Business Moves Heavy Freight The Old Fashioned Way And Saves Thousands

"Business Moves Heavy Freight The Old Fashioned Way And Saves Thousands"


Did you see the recent article in Steel Fabricators Monthly- "Business Moves Heavy Freight The Old Fashioned Way And Saves Thousands"?  Probably not.  In fact, the very idea that doing things the same old way would be more efficient does not even make sense.  

We know that innovation is the best way to address inefficiencies and yet, many businesses will continue to settle for moving heavy freight like steel the same old way, if not horsepower, manpower.  For those that are looking to rewrite tomorrow's headlines you know that you will need to innovate.


ITS Brings Innovation To Moving Heavy Freight

Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS) has been helping businesses find better ways to move heavy freight like steel and construction equipment.  Among the many innovative products that we have introduced is the Mobile Transport Tray (MTT).  A standard forklift truck can load your steel or construction equipment onto our steel mobile tray.  The robust MTT can handle loads of up to 25 tons.  This strategy reduces the amount of man-power and offers savings by allowing the freight to be easily loaded or unloaded into a standard trailer or container rather than having to spend a ton of money on extra man hours, a flat bed truck and perhaps a boom rental on the other end.  Instead the MTT can load or unload your freight in under a minute.  If you are looking to write tomorrow's headlines, you need to innovate today.  Check out the MTT in action and then contact our team at Innovative Transport Solutions so we can help you write tomorrow's good news story.

Check Out The MTT In Action

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