you made me cry of happiness
Not everyone can make you feel happy in this life. Madi, 21 - tall, blue-eyed, loud, writer. I wish I could make you so much happy as you make me happy always. Here's to you "staying in your heart", focusing on what you love, doing what you feel is best and moving into, seeing and experiencing the kind, quality and quantity of fulfillment you're seeking. Join in and write your own page! I don’t ever want to lose a gem like you. Good news for you! The difference between I am a happy person 7 I am the happiest person is same as the difference between my life with you 7 without you. You gave me so much love, took care of me in every single moment, and made me happy even when I was sad. Since you have come into my life, every moment is romantic & exciting. Are you ready to accept the position? I thank god every day because he made you mine. Because holding you my arms makes me forget all the pains in a moment. Simply click here to return to Enlightened Journey Comments. You make me happy with every little thing you do. You can make me happy with just a blink of an eye. To Your Health, Wealth and Happiness, Chuck Since I met you, I have forgotten what sadness is. The story of you & me is like that movie which never gets old. Even if there was a device to measure happiness, it wouldn’t have the scale to measure how much you make me happy. Nothing makes me happy more than you do. You can make me happy with just a blink of an eye. Thank You Message For Mom - Sweet Thank You Mom Quotes, Thank You Notes for Wedding Gifts - Wedding Thank You, Happy Thanksgiving Messages, Wishes and Quotes, 18th Birthday Wishes - Happy 18th Birthday Messages and Quotes, Happy Hug Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes 2019. You are everything that makes me happy regardless of how I am & where I am. I am truly one lucky person. I love you & just want you to know that you make me happy like nobody else. You make me happy messages and quotes for boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. Nothing makes me happy more than you do. But you always have done the first one. Enjoy the madness and the music, mads. Not everyone who loves can make you happy in life. I am blessed to have someone in my life that can do anything to make me happy always. And no one has ever made me so happy like you do. Because, my happiness is you. You taught me how to love & how to take care of someone you love. Yes. I know I’m never getting bored out of this life. I love you! How? Only those who love you & care for you can make you happy. I told you not to make me so much happy always. I love you! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You make me happy messages are for those special ones who make your life meaningful every day. I wanted to make a list of what makes me feel unhappy. Not even how you smile & how your stare. ... if you make me cry, it’s over, you’re out. Join in and write your own page! I want to come back a thousand times in this wrecked world just to have you every time in my arms. Sometimes I want you to stare at my eyes & find out how happy you make me feel. Thank you, Chuck! How? Discussion in 'Movies' started by shenra, Dec 6, 2011. shenra Shenra. ( Log Out /  You are the best gift God has given to me. As a dedicated Christian of so many years (hopefully, you know what I mean...), I'm seeing many things and opportunities passing me by. It’ll make me happy every time Just like the way you make me feel happy. Worrying? It’s about how I feel every time when you are with me. Why Your Decaf Soy Latte Is Not A Real Coffee, Foo Fighters, You Made Me Cry With Anger And Happiness All At Once. I will shower you the love and care you need, and I will always be right there for you when you need me. The only difference is that your works are personal, only for me! Only waking up with you every morning makes me more than happy. I am happy god made the perfect match for me, because he knew only your love can make me happy forever. It's easy to do. Simply click here to return to. For your outstanding performance in making me happy, I want to raise your rank from my boyfriend to husband. I don’t ever want to lose a gem like you. Luckily I don’t have to pay you for making me happy. ( Log Out /  You make me happy in every way I can wish for. You make me complete & happy! Do you know why? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are probably the biggest achievement in my life. I don’t know what words to choose to say thank you for. When I look back at all these days we are together, I can only remember your sweet little efforts to make me feel happy always. You have everything that my heart craves for. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a While now and I remember the second week we were dating I started crying cuz I looked at a picture of me smiling at him and him sming back and I realized this kid makes me really happy but y am I crying about it? Its not the amount of love you have for me that makes me happy, but your ways of showing it does. Definitely. What movie has made you cry...out of happiness? Just moments ago, the band posted this video. So big announcement + the lead singer performing solo + no recent new music = ???? If it wasn’t for you, I would never know what real happiness is. You are just too good at it dear!! They have amassed endless respect and admiration for how they hold themselves as a band, and I will be forever grateful that I’ve seen them live in their element twice. I came out with this blank paper. Only you make me happy no matter how boring life gets. You have never left me with an option to feel bad. (Caribbean). And I have never laughed harder. My days were never been so bright. stay tuned.’ Ominous? My mornings were never been so beautiful. Love & happiness both came with you in my life. For me, you love & touch is the source of infinite pleasure in this ever exhausting life. They are the special ones. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. And actually that would have made me a little happier (see #7). Truly dear, you make me happy like no one does. Your special ones need some special messages like these. Living with you under the same roof made me realize how important you are for my happiness. But you belong to those rare group of people who can do both equally. You showed me how to love unconditionally. Today there’s solid research on techniques that can increase your happiness and fulfillment in life. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Even if I have watched this a thousand times, it would still not be boring. I am thankful to God for such a present. I was wondering why, or how come? Change ). I may not always say that but deep in my hearts, I know how much special you are to me. by Ruth Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Don’t ever forget to thank them for making your life more beautiful every day. I wish I could show you! Well I never actually figured it out, and I still don't know why I cried by looking at us smiling at eachother. Do you know how I can tell that? Last night, my favourite band since 2008 posted on social media ‘official band announcement tomorrow night. I did a normal checkup today & found out my blood sample contains too much happiness. You are always the reason for my smile. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I only know that my happiness lies only with you. I think that now, I have gotten the key. It’s not about how you look or how you talk. I hope now you can understand how much you make me feel happy. If I had to choose between you & happiness, I would choose you. I can see your every effort to make me feel happy. This is your fault. You made me the happiest woman on earth when you came into my life. You don’t want to lose them ever. I can only love you so much to say thank you in return. Darling you don’t even have to try.


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