Convert Any Wooden Floor Trailer/Reefer!

Convert Any Wooden Floor Trailer/Reefer!


If you have a need for shipping fragile or air freight, but have found yourself limited with not having enough Roller Bed Trailers, the Portable Roller Bed System (PBS) is going to change your world.  Thanks to the PBS from Innovative Transport Solutions, we have just expanded the restrictions you may have felt up until now.  The PBS assembles quickly and securely providing both a roller bed flooring and the durable tracks to allow easy accessibility for your forklift truck.

Innovative Transport Solutions has been solving some of the most challenging shipping problems there are.  Thanks to the PBS, shippers now have the ability to economically expand their trailer fleet by adding the versatility of the PBS solution.  The PBS is just one of many of our innovations which include the Mobile Transport Tray, the Smart Dock System and more.  To find out more about how the PBS can help you reach out to us today.  

The most ECONOMICAL, FLEXIBLE & RELIABLE alternative to costly Roller-Bed Trailers!  Here are some highlights:     


  • Custom lengths available,                                                              
  • Cargo securing points every 10”s, (pipe sticks included)                                                      
  • Easily maneuver with regular fork-lift truck, stackable                                            
  • Great for converting Reefer trailers into Roller-Beds also include drive on system;
  • bearers available to accommodate loose freight
  • Create a bypass system in your warehouse
  • Slave dolly capability available 
  • Light and low profile   

Contact your support team at ITS to find out how the Portable Roller Bed System can help you multiply your fleet and multiply your savings just by adding the PB System.


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