Cross Docking: It Could Get Awkward

Cross Docking: It Could Get Awkward


Have you ever had that moment where you have forgotten someone's name?  Perhaps you tried to fake your way through it, but let's face it those moments are awkward.  In the world of Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS), we solve some of the most challenging shipping problems.  Many of our customers know us through our great products like the Mobile Transport Tray or our Portable Roller Bed, the fact is we offer so much more.  This is where things can get awkward, where we realize that people may not know about some of our other awesome solutions, like our Container Freight Station (CFS).  

Located in Elmhurst, Illinois, our U.S. Customs bonded 50,000 square foot Container Freight Station (CFS) is a busy hub of activity, in fact, every day our ITS team cross-docks, stores and loads all kinds of freight out of this location.  

Currently, one of our most exciting projects is the Windmill Projects, where large steel frames are devanned from Open Top containers and stored in our warehouse for several weeks until ready for loading onto ITS Flat Beds going to multiple job sites throughout the Midwest (see photos below).


In addition to the Windmill Projects, ITS is utilizing its Mobile Transport Tray (can't stop talking about it) to safely and efficiently cross-dock 60' Train Roofs, Hydraulic Pumps and Crated Skyscraper Windows (see photos below)


Our warehouse specializes in handling very long & heavy cargo that sometimes is just awkward.  We have specialized in handling some of the most challenging shipping problems.  If you have an awkward project of your own, give us the chance to have a conversation about how our CFS facility can help you solve that problem.
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