the warden superjail fanart

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Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. It's not as awesome as her work but I tried! 0 Comments. Realmente no sé qué más decir , así que …. Okay , this is a little gift for @littleobsesseddipsy , i’m pretty glad that you like it! Png. said: I’m glad that you guys are glad that I’m back, Is this fandom even alive?????

!~ I'm thinking of drawing more Superjail! have this animation of the warden <3, -“ you’re so Soft and Fluffy !” (Warden), I actually scribbled this at school today, #superjail#thewarden#wardensuperjail#superjailfanart#wardenfanart#fanart#drawing, A post shared by sentus (@sentus127) on Sep 21, 2020 at 10:07am PDT. He gave me a tiny gold trophy and a kiss on the cheek as my prize. This content is intended for mature audiences.

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#I'm trying to catch up with cartoon fandoms this weekend but I've only gotten to two, #i dont remember what all i tagged my last post, #i kinda dont really like most of these drawing, #I'm trying to change up my art style a bit, #thats why its been so inconsistent recently, #this is like the first full body warden I've ever drawn woag, #never done anythign even remotely close to gore before whoops.

We ran trying to avoid both school bot and the rabid almost zombie like student body. (sexyjail fan art). Once I get in the dorms, school bot ended up killing most of the zombie horde and I discovered that a few of my friends knew about the event and decided to skip out to play video games. Warden is a cutie pea and I’m love him uou).

no prooobbblemmm....can i have him? Haha, so one vote for SJ! And, because it’s a dream, much of the student body turned into zombies and devoured both each other and a majority of the people I was running with.

But I gotta see what people choose for in my journal poll...well, it's not really a poll. Archetypes Power. I dedicate this to because of her fanart of the Warden from Superjail! i love animal crossing and i love warden so i made another gift for me friend owo, #his hair is hard to draw.. i just dont get it, #i died when i realized the 2nd warden is looking at the 1st warden's butt, #don't ask me why there's not a onceler skin, #I live for squishy animation so I fell in love instantly, #also I love the warden unironically and I fuckimg, #how long has it been since i last posted, #also im not good at lineless art but this was a fun practice :D, #if theres any innaccuracies blame the fact i dont watch the show and ive looked at two (2) pictures of him, #i still cant come up with any d/np drawing ideas :(.

Here is!, Another Warden. sup, I’m still not dead. With those other people we started running to our dorms (which were just in a fancy hotel the principal had paid for).

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Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. The Warden runs a whimsical and poorly maintained prison known as Superjail.

>.<. 23 notes.

People just have to comment what they want from the options lolz. In the morning, we walked to school with the rest of the now alive again student body. !

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I know, me too!! (sexyjail fan art). KittenLover75. I finish it, it took me 5 hours to finish this Warden drawing. anonymous But one of the days the principal announced an event where you had to be the last one alive in order to win.

Warden is the head of Superjail.

It is settled on top of an active volcano and surrounded by all manner of psychedelic creatures.

I really am proud of the first one and the second one is a screen redraw. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. #warden superjail #superjail warden #warden #superjail. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Jailbot's gonna kill me for losing his father!

Ta da!!! It’s getting to a place where I’m somewhat happy with it now tho, It’s been years since I’ve watched superjail but I’ve been thinking bout him…, hey adult swim can we have him back please, Warden does shrooms and experiences stage 2 hallucinations . xP I got into this mindless violent show and I <3 it!! Lmao, I thought so! Most of the dream was just kind of zany days of school but regular days of class and getting taught lessons.

So at first I hid inside the school and found other people working together to stay alive. semi-sinful-stuff.

said: I’m glad that you guys are glad that I’m back. Oh well just gonna dump this here, I haven’t posted anything in quite the while so, Day 27 of villaintober: my favourite evil protagonist: the warden from superjail. #my art #fanart #the warden superjail #the warden #superjail #adult swim #artists on tumblr #warden superjail #fan service #tv show #cartoon #cartoons #animation #adult animation #fandom. <.< ill give him back in about 3 hours, im just gonna take him into this room...*drags him along*, aw noooooes D: -tries to stop you while you drag The Warden off- :< lolz! Warden is what one would describe an unhinged man, absolutely hell bent on having the best prison in the universe. We got to the school and the principal was standing out in the field again and he announced that I won with a big grin on his face. Since in the show a lot of the characters die and come back a lot, everyday if school bot or alice killed someone the principal would revive them. anonymous He called himself the principal, Jared was the vice principal, alice was a hall monitor and jailbot (now called school bot) was in charge of disciplining students (scary shit I know). - Warden Is Being Yelled At.

I had this bizarre dream that after I finished high school, I went to university and the warden was running my school and he called it super school.

#superjail #superjail fanart #warden superjail #fanart #digital art #artists on tumblr #also im not good at lineless art but this was a fun practice :D. 21 notes. Please don’t use these for anything without asking and giving credit!’. ... SuperJail! Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share.


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