2016: What's Going to be Different?

2016: What's Going To Be Different?


It is January, and like last January and the January before that you probably had some positive expectations that this year was going to be different, this year would be a banner year, this year would be the breakout year.  So how do we make this year different?

The Chicago Cubs have year after year disappointed their fans and left them saying "Wait till next year".  The 2015 season was a break out year for the Cubs by any standard.  In reflecting back on their success USA Today ran an October 2015 article (seen here) laying out 7 ways that turned the Cubs into a contender. Here are the 7 things that the writer came up with to make a difference in the Cubs success in 2015.

1. Trading for Anthony Rizzo

2. Identifying Jake Arrieta’s upside

3. Drafting and developing talent

4. Finding value everywhere

5. Knowing when to buy and sell

6. Hiring Joe Maddon

7. Going big in free agency

There are several things to note off of this list:  First of all, these steps all appear to be common sense- bring in a big hitter, get more for less, add great management and maximize opportunities as they present themselves.  For those of us who are trying to move freight more efficiently rather than building a championship baseball team, there are some areas we can apply from this list.  One of the key things besides bringing in new management, is to bring in a heavy hitter.  The right heavy hitter, can do the heavy lifting to put more runs on the board and more wins in the win column.  

Innovative Transport Solutions is a heavy hitter.  Our tools like our Mobile Transport Tray (MTT) can make a huge difference in your line up.  This steel tray system easily helps you load and unload a trailer or container with freight weighing up to 25 tons in under a minute with just a standard forklift truck.  Check out the MTT below.  With a heavy hitter like the MTT- you can finish 2016 without having to say once again, "wait until next year".




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