Could This Be the Key to Your Next Promotion?

Could This Be the Key to Your Next Promotion?


If You Want To Get Recognized...Be Different

If you are looking to get recognized and move up in your shipping or fulfillment work environment, the best advice to stand out is to be different.  Look for ways to bring efficiency and to help lower costs.  Lots of people work hard- the secret is to make the heavy lifting look easy.

Innovative Transport Solutions Makes the Heavy Lifting Look Easy

Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS) makes the heavy lifting look easy and has been solving some of the most challenging shipping problems to bring innovative thinking and deliver bottom line results.  Consider our Mobile Transport Tray or MTT.  This is just one of many solutions that make shippers life easier.  The MTT offers a durable steel platform or tray that allows shippers to stack their steel or heavy awkward freight on the MTT and thanks to its innovative design, your freight can be pushed into a standard trailer or trailer using a standard forklift truck and on the other end, unloading is just as easy and can be done under a minute.

The MTT, the Secret to Moving Up?

Check out the MTT in action in this video.  Imagine how much of a hero you will be when you introduce the MTT to your shipping operations.  Perhaps the MTT is the secret of success that you have been missing.  Give the team at Innovative Transport Solutions a call and let them know that you are ready to let the MTT do the heavy lifting and then get ready for your new parking spot.

















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