The Best Place For Steel? On the Rails

The Best Place For Steel? On the Rails


Your first instinct is to ship your steel or heavy freight on a flatbed, that is what you always do.  The fact that there are driver shortages and bandwidth issues, not much can be done about that.  So you deal with the increased labor cost in your warehouse, the challenges of driver shortages and the cost of boom rentals on the backend, because what other options do you have?

The MTT Puts Steel Where it Belongs...On the Rails

The Mobile Transport Tray or MTT is the brainchild of Innovative Transport Solutions.  This powerful tool has changed options for steel shippers and heavy freight movers.  The MTT is capable of handling up to 25 tons of freight.  The steel constructed frame is mobile, so once your freight is loaded on the tray, it can be easily moved into a container with a single forklift truck in under a minute.  This option is not only more efficient, but it opens up more of your freight to go on the rails and expand your overall bandwidth.  On the other end of things, there is no need to rent expensive booms or equipment to unload your freight- using a single forklift truck your freight can be unloaded in less than a minute.  Thanks to the MTT you can put your steel where it belongs...on the rails.

Check out the MTT in action.

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