woodz love me harder theory

Blue, Love it Synergy between you and me Everyday in my head, I think you’re the one. Since then, she's grown to love many Korean groups and artists, including EXO, NCT, and DEAN, all while growing her knowledge of the entertainment industry. With Seungyoun’s high vocal register, we get a fusion of different genres we’ve never quite experienced from Woodz. WOODZ (a.k.a Cho Seungyoun from UNIQ and formerly X1) made his highly anticipated solo comeback on June 29th with his first mini album ‘Equal‘ and title track ‘Love Me Harder‘! Oh in a blue, Love it Synergy between you and me Everyday my head is full of you. In “Love Me Harder,” which is accompanied by a music video, Seungyoun sings about being hopelessly in love with someone with an infectious whistle tune throughout. This is his first solo activity since X1 disbanded in early January this year. Other songs on the album include the passionate high-note-filled “Acccident,” the pop fusion with a DEAN-type vibe “NOID,” the groovy R&B-laced “Waikiki” featuring Colde, and the trap-infused “BUCK” featuring punchnello. With a past as varied as his, a full solo project from WOODZ was long overdue and it seems he’s finally cementing his place in the K-Pop industry. Ashlee is a college student whose love for concerts and music was intensified when she discovered BTS. Omega Sapien Unleashes First-Ever Album, Garlic. Oh in a blue, Love it Synergy between you and me Everyday my head is full of you. With much anticipation for Seungyoun’s return, he exceeds expectations and manages to extend his range through experimental sounds.

Since the disbandment of X1, fans have been anxiously awaiting new music from each member, and Cho Seungyoun is no exception.

The singer/rapper/dancer extraordinaire, who has released solo music in the past and is a member of inactive Chinese-Korean boy group UNIQ, is finally establishing his own musical identity with his premiere album and first official release this year. The video features two different versions of WOODZ, one being the regular Seungyoun we know and love, and the other a darker version of himself decked in all black with a stylish mullet to match. All content is created by the fans, for the fans! Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Between teaser photos and the music video, WOODZ shows both a dark and soft side of himself reflected by his discography. We witness a love quarrel, a crime scene with a murder mystery attached, and of course synchronized dance scenes with the skyline of Seoul in the background. Love me Bluer than now I just want you to love me harder So much more blue. Blue. Prior to participating on ‘Produce X 101‘, he had already released a few digital singles under the name of WOODZ. Blue. The overall vibe of the single is like a mix of 80s pop with a more modern K-pop feel. The Kraze is a K-Pop news source bringing international fans closer to the action. Again, he is assuming the alias WOODZ, under which he previously released moody R&B singles like “DIFFERENT” and “POOL.” The title track for his first album, EQUAL, is called “Love Me Harder,” and marks a distinct new path for Seungyoun as he dabbles with different musical styles. The album begins with the passionate “Lift Up,” a rock-infused anthem that feels like a true release of emotion,  and concludes with the slower-paced “memories,” a raw ballad. In “Love Me Harder,” which is accompanied by a music video, Seungyoun sings about being hopelessly in love with someone with an infectious whistle tune throughout. No two songs sound the same on the rollercoaster ride that is EQUAL, and Seungyoun is responsible for the writing and composing of all seven songs on the album. SHINee and the “Married to the Music” Comeback. The musical style on this project feels like the best of both worlds with a combination of his more mellow solo work and the energy-packed jams he made with X1. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next. When she isn't writing, she's listening to music, watching dramas, meeting new people, or traveling!


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