3 Steps to Pain Relief When Shipping Awkward Freight

3 Steps to Pain Relief When Shipping Awkward Freight


Shipping awkward freight brings its own unique challenges.  Those that have been shipping for some time can play a game of one-upmanship of what the ugliest or awkward freight that they have had to ship.  At Innovative Transport Solutions, not only do we offer the best tools for shipping awkward freight like our Mobile Transport Tray, but at our Container Freight Station (CFS) in the Chicago area, we have seen our fair share of challenging freight.  Shipping awkward freight can be a real pain, but many of our customers offload that freight and find pain relief.

Here are some examples:


Windmill Frames:  

After devanning these large steel frames from a flatbed trailer, we store them at our 50,000 square foot CFS facility.  After holding them for several weeks, they are sent out to multiple locations throughout the Midwest.









Skyscraper Windows:

These large skyscraper windows are all stacked up and ready to go.  Our professional team at our CFS are very experienced in handling awkward and fragile freight like this until its ready to be shipped out.





Hydraulic Pumps:

These heavy hydraulic pumps are waiting in our facility to be dispatched to their final destination






Train Roofs:

If we were competing in an awkward freight contest, this would be a good entry.  At 60 feet long this freight takes up a lot of space.  Fortunately, our 50,000 square foot CFS location has the capacity to hold this freight until its ready to be shipped out. 





3 Steps to Pain Relief When Shipping Awkward Freight

As promised, we offer three steps to pain relief when shipping awkward freight:

  1. Have the Right Equipment-  our Mobile Transport Tray allows you to stack your freight on its steel platform and then be rolled onto a standard container in under a minute
  2. Utilize a Third Party For Storage and Cross Docking-  our 50k square foot facility in Elmhurst is the ideal location for storing your awkward freight until it is ready to be shipped to its next destination.
  3. Work With Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing-  With years of solving other customers shipping challenges with some of the most innovative equipment, Innovative Transport Solutions knows what it is doing when it comes to helping customers that are looking for pain relief from the headache of shipping awkward freight.  

If you have awkward freight and want relief from a headache associated with this freight, give our team a call and we will be glad to help ease your pain.

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