Zhen and Father MacAvoy attempts to use one on the Father when he tries to help her out of her overturned car, and many of the assassins in the fight at the Strip club are armed with Beretta pistols. Winner-take-all. There are shoot-outs, gun play, bloodbaths in unlikely venues, severed limbs, exploding bodies caused by booby-trapped tracking devices, plenty of explosions, car chases, kicking, punching, heads exploding off like melons, severed limbs, wild stunts, a bus/truck chase, nudity and gore. Cavis Nerdly | At the end of the opening contest an announcement comes on the screen stating 'Middlesborough, Teeside' with a background scene of chemical works then there's a shot of blocks of flats. The film's cast included Ving Rhames, Ian Somerhalder and Kelly Hu. Robert Carlyle is then seen walking along the old High Street in Gateshead and at one point is thrown out of Ye Old Fleece pub. (voice) (as Eva Christiansen), Antonius / During the fight at the Church, Yuri Petrov uses several RGD-5 grenades to attempt to kill Lai Lai Zhen (Kelly Hu). | This summer. A tournament is watched by dozens of wealthy men betting on which one of the 30 assassins will survive the next 24 hours "kill or die" and claim the USD10,000,000 prize. The film is based on the events leading to the 1957 Little League World Series, which was won by the first team from outside the United States, the Industrial Little League of Monterrey, Mexico, who defeated the heavily favored U.S. team. Nick Rowntree, The Filmmakers Podcast #101: Scott Mann on Directing ‘Final Score’, 365Flicks Podcast: Indie Talk w/actor, director, producer Craig Conway. The use of these mock ups is becoming more prevalent as more movies are filmed in the eastern bloc and, as in this film's case, most of the budget is spent on the actors.

It is unknown whether it is the Beretta 92FS compact or the Beretta Centurion.

Although the character played by Camilla Power is called Miss Hunter in the movie, she appears in the credits merely as 'Powers' Assistant.'. An Arsenal Shipka submachine gun is used by an assassin during the Strip Club massacre scene.

Carl 'Longshot' Topuzov uses an M72 LAW to kill an assassin in a trailer and to attempt to kill Lai Lai Zhen and Father MacAvoy. 27 March 2019

| The Basketball Tournament (TBT). (voice). The Tournament was partially filmed in Bulgaria, and numerous locations around Northern England (where the film is set) and Merseyside. Beretta 92FS pistols are commonly used by the competitors in the film. It takes place in … Release Dates Action, Thriller. A silenced Walther P99 is used by Lai Lai Zhen (Kelly Hu) when she's in the Hotel. Official Sites It takes place in an English town with plenty of CCTVs. (voice), Heliodorus / A similar weapon is used by Yuri Petrov (Scott Adkins) during the fight at the church were it is later picked up by Father MacAvoy (Robert Carlyle). three minutes to secure a "Not under 18" rating. Sign up as a fan, support that team that wins, and you could win a share of the prize! Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Malone / Ninurta Mambi Film Review: ‘Final Score’. $2 million.

ESPN. View production, box office, & company info, Gary Young, For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Filming & Production Every ten or seven years in an unsuspecting town, The Tournament takes place. R The following weapons were used in the film The Tournament: Miles Slater (Ian Somerhalder) uses a pistol gripped Hatsan Escort Guard Shotgun during the Strip club massacre.

365Flicks Podcast: Indie Talk w/actor, director, producer Craig Conway, 10 September 2018

Joshua Harlow (Ving Rhames) uses a Taurus Model 44 as his primary weapon throughout the film. During a montage of assassins being killed, an unseen assassin can be viewed firing a suppressed Glock 17. The Perfect Game is a 2009 American drama film directed by William Dear, based on the 2008 book of the same name written by W. William Winokur.

(voice), Niobe /

Debutante director Scott Mann did a terrific job considering the budget.


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