ulzana's raid quotes

Maj. Cartwright: [Holdig out army manual as if he is quoting it] Any band of hostiles leaving United States Indian agency will be pursued and apprehended with all due vigor. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy | Man with old smell in the nose is old man.   | 

The film, which was filmed on location in Arizona, was directed by Robert Aldrich based on a script by Alan Sharp.

Like fire with heat.

Thoughtful, evocative, while simultaneously brutal and savage, this is one of the better Westerns. The bleak and nihilistic tone showing U.S. troops chasing an elusive but murderous enemy has been seen as allegorical to the United States participation in the Vietnam War. Smell of woman, smell of dog, smell of children. We truly appreciate your support.

Native Americans and also serves as effective and damning allegory of the American involvement in Vietnam. A great memorable quote from the Ulzana's Raid movie on Quotes.net - Lt. Harry Garnett DeBuin: Which way do you think they're headed?McIntosh: [Nodding in the direction] Indian land.Ke-Ni-Tay: Apache will take us where it's hard to follow.Lt. McIntosh: I ain't about to argue with no Apache about horseshit, Lieutenant.

Old smell. My wife, not so ugly. Garden of Evil. | Rating: 1/5. With Burt Lancaster, Bruce Davison, Jorge Luke, Richard Jaeckel. You'd be surprised how many steaks there are in two gallons of river water. Lt. Harry Garnett DeBuin: Do you hate Apaches, Mr. McIntosh?

Lt. Harry Garnett DeBuin: Where will he fight us?

McIntosh: [Referring to the old Indians he has been interrogaing] Half of what they say is lies.


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The kind of storyline that suits a cop-vs-serial-killer formula better than a western, The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review.

Most white folks hereabout feel the same way you do. Robert Aldrich's allegorical "Ulzana's Raid" is a brutal, bleak Western that uses the harsh Arizona landscape and its unforgiving Apache inhabitants as a metaphor for the Vietnam War. Lt. Harry Garnett DeBuin: You know Ulzana?

Ulzana's Raid Quotes McIntosh: I'm not about to try and educate an Apache about horse apples, Lieutenant McIntosh: I'm not about to try and educate an Apache about horse apples, Lieutenant.

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Web. Harry Garnett DeBuin: Where will he fight us?McIntosh: He don't mean to fight yuh no place, Lieutenant.


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